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    My friends, guys like us with nearly destroyed brain (neuros,reward circuitry) WE are probably experiencing a time perception as an elder 60

    year old person.

    Time is relative.I’ve been talking about this with and

    we both feel time is going by too fast for us.So fast that I had to do a

    Google search about this.Since SE,over-masturbation screws up dopamine

    and neurotransmitters a quick search for “neurotransmitter time perception”

    on Google and found this page.Please read the article!

    I’m pretty sure you can find other useful articles about this and I hope

    this is very good warning sign for porn addicts here because we only live

    once and life is precious.Don’t let it fly by and try to over come all your addictions!

    Please share your thoughts.

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    I think yes by quitting your addictions.

    This is very hard because it doesn’t mean you don’t have to jerk off ever again.It just means that you need to completely stop thinking of it and never fall back again because you have to start it all over.

    This is not like smoking.This is much worse.

    You can take all kinds of supplements for your adrenal,thyroid and shit but an addiction is completely different.There’s no magic pill that makes you quit an addiction.Willpower,girlfriend,friends are the key.



    How stressing!

    I guess I will jerk off a little now….

    Just joking. This condition is a real drug-type addiction, and I am one of the so called addicteds. It is hard to recognise that but when you find yourself still shaking a lifeless penis without almost erection in the night right after an ejaculation it becomes obvious.I think the only reason because I am not masturbating these days is because I dont have libido or orgasms.

    I am just wondering if the harm is permanent or leaving masturbation for ever can improve the weird state of mind that we have developed.



    Well after the most frightening panic attack of my life believe me I’m resting my hormones for a few days and will be exercising more.This is not a game anymore.Learned my lesson and visiting the doc soon but the situation is so bad that I might have to go back to Xanax and teeth grinding.

    I know it’s bad but would you F*ck up your hormones a little bit more or would you wake up in the ER or simply never wake up anymore?



    I can now test neurotransmitters and majority of the testing may be covered by insurance.

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