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    Hi guys,

    Please post under this topic all you know about the dopamine-adrenaline conversion. Last time I started to supplement on dopamine (tyrosine and so) I got higher adrenaline, and I felt worse. I need to slow down the conversion.

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    you should not increase dopamine without increasing serotonin first. if you’ve already boosted your serotonin then l-tyrosine isn’t really the best bet for dopamine increase. i’m just wondering how much u are taking. coz i take 550mg-1000mg per day from my protein shake.



    I had only 500mg a day, but it was one year ago. After that, I managed to balance my serotonin (at least according to the test in the Edge Effect). What would you think to be the best way to boost dopamine?

    I will start experimenting with tyrosine again in next month.



    to be honest the best supplement is the sinemet given by dcotors but since that is prescription only your best bet is craniyums as they bypass all this gut conversion thing. the delivery system is far superior to say l-tyrosine or l-dopa on their own.

    for the mean time you could try l-tyrosine. take in the morning or afternoon. i might give it a try myself and c. you really need a very high amount of it to increase dopamine. typically 6g which isn’t very good as far as side effects are concerned.



    You could try adding in taurine too, that may cut down the conversion as well and the jitters along with it if you still feel bad on tyrosine.



    Hey men , what’s the results six months later ?

    Very interesting post, i note that it’s not a good idea to increase dopamine level with L-tyrosine if ure serotonin level is low.



    I supplemented on tyrosine in the fall 2006. I had much more energy because of that on the days I took the pills. Now I am concentrating on getting my adrenals back. If I still need extra boost sometimes, I take dopamine supplements.

    I learned that dopamine and serotinin have a counter effect with each other. Usually when either one is high, the other is lower. After getting serotinin straightened out so that you can sleep well and you also have dreams to rebuild your system (dreams do not occur frequently if your serotonin is very low), start building dopamine and address your adrenals. If you have anxiety, go for GABA.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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