Dr. Blumenthal\'s PAPMAP test.

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    Hey everyone…thought id jump on and share what im currently working on. Looking at the next 6-12 months and seeing how things go.

    Along with this test i am also looking at GI issues and food sensitivites.

    Im currently working with Dr. BLumenthal in LA. According to the Dr urine is a horrible way to test neurotransmitters…but its an excellent way to test metabolites.

    This test basically looks at the “why” to the situation one is in. Everything from neuros, to hormones, energy production, detoxification, absorption.

    The whole process is not cheap but for me this is what I need to try for now.

    He is by far one of the best Drs I have seen regarding this whole thing.

    Take a peak maybe youll find it interesting.

    Take care.


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    I forgot to mention….after ones results are in.. a custom formula is created of minerals, vitamins, fats, and amino acids. As well as detoxification issues are addressed. The dr is a also a nutrition and can cover the diet you need.



    thats great ,

    i have been on this approach but sadly the doctors werent good enough, hopefully my next appointment with the gastroenterologist will be a satisfactory



    Dr blumenthal and i are on the same page. You.need.to stop bouncing around Dr.because you will.never get better. Stop researching trying to figure things out which is our Job, all the diagnostic and evaluations are done now you.need to heal the gut balance the liver, support adrenals and may be clomid. You have severe absorption due to an inflamed give tract from.food allergie and bad bugs. This could be affect your.neurotransitters. You have personal issue need.to work.on. If these are.not resolved. You will.never get better.



    Hey shawn. Im not tryna bounce around im not getting anyone else involved. Gut is my priority. Thats why im doing pci herbs, probiotics, digestive enzymes, trace minerals, and gut ligning supp soon. Im kinda disappointed in stool test results. Low siga and gut flora were kinda ezpected but not no bugs. Your on point with low stomach acid and leaky gut. My issue is to keep

    The expelling process going..dont want to sit in my own waste…major issue is that right now. Im doing milk thistle for liver plus i gotta manage finances and im not working at the moment…



    I would like to say something, is the adrenal the one responsible for our GI issues mainly the Yeast and Maloabsoption, leaky gut or its caused by another illness?

    another question ….what is the main symptoms of a leaky gut?



    It really does not matter what comes first both have to be dealt with together. In many cases when the infection and inflammation was identified and removed cortef could be discontinued and herbal adaptogens used. Taking care one with out the other is going to be a wasted effort.



    I have ran an EMR and C-reactive protein ,with a regular stool analysis(parasite ,indigested food , pus ,blood..etc)

    the inflammation indicators were low , and stool results were Nil for everything….yet the stool is still changing in its color ocassionally

    I said maybe the low adrenal i have (Low cortisol, low normal DHEA) have lead my GI issues to fluctuate from time to time…so iam planning to add a support by using “Isocort” but still i need to do extensive research and retest for my cortisolAldosterone and ACTH again till i get a clearer picture.



    Depends on what labs as they miss many different parasites and opportunistic bacteria.

    These inflammation markers will not be elevated in presence of dysbiosis.

    I am going to get to see if I can get the parasitology center to deliver over seas because they are probably one of the better labs in the world. Conventional testing will not pick up these pathogens. fluke can ball up in liver causes slow bile out put.

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