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    I’ve been reading a lot, and I’ve found an interesting discussion. It seems dopamine and testosterone influence each other. For example, if dopamine is high, your testosterone should be higher (under normal circumstances). Dopamine enhancement also helps prevent your TNFC from shutting down testosterone production (if your on higher level testosterone boosting supplements).

    Therefore, I think taking a dopamine-boosting supplement with something like a testosterone gel can do wonders in that area. I’m going to buy 2 bottles of Craniyums to keep my dopamine levels high (which will assist testosterone), and also raise my serotonin levels (to keep my adrenaline levels in check).

    I hope this helps! =)

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    This is actually well known. Read more of Dr.Lin’s case studies, Alan Ritz’s book or “The Alchemy of love and lust” by Theresa L. Crenshaw, M.D. and it is apparent that Dopamine influences Testosterone.



    Ohhh, haha. I didn’t know it was too well-known.

    Hahahaha, oh well. It’s good for the people who didn’t knowww. =)






    , a small boost of your Testosterone with testosterone gel without activating your negative feedback loop can be beneficial but what is your Testosterone tested at?

    L-tyrosine should work just fine, no need for L-Dopa.

    , you should add Alan Ritz’s book into your library. Some of your findings such as a different form of L-Arginine, Dopamine’s influence on Testosterone, Whey protein etc. is discussed there.






    Basically, I believe the Testosterone gel has the power to boost your testosterone levels dramatically like a lot of sythetic drugs are. When your testosterone level is boosted too high, your brain is signaled to shut off production of testosterone by decreasing LH levels if I’m correct.

    However if your levels are rather low than carefully applied small doses of testosterone gels could do wonders.

    I suggest increasing your serotonin first before trying to increase dopamine.






    Hey Armani!

    Alright, I have lots of knowledge with 6-OXO. I have researched it forever, and I am considering taking it in conjunction with my workout schedule.

    6-OXO is mainly an anti-estrogen supplement, however it increases LH hormone as well, therefore, increasing testosterone. 6-OXO is usually used after a cycle of steroids, to kickstart the testicles to produce testosterone. I think 6-OXO would help people suffering from over-masturbation as well, since in some people, their testicles may have shut down, or are working at minimal production. After I get my blood test on my testosterone levels, I will decide whether or not I need it.

    Overall, I would say 6-OXO is worth taking. It only works for certain people, however, it’s a good supplement, and if your looking to boost your testosterone levels, I would give it a try. =)



    The reason synthetic testosterone decreases LH hormone is because your body relies on the synthetic testosterone for your testosterone. It doesn’t need to produce more, therefore LH hormone slows down (LH is produced, which in turn, jump-starts testosterone). However, when you take something like Tribex, Alpha Male, or 6-OXO, there are components that tell your body to increase the LH hormone. None of these products have any chemicals that your body starts to rely on, so there is no reason for it to slow LH hormone. =)






    Arimidex is a drug though, and I personally wouldn’t consider taking it. Armani, have you got your tesosterone levels checked?



    when i first came to this forum it was 350ng/dl. but recently it is 503/ng/dl.



    That’s your total testosterone, right? Did you get your free levels checked?

    But wow, 350ng/dl is really low! I’m surprised you never took any testosterone boosting supplement! But now it’s 503ng/dl? That’s fairly good, but I’d say you could go higher. I want my testosterone to be around 650 ng/dl, which is a good range. =)






    i was thinking that if ergopharm say that boosting testosterone all the way up to 1000ng/dl wont cause a shut down becuase it doesnt decreases LH then wont alan ritz combination be just as good? because his method also calls for LH increase.



    Guys, please stop stressing yourselves about all this. your mind has tons of influence on your body in ways you didn’t think possible, and mabye never even thought of.

    I know you all know that, it was just a reminder. I’m sensing some stress here… I say quit masturbation for good and your done.



    if you stop masturbating for good then your testosterone negative feedback controller will lock up if you dont have a wet dream. dr lin and alan ritz both state this. this is because of excessive semen or excessive testosterone. also your prostate ejaculation duct will get corroded and will lead to premature ejaculation.



    Armani is right.



    Not only is testicular function driven by the dopamine nervous function, it also requires a support of the acetylcholine nervous system for the liver function that provides enzymes for the cholesterol-hormone conversion.

    This proves that acetylcholine kickstarts the liver, and it’s not vice versa. Therefore, I believe having stable dopamine and acetylcholine levels will optimize testosterone production. =)



    acetycholine is only one essential for liver function. there are many other things in the body and enviorment which determine how the liver functions.

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