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    my plans to go see Dr. Crisler are falling apart, going to all those local doctors I have no more money. I only have money to setup the Dr. Crisler appointment but no more to make the 17 hr drive. it also doesnt help that I used to have 40 hrs a week position for 4 plus years, due to SE I got demoted and barely get 15-20 hrs a week now. I cant even take out a payday loan due to the fact you have to make 1000 a month or at least 500.

    I even asked family if I could borrow the money due to the fact my genitals are shrinking daily everybody is broke or suggests a later day to lend me the money. their is one sports medicine doctor that said he could put me on androgel and hcg, but needed baseline labs first, he said since I want to have kids in the future I could do clomid later and ween off the testosterone. I dont know if I should take my chances with him and just save up in a few weeks which would probably be months to go see Crisler.

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    Be patient save up and go see crisler i was in the exact same position wasted all my money on local docs then when it was time to see mariano i was broke asked everyone around me to barrow money and everyone was broke to, so i had to work a hard labor job and work for months and months until i could get enough money to see mariano , if i did it so can you just be patient save ur money and wait to see crisler, forget about ur local docs havent u learned ur lesson by now?



    Man I hate this shit.

    johnson where do you live? have you tried getting health insurance? Obama made some changes fortunately, do you know when they will take effect for you?



    just save the money and go a bit later

    i know it’s hard, but it’s not like you’re gonna die tomorrow so save up, wait, and be patient

    it sucks i know



    call Dr. John chrisler explain your situation, maybe can offer some type of discount if your very lucky.



    I dont know what to believe anymore , I hear people who fix their hormones and still dont get their prior sexdrive and penis back. then I hear people say they optimized hormones and everything is back to how it was, those stories used to give me hope but now idk im just tired of this shit.

    does anybody know megazoid from meso -rx did he ever get his sex issues fixed ?



    Fixing your hormones alone will not give you erections. You need to fix your nervous system and your neurotransmitters as well.



    yeah probably the people who fixed their hormones didnt even fix their neurotransmitters

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