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    Food is medicine and medicine should be food too.

    How can you rejuvenate? Tune up your sexual engine and recharge your sexual battery – promoting the functions of the blood-circulation and endocrine systems to charge the nervous system. First, you must maintain good eating and drinking habits to avoid clogging of blood vessels (arteries and veins) and to strengthen the heart. Eating and drinking will also directly and instantaneously affect the endocrine and nervous systems. This is what is this chapter all about.

    8.1 Beyond Sexual Orgasm – Aging and Sexual Dysfunction

    sex is the primary, natural force to bring a couple together for caring and enjoying each other. This is what we call love. Love is infinite, but fragile. Love without sex, like water in a cooking pan, is very easily to evaporate as we are inevitable following the natural course of aging. sex is bounded by age if the worn engine doesn’t get tuned up and the exhausted battery doesn’t get recharged. Although there is no way to stop the natural process, there is a way to slow it down. What is the way? The solution is cultivation of love and sex, or the Tao of Love since a loving couple starts their sexual life. Young couples are likely to pursue infinitely sexual pleasure, and forget to cultivate their love and sex. Once their sexual potentials go dim in a few years, their loves fade away. To enjoy your love, you should cultivate your sexual potential with your mate together. A sexual mismatch is the major factor to prevent a couple from enjoying sex together, and also the major marriage problem in the modern society. In the course of aging, both of you should continuously adjust each other to sexually satisfy each other. In addition to the Sexual ChiKong Intercourse and Pressure or Vacuum-Cupping Massages for helping both of you to fulfill each other, herbs or Chinese medicines are the food supplements to slow down your aging and allow you to adjust yourself to match the desire of your mate. This is what this chapter is for.

    General requirements for super sex

    To help both of you to adjust each other in the course of aging, I would like to call your attention on the general requirements for the super performance of a loving, multi-orgasmic couple, as outlined in the following:

    * 1. A sufficient bioelectricity level in the parasympathetic, sexual nerves, or “Chi” in the Liver, Kidney and Conception Vessels for holding a hard erection, vagina expansion, and lubrication.

    * 2. A high testosterone level and a high, stable Testosterone-to-Estrogen ratio in the body for properly recharging the nervous systems.

    * 3. Good blood/Chi circulations for supporting the erection/engorgement of the sex organs and delivering the raw materials – intermediated hormones, hormone-building substances and oxygen – to synthesize the ultimate sex hormones with a high, but still balanced, TE ratio.

    * 4. Calming the liver, heart and brain (no sweating, heating and fatigue) to avoid the sympathetic nervous system to execute the “Fight or Flight” command which will disable the parasympathetic, sexual nerves and withdraw the erection/engorgement and lubrication of the sex organs.

    * 5. Practicing the Sexual ChiKong Intercourse for generating the bioelectricity by intercourse to instantly recharge the parasympathetic, sexual nerves for increasing or holding the erection/engorgement and lubrication of the sexual organs.

    Noticeably, in Item 4, the cardiac output and the arterial blood pressure are directly and indirectly regulated by the kidney which provides the major long-term mechanism in control blood pressure. However, the nervous system is also a major independent controller that affects the long- or short-term cardiac output and blood pressure. On the other hand, a rapid change in blood pressure and cardiac output will trigger the sympathetic division to step in and take over the control of the body function. The major factors affecting the alternation of blood pressure are:

    * 1. Adrenal cortex/medulla functions. The level of DHEA in the bloodstream driven by the adrenal cortex can smooth the release of the stress hormones, norepinephrine and epinephrine, that promote the sympathetic Fight-or-Flight response in the nervous system. Maintaining a high level of DHEA will assist the nervous system to take more stress, and help stabilize the cardiac output and blood pressure.

    * 2. Diet. Diet with an excessive intake of sodium, saturated fat, or cholesterol and deficiencies in potassium, Magnesium and Calcium ions will high blood pressure.

    * 3. Obesity. Obesity will force the cardiac system to supply more blood floor rates to the tissue by racing the heart, and constrict the arteries to elevate the blood pressure.

    * 4. Stress. Stress promotes the sympathetic action on the kidney to trigger a complex control mechanism in constricting blood vessels and increasing the blood flow rate.

    * 5. Nicotine. Nicotine enhances the sympathetic nervous activities on constriction of the blood vessels.

    Please do not use an improper diet and nicotine to clog your blood vessels. I hope this summary can give you some ideas for cultivating your love and sex all the way to heaven.

    Hormone unbalance – the major enemy of sexual orgasm and its causes.

    Aging, in conjunction with increasing aromatase secretion, can cause hormones unbalance in your body. The sex busters as described in Section 2-12 will accelerate this to happen. The most critical problem you may encounter is a result of changing the TE ratio as you age. As a result of the change in hormone balance, men will suffer from a weak secretion of testosterone and a stronger synthesis of estrogen in their bodies, that is, the hormone unbalance or the change of the TE ratio in favor of estrogen. This will result in the so-called male menopause, losing the penis erection strength during intercourse, or becomingly impotent. Weight gain is a symptom of increasing estrogen secretion in the body.

    Women may have different results from aging. Some women, who have a low TE ratio as a result of significant reduction in the testosterone secretion, will lose libido and lack of sexual excitement or lubricating. Others, who get a boost of the TE ratio as a result of increasing testosterone in their bloodstream, will increase their sex drive and excitement. Some women may also suffer from a deficiency of estrogen in spite of any testosterone change. Estrogen deficiency causes a lot of health problems for women, such as bone loss, vaginal dryness, heart disease, and so on. On the other hand, estrogen dominance can induce another type of health dysfunction such as cancer, obesity and zinc deficiency (copper overabundance) for both sexes. Consequentially, it produces testosterone deficiency. As a result, the patient will lose libido and tone of muscles.

    Although estrogen can cool down the sympathetic nervous division and help calcium to deposit for the bone metabolism, an unbalanced TE ratio in favor of estrogen will make the nervous system become too cool to start the sex engine. The relationship between the nervous and endocrine systems has been detailed in Section 2-1. However, when the sex engine is too hot, estrogen can help. It seems that estrogen is the cooling water for the sex engine while testosterone is the gasoline. The sex engine needs both of them with an optimal TE ratio for a best performance. Young men with an extreme high testosterone level need the plant or natural estrogen to cool their sex engine down. Noticeably, the plant estrogen has a special ability to balance the TE ratio for both sexes.

    When the cortexes in the adrenal glands eject more estrogen into the bloodstream, they will start to gain weight and experience the erection problem. The most common causes of estrogen increases for men and women in an aging body are

    * 1) Increase in aromatase, an enzyme which can convert testosterone to estrogen,

    * 2) An alternation in functions of the liver and the adrenal glands,

    * 3) Zinc deficiency

    * 4) sex busters as described in Section 2-12,

    * 5) Obesity, and

    * 6) Chemicals-polluted food or environment.

    Noticeably, childbearing and hormone-based contraceptive pills will also induce estrogen dominance for women.

    In addition, abuse of hormone-base creams can create an expected problem for a loving couple. An estrogen-replacement cream for a post-menopause woman can cause estrogen dominance for her man if they use it as a lubricant. Generally speaking, hormone substances can diffuse into the blood stream in few minutes through the erecting or engorging sexual organs. Testosterone can heat up the sexual excitement while estrogen can cold down the libido immediately. This is the main reason why the penis and vagina should remain together after a loving couple achieves their orgasms. The overexcited sex organs will easily reabsorb testosterone from the mixture of the male and female ejaculation fluids. In particular, men should take this advantage to recharge their nervous systems.

    Estrogen dominance and obesity can heighten each other when an alternation of liver function occurs. The liver plays a major role in initiating estrogen dominance and weight gain. Since one of liver’s housekeeping jobs is to eliminate unwanted or excess substances, such as excess estrogen and nutrients in the body, liver malfunctions will lead to raised levels of estrogen and nutrients in the bloodstream, that is, estrogen dominance and obesity. In turn, fat cells will store more estrogen, and worsening estrogen dominance will make obesity worse.

    Roles of liver, adrenal glands, and kidneys in sexual functions

    The root of most sexual dysfunctions is a result of hormone unbalance which is mainly triggered by malfunctions of the hypothalamus, anterior pituitary, liver, adrenal glands or kidneys. The hypothalamus, anterior pituitary, and CNS (Central Nervous System) form the brain command center that releases the hormone messengers to their targeted organs for the secretion of the desired hormones, as described in Section 2-1. The liver, adrenal glands and kidneys are the upstream suppliers of the raw materials and intermediate hormones, and the sex organs are the manufacturers of the end product – testosterone. For women, the major testosterone manufacturer is a pair of cortexes in the adrenal glands, although the ovaries produce little. As long as the adrenal cortexes function properly, the testosterone level in the female bloodstream will remain high, even that the women have passed their menopause or have the ovaries removed. Thus, The liver, adrenal glands and kidneys are the major players of the entire reproductive systems for both sexes. In the Chinese medical concept, they are the most important parts of sexual organs.

    The most common sexual dysfunctions are:

    * 1.) Recession or withdrawal of sexual excitement in an intercourse session,

    * 2.) Failure of holding the erected/engorged sex organs for completing an intercourse session,

    * 3.) Insufficient erection or engorgement of the sex organs, resulting in premature ejaculation for men or intercourse pain for women,

    * 4.) Failure of erecting or engorging the sex organs for initiating an intercourse session, and

    * 5.) Loss of libido.

    These problems are caused by an ebb of testosterone in the body in an intercourse session or/and a lack of the bioelectricity in the parasympathetic nervous system. In the Chinese medical concept, the Chi levels in the Liver or/and Kidney Vessels are low because the Chi level reflects the bioelectric level in the designated organs (liver, kidneys and adrenal glands) and their associated organs (testes or ovaries) which are responsible for the testosterone burst. The root of these problems is that the nervous system and the acupuncture vessels are not properly charged. The whole mess is a result of testosterone deficiency or/and estrogen dominance.

    Testosterone is produced by the body from so-called “good” cholesterol, High-Density Lipoprotein or HDL which is also made by the liver. The cholesterol, after being post-processed and ejected into the bloodstream by the liver, is converted to DHEA by the adrenal glands. Finally, DHEA can be transformed to testosterone and estrogen by sex organs. Noticeably, zinc is essential to the synthesis of testosterone, and to inhibiting the secretion of aromatase, an enzyme that can convert testosterone to estrogen. Thus, the TE ratio and testosterone in the blood stream depend on the liver function and the concentration of zinc in the body. A weak liver and/or a lack of zinc will decrease the TE ratio and the secretion of testosterone.

    Experimental studies have shown that soy extract and zinc can solve this problem. Soy will decrease bad cholesterol, Low-Density Lipoprotein or LDL, and increase HDL, as much as 25%. Soy will also enhance the liver function that helps the adrenal glands to make more DHEA available. As a result, sex organs will synthesize more testosterone when there is sufficient zinc. A deficiency of zinc will promote the conversion of DHEA and testosterone into estrogen. Although the pathway of synthesizing sex hormones from cholesterol is multistep and involves formation of varying intermediate hormones, the primary steps occur in the liver and the adrenal glands. Therefore, the powerful functions of the liver and adrenal glands are essential to have a high “good” testosterone level in the bloodstream and a higher TE ratio, where “good” testosterone is referred to the unbounded testosterone, about 3% of the whole thing, available for charging the nervous systems and the acupuncture vessels. Increasing the “good” testosterone level and the TE ratio will proportionally boost the bioelectric level in the nervous system and the “Chi” level in the acupuncture vessels.

    The hormone level in the bloodstream reflects the dynamic balance of the hormone secretion and excretion. The hormone is continuously secreted by the source organs and broken down by the target organs or removed from blood by kidney and liver enzyme systems. The persistence of a hormone in the blood is measured by its half-life, the time requiring for the hormone to drop from a maximum concentration to 50% of the maximum, which ranges from a fraction of a minute to 30 minutes. The half-life can be prolonged by the hormone-building substance in the diet. The half-life cycle of testosterone is only ten to twenty minutes, depending on the functions of liver, adrenal glands, sex organs, and kidneys. The liver continuously produces HDL from chemical substances extracted by the digestive system for the adrenal glands and the sex organs to make the final product – testosterone. Testosterone is broken down by the liver to produce bioenergy for supporting for the body functions, including sexual excitement and engorgement.

    The role of the kidneys in the sexual dynamics is very tricky. Testosterone and DHEA can also leak out to urine. Only a stronger kidney function can reduce the loss of the hormones to urine. In addition, the abnormal renal hormone mechanisms in the kidneys can cause the high-blood pressure as a result of increasing the cardiac output in the constricting arteries. This will promote the sympathetic function in the ANS to discharge the bioelectricity or Chi. The bioelectric energy in the sex organs will be drawn back to the sympathetic division to support the high cardiac output and to hold the constriction of the arteries, through the interlinking of the sympathetic and parasympathetic division, and the Kidney and Liver Vessels interlinking with the Conception Vessel and looping through the sex organs. Other pro-sympathetic body functions will also deplete the bioelectric energy in the sex organs through the same networking. Thus, the Chi or bioelectric levels in the Kidney and Liver Vessels not only reflect the functions of the kidneys (including the adrenal glands) and liver, respectively, but also become the measures of the sexual potential. This is why the Kidney (including the adrenal glands) and Liver Vessels in the Chinese acupuncture network are linked to the sexual potential and function. The bioelectric energy flow chart can be described in following graph (fig8-1).

    (click here for graphs or pictures)

    (click here for graphs or pictures)

    With a weak liver function or a lack of zinc and soy protein, a testosterone burst in the body during a sexual encounter can only last for few minutes. After this short period, the erection/engorgement of the sex organs will be gone if the erection/engorgement can occur initially. This is the most embarrassed situation next to the premature ejaculation for a man during intercourse. His penis becomes limp when he is ready to penetrate her vagina or when he is in the middle of intercourse. It is like a delicious meat in his mouth but he is unable to swallow it for no apparent reason. This can happen to anyone, but there are different causes for young and old men. Sexual exhaustion, resulting in an under-activated liver and exhausted adrenal glands, is the major factor to cause this problem for the men younger than thirty years of age while medication, smoking, drinking and aging, all of which can slow down the liver function and clog the circulation system to sex organs, are the main causes for people older than thirty years of age. Biking may create blood congestion in the perineum area, and therefore, become a cause of the problem.

    Blood congestion or clog cause sexual dysfunctions in four folds:

    * (1). Restriction of the blood flow supporting the erection of engorgement of the sex organs,

    * (2). Reducing the supply of DHEA, oxygen and nutrients to the sex organs for synthesizing testosterone,

    * (3). Deactivation of the liver, adrenal glands, and kidneys as a result of blocking the acupuncture vessels, and

    * (4). Desensitization of the sexual nerves by partially compressing the nerves distributed over the sex organs.

    As a result, the bioelectricity in the parasympathetic nervous system or the Kidney Chi drop below a critical level, such that the sympathetic nervous system executes a “Flight” (Runaway) command to protect functions of other organs. In addition, when the sympathetic nervous system takes control of body functions under a stress, exhaustive, or panic condition, the medulla of the adrenal glands will produce a large quantity of stress hormones to limit the secretion of DHEA by the adrenal cortex. With a lack of DHEA, testosterone secretion will be short and the sexual excitement will dry up immediately.

    A woman may experience the similar situations as well, under which lubrication and engorgement of the sex organs recede. The continuing intercourse becomes very painful for her.

    Sexual dysfunction as a result of sexual exhaustion

    Sexual exhaustion, one of the most common causes resulting in long-term sexual dysfunctions for young couples, is a result of over-discharging the bioelectricity in the ANS. Excessively sexual activities can completely drain testosterone out of the bloodstream and the bioelectricity in the ANS if ejaculation occurs too frequently for the body to restore a normal testosterone level. When testosterone becomes insufficient to recharge the ANS, the bioelectricity in the ANS becomes too low to regulate functions of internal organs. In turn, functions of the liver, adrenal glands, and kidneys become too weak to support testosterone synthesis in the sex organs. Without sufficient testosterone in the bloodstream, the ANS is undercharged. As a result, the bioelectricity in the ANS always remains low. This is the major cause of a sexual dysfunction. In this regard, men are more vulnerable than women. Men are likely to suffer from sexual exhaustion by completely emptying the seminal vesicle. Semen in the seminal vesicle provides an important feedback to buffer the testosterone level of the bloodstream. Once semen is ejected, men lose the bioelectricity to support the penis erection and sexual excitement immediately. The ANS resets the entire body to a rest state for the restoration of potential energy. If the seminal vesicle is completely emptied, there is no more residual testosterone left available to raise the testosterone level in the bloodstream for recharging the ANS that drives the hormone production line formed by the liver, adrenal glands, kidneys, and sex organs. That is, the testosterone level in the bloodstream will never be restored without an external charge with tonically herbal products. In fact, the ANS self-charge system is operated under the same principle as the automobile’s. The seminal vesicle is like the battery of an automobile. When the electric potential of the battery is too low, it cannot start the engine. When the engine won’t run, the battery cannot get charged. Therefore, the engine needs a jump start. An empty seminal vesicle will create the same situation as an undercharged battery does. A man suffering from sexual exhaustion requires a jump start with a tonically herbal product. The best solution for this problem is: Don’t empty your seminal vesicle.

    The following symptoms are the most common phenomena as a result of sexual exhaustion:

    * 1. A very sensitive response of eyes to sunlight,

    * 2. A weak erection – unable to erect or to hold an erection,

    * 3. Easy sweating under a moderate temperature and light activity,

    * 4. Depression or drowsiness after waking up in the morning,

    * 5. Weak immunity – easily getting sick or catching cough,

    * 6. Pain in the back or leg without apparent reasons, and

    * 8. A weak or fatigued waist, unable to bend down for lifting an object.

    Proposed solutions for aged sex engines

    To prevent these problems from happening to a loving couple like both of you, I suggest you try one or some of the following methods together:

    * 1. Taking a 10-30 minute nap or meditation before intercourse, where meditation can be performed in any relaxing posture, sitting or lying, without constraint with a smooth, deep breathing at a rate of 5 – 10 times per minutes to relax the heart and nerves, as described in Chapter 6,

    * 2. Shortening your foreplay, using the screwing technique or/and practicing slow, shallow thrusting to start your intercourse session, and emphasizing your afterplay – letting the penis stay inside the vagina for 3-5 minutes after ejaculating,

    * 3. Massaging the pubis, the penis base and footing, the lower section of the penis, and the clitoris base and shaft as long as the penis stays out of the vagina or there is a space between the penis and the clitoris in an intercourse session,

    * 4. Regulating the ejaculation frequency if necessary and practicing the screwing technique without ejaculating very often,

    * 5. Having sex in the morning if you have time,

    * 6. Massaging the low back, pubis, low abdomen, groins, thighs and perineum every day to improve the blood/Chi circulation around the sex organs, frequently searching for outraged, painful or numb spots in the low body, including legs and feet, for massage, and having a mutual massage of the entire body with your partner once or twice a month, and

    * 7. Drinking tonic herbal teas in replacing the coffee or soda drinks if necessary, taking tonic herbal supplements with soy extract and zinc, and eating tonic foods.

    In addition, you should avoid sexual intercourse when your body is in an extreme condition, such as very hot or cold weather, tiredness, panic or fatigue. Under such a condition, your heart, lung, liver and kidneys requires special attention from the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) to regulate their functions. Ejaculation or orgasm which are controlled by the sympathetic division will deplete the Chi or bioelectricity in these organs, leading to under-performance of the adrenal glands and the livers. Frequently having sex under these situations will affect the secretion of DHEA and quickly discharge the bioelectricity in the sexual nerves.

    Next, don’t exhaust yourself by prolonging foreplay. Most of the loving couples, in particular, younger ones, would like to have a prolonged intercourse by extending foreplay, but they don’t realize that it requires a lot Chi or bioelectricity to burn the fuel – nutrition and oxygen – in the sex organs for both sexes. If you are one of them longing for a dynamic sex life, you should know how to budget your Chi or bioelectricity. When the Chi is used up or the bioelectricity in the parasympathetic sex nerves is discharged down to an erection or engorgement threshold, the liver, adrenal glands, and kidneys are under stress, and thus, you will start sweating or feeling fatigue. Once this phenomenon occurs, your sympathetic nervous division is about to automatically take full control of your body functions. The engorgement and lubrication of the sex organs will be gone in few minutes. If you start to experience this body response, both of you should generate sexual orgasms as soon as possible. Prolonging intercourse does not always result in great sexual pleasure at all. Sexual petting after orgasm can extend your orgasmic pleasure. In fact, it is an ultimate pleasure for body and mind.

    Aging affects women’s sexual dysfunctions in different ways, depending upon the function of the adrenal cortex in the secretion of testosterone. The most common phenomenon is the loss of sex drive or the lack of sexual response to stimulation. In particular, women after passing the menopause will encounter these problems. Some women start their menopause as early as thirty-five of age. Once a woman enters this passage, her body may produce less testosterone and estrogen. With less testosterone, she will lose the sensitivity of her sexual nerves and the tone of her sexual muscle. She may end up with frigidity, experiencing some difficulties to get sexually excited. To help her achieve orgasm with less effort in an intercourse session, she should increase her testosterone level by taking tonic herbal or food supplements.

    Drinking one or two cups of tonic, herbal tea everyday is the best solution to retain an optimal level of sexual hormones in the body for both sexes. This is the best solution for rejuvenation. A tonically herbal formula can keep you slim, healthy and sexy. A very dynamic sex life can reshape your body shape as well.

    How to charge your sexual battery to rematch your partner

    Testosterone can increase the bioelectricity level of both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves for men and women, but charging the nervous systems is very tricky. The sympathetic nervous system can be boosted when the body is in an active or awake state; the parasympathetic nervous system must be slowly charged when the body is at rest through napping, meditating or sleeping. If you want to elevate the bioelectricity level in the entire Autonomic Nervous System, you should include tonic foods or herbs in the evening meal, or take a nap or meditation after having your tonic meal. If you want to mainly charge your parasympathetic nervous system, you must have a tonic food/herbal supplement just before going to bed. The parasympathetic nervous system can only be effectively charged when it fully controls the entire body function. When I was a kid, I was taught that if I want to get a maximum benefit from tonic foods or herbs, I must have them before going to bed. This theory has been verified by my experiments.

    A herb called St. John’s Wort can promote an instant recharge of the ANS. Another herb called Kava Kava can help the parasympathetic division to get more charged. However, recharging the parasympathetic division requires a sufficient level of DHEA in the bloodstream, in addition to free testosterone. The DHEA level plays a very critical role for the parasympathetic division to control the body function. DHEA deficiency will stimulate the adrenal medulla to produce the stress hormone, adrenaline, that promotes the sympathetic division to take over the parasympathetic division.

    A properly formulated herbal product can give you a well-balanced TE ratio and an “action” level of testosterone in the bloodstream. The herbal product enhances the performance of the liver, adrenal glands, kidneys, and sex organs to promote a well-balanced secretion of both testosterone and estrogen. A sexually active man should have a testosterone level from 600 to 1000 ng/dl (nanogram/deciliter = 0.0000001 gram/liter = 0.000000013 fl-oz/gallon(US) or 0.000000016 fl-oz/gallon(British)) with a TE ratio from 20 to 50. A low TE ratio will lead to a poor sexual performance, while a high testosterone level means sexual vigor or aggression. A man with a high level of testosterone and a high TE ratio will experience sexual urgency more often and may suffer from premature ejaculation, as a result of combining these two factors which make the sympathetic sexual nerves becomes hyper-activated in response to any sexual stimulation. This is the main reason for men to lose ejaculation control or masturbate more often. For women, the “normal” testosterone level is from 30 to 100 ng/dl. A woman with a high level of testosterone will be more responsive to any sexual stimulation and easier to achieve orgasm. However, too much testosterone in women’s body will cause facial hairs to grow.

    Yet, you should also remember that sexual match is the most important factor for an enjoyable sex (marriage) life. You should adjust yourself to match your partner.

    Adjusting bioelectricity in nervous systems to improve performance

    Finally, exercises and physical activities will enhance sexual performance of a loving couple if they have enough testosterone in the bloodstream. The man can improve his sexual performance by taking a nap or rest right after completing his physical exercises or activities. Since physical activities mainly consume the bioelectricity in the sympathetic nervous system, a nap or rest will allow the parasympathetic nervous system to take control of body function for the restoration of the physical state. Thus, a nap or rest will increase the bioelectricity level in his parasympathetic nervous system. As a result, he increases the capacity of his erection and delays his ejaculation. On the other hand, the woman can use a mild walk and jog to increase the blood circulation in her sex organ. This will allow testosterone to locally charge her sympathetic sex nerves, and, thus, increase the sensitivity of her sex organ to accelerate her orgasmic response.

    The rules for a loving couple to have multiple orgasms are: promote the male parasympathetic function for a long, hard erection, and enhance the female sympathetic function for quick and violent, multiple orgasmic responses. He should bring his mind to a semi-conscientious (passive) state with the rhythmic Tai-Chi Yin-Kong breathing, and she should put herself in a very aggressive (active) mood with the rhythmic Tai-Chi Yang-Kong breathing.

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    8.2 Philosophy of Eating and Drinking

    “Over-fertilized flower plants will never bloom fully and Overfed animals will never be productive.” – My father’s farming wisdom.

    I was raised in a poor, mountainous village of Taiwan. In the good old days, meats and eggs were very luxurious foods. The only times we could have meat were the festival days listed in the Chinese lunar calendar, when my grandma killed livestock for thanking Gods’ blessing. The foods for daily life at that time were the home-grown, green vegetables and tropical fruits. My daily lunch in the elementary and middle school years during 1960’s consisted of two tofu cubes, two bowls of rice and a fresh tomato. Near the end of 1960’s and the beginning of 1970’s, people gradually improved their living standard, and I started to enjoy soybean milk, dried tofu, and eggs every day. Meats were still very luxurious, and soybean products became my main nutrition source. For my own curiosity about the relationship between the diet and the sexual performance, I have always asked myself if my diets in the good old days have affected my sexual potential in my adulthood. Based upon my 10-year experiments on rejuvenation since 1989, I can give you a positive conclusion.

    As a farm boy, I have realized that in order to make fruit trees bear fruits and flower plants bloom, it is absolutely necessary to give them the right food and environment. Sexual drive requires different ingredients and environments from those for growth stimulation. Giving plants too much nitrogen will make them grow quickly, but stop blooming. Nitrogen is not a sexual stimulus for plants. Fruit trees require a very cold temperature in the winter for stimulating them to bloom in the spring. Noticeably, this cooling method can be employed for boosting the sexual hormone production by cooling down testicles or ovaries with chilly water. Stimulating the testes with cool water will move them into the body by shrinking the scrotum, producing the same effect as the other directly sexual stimulations do for the promotion of a testosterone burst. Both cooling and sexual stimulations can trigger the Autonomic Nervous System to increase the bioelectric current flowing into the adrenal cortexes and testes to drive the testosterone burst. Generally speaking, animals that do not overheat their sexual organs, such as dogs, cats, mice and so on, are more productive. Thus, plants, animals and human beings share the similar environmental effect on the capacity of the reproductive system. In addition, damaging the bark of a fruit tree will force it to bear more fruits in the following year. Chopping one eye of a female tiger shrimp will make it to lay more egos. In addition, proper diet is also essential for the stimulation of sex drive for animals. Overweight pigs don’t want to mate. A healthy, well-dieted cock can mate a lot of times with hens in one day. Farmers know all the tricks of sexual stimulation for flower plants, fruit trees, and farm animals. Studies have concluded fat cells in animal bodies tends to store plentiful quantities of estrogen. Estrogen dominance causes the same problem in animal bodies as it does in human bodies. That is, fat cells will reduce sexual potential in human bodies. The same conclusion is applicable to flower plants and fruit trees. The relationship of diet and sex for both flower plants and farm animals can be illustrated in the following graph (Figure 8-2).

    (click here for graphs or pictures)

    (click here for graphs or pictures)

    Here, we can see the plants with beautifully blooming flowers don’t have too many green leaves. In fact, the leaves are a little yellowish. This indicates that the plants are in lack of nitrogen, an essential nutrition for plant growth. The male emu, with a proper diet, is very sexually energetic to show his charm to two females. Can we apply the diet-for-sex theory to human beings? And, what is the right food for sex?

    Definition of the “nutrition”

    The West and East have complete different ideologies on the value of food. The West emphasizes the content of nutrients in the food while the East focuses on the content of bioenergy or hormone-building substances. The modern nutritionists in the West separate the effects of the individual nutrition component in the food on the individual body part while the old Taoists considered the combination effect of foods (including herbs) on the balance function of the entire body. Noticeably, the combination effect, in fact, is the food/herb interaction inside our body. It could be very powerful or deadly.

    Therefore, food is medicine! In the ancient time, there were no nutritionists to evaluate the presence of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals in what people ate and drank. Of course, there were no laboratories for the nutrient analysis of the food. Luckily, based upon the universal Yin-Yang polarity concept, the ancient Chinese Taoists could analyze the bioenergy characteristics of food. They considered food as the medicine supplying the Yin and Yang Chi (bioenergy) for balancing the functions of our organs. Thus, eating and drinking have been associated with the Chinese medicine practice.

    Taoists have also considered that medicine should be in food. Therefore, they have passed the eating and drinking experiences (experiments) from generation to generation for more than five thousand years. The effects of foods on the functions of our organs have been well-documented. Some foods, containing special substances for treating health disorders or problems, are therefore considered as medicines, which includes herbs, minerals, and animal body components. Illness is considered as a result of the functional unbalance of the organs, which can be revealed by the diagnosis of Chi circulation with the modern bioenergy machine. In the traditional Chinese medical concept, the method for restoring health is to balance the whole body chemistry and to reboot the generation of Chi for certain organs, with some special chemicals or natural hormones containing in the “foods.”

    Thus, Taoists have classified food into four categories: hot, warn, cool and cold, depending on the nature of how it stimulates or sedates the organs. Hot- and warm-type foods, belonging to Yang, are stimulating, while cool- and cold-type foods, belonging to Yin, are sedative. Yin foods can calm the over-activated organs, good for the Yang-type body symptoms such as fever, red face, dry mouth, and hypertension. Yin foods include roots (for examples, carrot, turnip), tubers, watermelon, cabbage, soy beans, pears, squash, orange, lemon, grapefruit, coconut juice, and bamboo shoots. Yang foods can reactivate the under-activated organs, good for the Yin-type body symptoms such as anemia, chill, fatigue, and depression. Yang foods include lamb, deer, beef, poultry, milk, eggs, cheese, seafood, mango, nuts, seeds, apple, garlic, onion, leek, ginger, and hot peppers. With the modern bioenergy concept as mentioned before, obviously, the ancient Chinese Taoists classified the food based upon the content of natural hormones and hormone-building substances that enhance the bioenergy (Chi) of internal organs, rather than detailed the nutrients as emphasized by modern nutritionists.

    Herbs are the foods that contain high-level chemicals affecting our organ function and the Chi generation or formation for certain organs. We cannot constantly include them in our diets except our body shows some weakness of the Chi generation in some organs. Most of the ancient Chinese Taoists were also doctors; they not only mapped the acupuncture networks or meridians and performed acupuncture and surgery, but also tested, analyzed and classified herbs and foods very preciously. They treated each object as a whole thing. They considered the interactions among herbs or foods are more important than the individual substance. Almost all prescriptions of the Chinese medicines contain more than one thing. The medical concept emphasizes the combination effects of all the components in a prescription on the functional balance of the whole body. In fact, the medical concept is similar to the capitalism of economy. The old Taoists’ works became the foundation of the Chinese medical system.

    In contradicting to the Taoists, modern nutritionists told us yesterday that coffee and seafood are bad, but they reversed their story today. When foods are considered medicines, their effects on the body chemistry depend on the intake quantity and the body size. Foods cannot be classified in that way as done by the modern nutritionists. Having too much of a good thing in your body is not good, which will result in chemical unbalance in your system or may poison your liver and kidney. Modern nutritionists also ignore the effects of food intake quantity on the chemical and hormone balances in the body.

    Generally speaking, having too much of Yang(Yin)-type food will raise(weaken) your Liver “Fire,” that means, your Liver Chi is overcharged (undercharged). For example, if you have two or three pounds of shrimp or lobster meats for your dinner, you will feel very thirsty and bitter in your mouth in the next morning and experience some difficulties to move your bowels. According to the Chinese medical concept, this is the symptom of your Liver “catching fire,” and you need a lot of Yin-type food such as watermelon, to extinguish the fire. If you take too much of the vitamin complex, your liver will catch fire too. That means, having too much of the nutrients will make you sick! A balance diet is the Tao of Health.

    To enhance your performance, you should not ignore the concept of the Yin-Yang balance for selecting your food supplement. For example, Ginseng is a well-known tonic herb to boost sexual energy and enhance endurance to work, but Ginseng may cause your body to overheat, depending on which type of Ginsengs you take. Siberian, Korean and Chinese Ginsengs are the Yang-type herb while American Ginseng is the Yin-type one. Any Yang-type herb in a Yang-type body will overheat the internal organs, causing a lot of sweating and sore or bitter mouth. If you experience these problems and don’t want to give up the food supplement, you should take vitamin B-12 to balance your body’s reaction. However, the best solution of these problems is to take a Yin-type substitute. If you consider Ginseng as your energy booster in your Yang-type body, you should select American Ginseng.

    Overdose, overeating, and taking wrong supplements are the most common problems in modern society because food supplements are very accessible and affordable. When people feel depressed, fatigue, and losing sexual energy, they will try to overdose their bodies by vitamin or/and mineral supplements. These supplements usually won’t help the production of Chi/bioelectricity in the body to solve the problem. In turn, the overdosed body shows the symptoms of the liver or/and adrenal dysfunctions, resulting in a low level of “good” cholesterol and a weak secretion of DHEA. The patients end up in obesity and impotence/frigidity and even develop cancer cells or other health problems in their own bodies. The excessive nutrition is very harmful to the generation of the sexual potential in the body. In fact, they need herbal teas or supplements that contain an optimal dosage of sexual electrolytes. The optimal dosage is proportional to the body weight and the absorbing ability of the individual.

    Some suggestions

    Based upon my experiences and knowledge, I propose the following rules of eating and drinking for sex drive and health:

    * 1. Eat or drink natural foods as possible as you can – Processed foods containing high artificial or additive chemicals that affect our bioelectric systems; enterprise-farm grown meats containing concentrated artificial hormones that stimulate the growth of the breast, ovary, prostate or testis cancers; residual pesticides in farm growth products causing infertility as well as busting sex drive.

    * 2. Eat balanced meals – 10% meats, 15% grains, 50% vegetables and 25% fruits of daily meals.

    * 3. Drink juices – at least 25% of the intake liquid; limiting less than 10% coffee among the intake liquids; no alcohol if possible; selecting several type fruit juices and rotating your drink as possible as you can.

    * 4. Eat 70 or 80% full of your stomach, with which you still can do some mild exercises without offending your stomach and overloading your colon.

    * 5. Drink or eat Yin-type foods if your body has Yang-type symptoms such as sweating, redness on the face, feeling warm or hot in the head and so on, which are the indication of your body being overheated – including grapefruit, pineapple or plume juices, coconut milk, watermelon, turnip or radish roots, and cabbage in your diets.

    * 6. Drink or eat Yang-type foods if your body has Yin-type symptoms such as pale face, and feeling powerless and chilly, which indicate a deficiency of Chi in your organs – including apple or mango juices, sea foods, ginger root, garlic, and leek in your diets.

    * 7. Eat colorful vegetables and fruits and drink green tea to get more anti-cancer phytochemicals.

    Daily eating and drinking will ultimately affect your sex life and your body age in three ways: damaging your cells, clogging your blood circulation and unbalancing your hormone production. For example, the hormone-polluted red meat can accelerate the body to mature and to age in these three ways. You should consider this problem very seriously.

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    8.3 Master Foods for A Super sex Life

    ” If you want to stay young, you should renourish your body with the natural hormones from tonic herbs, gemmating seeds and young animals.” – My mother’s wisdom for rejuvenation.

    As I mentioned before, the body not only needs the nutrition that can be converted to fuel, but also requires some types of chemicals, that can be converted to the bioelectricity or the DHEA hormone. Without the bioelectricity, the fuel cannot be burned into power; instead, it will be stored as fat in our abdomen. People do not understand why the middle-aged people gain weight even that their eating habits have never changed. The major factors inducing this problem are testosterone/ DHEA deficiencies and estrogen dominance, as explained in Section 8-1. As a result, generation of the bioelectricity becomes insufficient to burn the fuel extracted from eating and drinking. The residual fuel becomes fat! To increase our sexual potential, we need the foods having the substances that are useful for producing the fuel and bioelectricity. Therefore, we have to eat the foods that contain the building blocks of hormone or hormone-like substances and the substances which can suppress the development of cancer cells and prostate problems. Studies show that American men are 26 times more likely to develop prostate problems than the Japanese and Chinese. The main reason is that the Japanese and Chinese diets include a large amount of sea foods, soy products, and green vegetables while the Americans eat too much red meat polluted by artificial hormones during animal farming, and too fewer vegetables that contain anti-cancer chemicals. It is well-known that soybeans, seeds and nuts are rich in plant hormones that can be converted by our body to elevate the hormone level for both sexes. Sea foods contain even more hormone-like substances than other kinds of foods. However, we cannot ignore the foods that support the other metabolic functions of our body. We have to treat our whole body as a sex machine that needs a balanced diet. This is the philosophy of the Taoism (oriental) diet.

    I have followed the Taoism philosophy of eating and drinking very closely. When I was young, I always wondered how the dark-green leafage plants can survive under the bright, hot sun. Intuitively, I figured out that their leaf must contain some kinds of special chemicals that can convert the harmful ultraviolet (UV) light into energy. I have also assumed that if I eat their leaf or drink their leaf juices (for example, green tea leaf), I can put these kinds of chemicals into my skin to convert the UV light into energy too. Recently, food scientists have reported that the green-leaf food or tea contains anti-cancer chemicals called phytochemicals. That is a good news for me, anyway. On the other hand, I like dark-red fruits, such as red grape, cherries, watermelon, red grapefruit, and fully ripped tomato. Their juices are very bloody. I thought they must contain some other special chemicals that can balance the Chi production in the internal organs. Later, studies have shown that red grape is good for the heart, cherries for all internal organs, and tomato(cooked) for the prostate gland. Experiences have told me that grapefruit, coconut juice, and watermelon can calm the Liver fire. This is very important for the production of the male sexual hormones. Anyway, I like the food with unusual tastes such as sweet, bitter or hot, and with dark or bright colors such as black, green, red, or yellow. This is my living philosophy of eating and drinking.

    A list of healthy foods for good sex

    The foods we need for a good life also depend on our body chemistry. You are the best nutritionist and doctor for your own body. Like myself, you can use a trial and error method to come up with the best diet for yourself when you need it. For example, if I load one pound of shrimp into my body, I will have power surges inside my body in four hours. For your convenience, I list some foods that enhance sexual potential, for your references. They are

    * 1. Sea foods – seaweed, fish-liver oil, shellfish (lobster, shrimp, muscle, and oysters), fish,

    * 2. Special vegetables and products – garlic, leek, ginger, onion, wheat germ and cruciferous vegetables,

    * 3. Animal products (unpolluted by artificial hormones) – testicle, ovary, liver, egg, milk, cheese, yogurt, meats, bone soup, honey and bee pollen,

    * 4. Nuts, beans, and seeds – pumpkin seed, almond, walnut, soybeans, sesame seed, pear, sunflower seed and etc.,

    * 5. Green, yellow, and red vegetables, including bitter melon,

    * 6. Fruits – orange, banana, grapefruit, grape, cherries, kiwi, apricot, apple, peach, pear, tomato, papaya, honeydew, and etc., and

    * 7. Green Tea – antioxidant, prevention of cancer cell development.

    Gaining sexual potential from the sea

    Sea food is very tonic for promoting the secretion of sexual hormones, particularly, testosterone. Sea food can promote synthesis of the “good” cholesterol by strengthening functions and performance of the heart, the liver and the adrenal glands. In addition, shellfishes, rich in zinc, help the body to retain a high TE ratio and benefit the health of the prostate. Seaweed is also tonic. It enhances the performance of internal organs by lowering bad cholesterol and prompting good cholesterol.

    Special vegetables for sex

    The special vegetables such as garlic, leek and onion are very tonic foods for sex. The Buddhism monks and nuns have to exclude these vegetables in their diets. Garlic seems good for all the organs if one does not have Yang-type symptoms. Garlic can lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure and unblock the arteries.

    Onions, cousins of garlic, have been well-known aphrodisiac vegetables since prehistorical time. The ancient Chinese, Hindu, Greece, Roman and Arabian used onions as a cold buster and a sex stimulant. The well-known recipes are curry chicken and onion egg that are used to enhance libidos in Asian cuisines. It is said that if a man has these dishes for several consecutive days he will have his penis erect without intermissions. Having these two dishes very often will make your sexual life very dynamic. A man after 35 should have onion-tomato egg more often. Adding tomato to this dish will reduce the chance of having prostate problems.

    Ginger can dissipate minor blood congestion, re-nourish the Heart Chi, and disperse the Spleen and Lung Chi’s, good for cough and cold. Wheat germ can enhance the production of sexual hormones. A soup of combining ginger, garlic, honey and wheat germ can be a powerful sex booster.

    In addition, cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower can suppress cancer development, improve liver function, and stimulate the consumption of excess estrogen in the promotion of health.

    The traditional Chinese power booster – a mixture of animal glandular extract and tonic herbs

    Regarding the tonic foods for a supper sex life, I cannot ignore animal organs which are the very important parts of the Chinese medicine. In this regard, the food with a special odor usually contains some special substances that can be converted to hormones, or some hormones that can be directly absorbed by our body. According to the Chinese medical concept, an animal organ can enhance the performance of the corresponding organ in the human body. For example, the animal liver can give our liver a boost; the animal testicle and penis can increase testosterone; the animal ovary can enhance the production of women’s sexual hormones; the animal bone-wine soup can help cure bone diseases and back pain.

    Recently, some western pharmacists have recognized the health value of animal organs. A lot of health food products have already included the glandular extracts from raw animal organs. I tried this kind of product before when I had a low back pain during 1989-1992. The product I tried contains 50-mg extract from the ox and pig testicles, 100-mg liver extract, 0.50-mg garlic oil, 50-mg ginseng and 100-mg bee pollen in each capsule. The advertisement of this product claimed that you can regain your full erection in 30 minute after your last ejaculation if you take two capsules with a 10-cc cup of whisky.

    I took one without wine. In one hour, I felt a heat flow radiating to my legs and my hands from my low abdomen. My back pain was gone. I tried it for 30 days. My sex drive was so high that I had to ejaculate every other day. This forced my body to consume too much other hormones, such as DHEA, and made my low back pains worsen when I stopped taking it. I considered this is a very dangerous drug for a good sex life because it adds too much testosterone into the system. Testosterone alone cannot solve the sexual problems which usually require the production of Chi/bioelectricity or DHEA. This is a typical example of abusing the Chinese medicine. However, if you don’t have pain or numbness in your upper or low back, hips, thighs and legs, this kind of food supplement may give your love relationship a boost. Noticeably, pain and numbness in your body indicate that there are blood congestion (waste blood) pockets compressing your nervous cells or bioelectric transmission lines and blocking your blood and Chi circulations. You must resolve the blood congestion problem by the Pressure or Vacuum-Cupping Massage methods before taking any drug or food supplements.

    On the other hand, this recipe can help women to achieve orgasm in a short time. Animal testicles have also been credited to make women become more beautiful and sexier. It is said that Chinese emperors’ wives or mistresses would have had a concentrated testicle soup blended with herbs before they served their masters. The soup made them achieve orgasm more easily, so that the emperor could extract more women’s sexual energy in one night.

    Recent research has shown that as testosterone decreases, the hormone unbalance in men’s body may cause prostate disorders. Prostate disorders will cause erection and premature-ejaculation problems. These problems are very common for men after midlife. Since aging takes tolls on both sexes, a loving couple should include extract of the animal testicles with herbs in their food supplements to increase their testosterone level in the blood stream. Zinc and Panax ginseng can also reduce the potential of prostate problems and stimulate the hormone production system to release more testosterone.

    Young men can suffer from prostate disorders too if they masturbated too often during their adolescence. Over-masturbation is the main cause of young men’s sexual disorders. To prevent these problems, teenagers should not have too much red meat in their diet; instead, they should have more vegetables, fruits, soybean products and fish. Red meat contains growth hormones that stimulate teenagers’ sexual urgency and makes them masturbate more often. Generally speaking, over-masturbation drains too much testosterone out of the body and forces the hormone production system to overwork. It depletes the bioelectricity of the other organs, such as the heart, the liver, the adrenal glands and the kidney, in order to support the function of the sex organs. As a result, all internal organs become underactive; the liver synthesizes less “good” cholesterol and the adrenal glands produce less DHEA to drive the testosterone secretion. Therefore, before teenage boys become young men, they have already started to experience the sexual problems associated with prostate disorder, deficiency of the bioelectricity in the sexual nerves, and deficiency of the Chi in the Kidney and Liver Vessels. Generally speaking, sexual dysfunctions of young men and teenagers can be resolved by reactivating their internal organs with the Chinese medicine containing soy and zinc. To prevent teenagers from over-masturbating, parents should not give their kids too much red meat; instead, let kids have more soy products.

    Soy and zinc – the essential components for boosting of sexual potential

    Seeds and nuts are the good sources for the hormone-building substance. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are well-know tonic foods for sex. In the group of seeds and nuts, I have found that soy is a very special food for sex.

    The soybean is a good source for protein and natural hormones that can balance the entire body function and prevent the development of cancer cells. It strengthens the liver function, reducing the “bad” cholesterol and promoting the “good” cholesterol. Soy helps the body to regulate the TE ratio. It redirects teenagers’ sexual energy to strength their bones and muscles, and mitigates their sexual urgency. When I was in my military training during 1973-1974, I experienced the wonder of soybeans. Extract from soybeans was added to rice as our food. During that period, I was able to quit masturbating. Soy products can also assist women to smoothly sail through the rough menopause, avoiding the problems induced by the hormone unbalance, such as hot flashes, vagina dryness, thinning of the skin, loss of bone, and cardiovascular complications.

    The chief substance in soy, that plays the key role in benefit heath, is called isoflavones, a type of photoestrogen that can promote liver action to process and excrete excess estrogen into urine. The action of isoflavones is to produce a balanced TE ratio in the body.

    A combination of soy extract with zinc can help the hormone production system to block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in the body and retaining a high, but balanced, TE ratio, in favor of testosterone. This will give a loving couple an active sex life. Noticeably, zinc deficiency will trigger the conversion process and lead to a low TE ratio in the blood stream. Without zinc, even a testosterone therapy cannot help a person to restore his or her sexual potential. In fact, soy extract, zinc, selenium, vitamins E, C and B-12, and the herbs described in the next section have been blended together for solving sexual problems for men and women.

    Noticeably, zinc also plays a tricky role in the conversion of the plant hormones in the beans, nuts or seeds into the sexual hormones – testosterone and estrogen. Zinc deficiency will trigger the biochemical process to produce more estrogen from these products. In fact, what you need is a good TE ratio in your body. Thus, you need an optimal zinc supply. An estimated daily value of zinc for an average person is 15 mg. Aged people may need more zinc supply to achieve a good TE ratio. However, an overdose of zinc (above 200 mg for an average man) will overload the liver and produce a deficiency of copper, that causes hair loss. An optimal intake of zinc should be from 15 mg to 50 mg per day, evenly distributed over two or three meals.

    When soy is taken with a herb called Kava Kava, it can also help men to calm and sooth the sexual nerves in the prostate and penis for prolonging intercourse. If a man suffers from sexual anxiety, soy products with Kava Kava could be his best food supplement. In other words, soy products are the wonder foods for health and sex.

    Helps from vegetables and fruits

    In addition to soy products, vegetables and fruits can help the body to calm the liver and kidneys, to strengthen the heart, to boost the functions of the endocrine and immune systems, to maintain a good testosterone level and a good circulation system. Among them, broccoli, cauliflower, apple and grape (skin) can directly enhance the liver function affecting the synthesis of sex hormones. Other vegetables and fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins essential for a balanced function of all internal organs. Enhancing the liver function also requires a lot of support from other organs. You should have a balanced diet.

    Finally, you should pay attention on food-herb interaction. Grapefruit may promote herbs to instantly release more active ingredients into the bloodstream. As a result, the liver and heart can be overloaded and the blood pressure may be elevated to an unacceptable level. Therefore, you should avoid taking any herbal products with grapefruit. Orange causes no food-herb interaction like grapefruit does.

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    8.4 Herbs for sex and Health

    “Drinking tonic herbal soups/teas and/or taking tonic herbal supplements 1-2 hours before going to bed will promote the Kidney Yin Chi (the parasympathetic function); doing so before exercising will promote the Kidney Yang Chi (the sympathetic function).” – My grandma’s philosophy on how to recharge the bioelectricity into the Autonomic Nervous System for a special purpose.

    Herbs have been used as medicines for curing diseases since human civilization started. Their effectiveness on our body depends on the dosage and their combination – the herbal interaction. Use them carefully.

    The purposes of using herbs are

    * (1) To enhance the brain (hypothalamus/anterior pituitary)-liver-adrenal-testicular(ovarian) function and to give the endocrine system a jump-start,

    * (2) To cleanse the Chi and blood delivery or circulation systems – in particular, the groin and perineum areas need good blood and Chi circulations that are essential to the production of testosterone, and the erection/engorgement of sex organs,

    * (3) To increase the bioelectric potential in the sexual nerves and the parasympathetic-associated organs, and the Chi in the acupuncture vessels, and to stimulate the production of DHEA and a balanced secretion of testosterone and estrogen, and

    * (4) To increase the efficiency of metabolism to convert nutrition, oxygen and hormones into power.

    The herbs, which can increase functions of the adrenal glands, kidneys, and liver, and the bioelectricity of the sexual nerves, are considered sexual electrolytes. They can raise the resting and action potentials in the sexual nerves, enhance the sexual mood for men and women, increase the production of sexual hormones, and cure impotence and frigidity. Beside their effects on the bioelectricity of the sexual nerves, they can also thin the blood and help remove the blood congestion that blocks the blood/Chi circulations to the sexual organs. Thus, they can help engorge the sexual organs for both sexes in a short time and make the engorgement and sexual excitement last longer. The effect of herbal/DHEA supplements on the ejaculation period versa age is shown in the following graph. In particular, it produces a very significant improvement for men after midlife. For women, the herbal/DHEA supplements can improve sexual responses and vaginal dryness, shorten the sexual stimulation duration to orgasm, and lessen or eliminate orgasmic pain and cramp.

    (click here for graphs or pictures)

    (click here for graphs or pictures)

    A list of tonic herbs for good health and sex

    Some useful herbs containing sexual electrolytes, and their products or extracts are listed here.

    * 1. DHEA- Restores your bio-electric potential, also known as “chi” or “Qi” in the Oriental medicine.

    * 2. Eucommia- Strengthens the back, bones and joints, and stimulate sex potential.

    * 3. Ginkgo Biloba- Improves blood circulation in brain and genital area, and mitigate a memory loss and an impotence symptom.

    * 4. Ho Shou Wu (Fo-Ti) – helps restore the body’s “Chi,” and rejuvenate the endocrine glands and reproduction system. Chinese medicine legend said: ” A man with the last name Ho who eats this herb every day had retained his black hair in his whole life and fertilized his 20+ young wife at the age of 120 years.” The herb was named after him with the two other words “Shou Wu” that mean a head with black hair.

    * 5. Mountain Green Tea – Contains abundant phytochemical elements that help your body defense against cancer and flush your extra fat.

    * 6. Epimedrium – Contains hormonal stimulant and tonic substances that strengthen bones and joints.

    * 7. Red Ginseng – Boots your energy, balances your hormone production, and multiplies the effects

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    * 8. Yohimbe – Boots your testosterone level, and increase your sex drives that may reduce your sexual performance if you already have good sex potential.

    * 9. Cinnamon – Promotes good blood and Chi circulations, and sexual vitality.

    * 10. Licorice – Helps regulate blood sugar and adrenal glands that produce the DHEA hormone.

    * 11. Dong Quai – Promotes the production of the woman sex hormones.

    * 12 Wild Oat – Stimulates the sexual hormone production for both sexes and increases sex drive.

    * 13. Schizandra Berries – Increases sex drive for both sexes, moisturizes and sensitizes the female genitals, and enhances the sexual staying power for men.

    * 14. Damiana – Relaxes the nerves and creates sexual euphoria.

    * 15. Mura Puama – boots sexual potency.

    * 16. Saw Palmetto Berries – helps balance the hormone level, activates sexual glands for both sexes, and tightens the male ejaculation gate (valve), the prostate.

    * 17. Nettle – Promote healthy prostate function.

    * 18. Saint John’s Wort – Promotes emotional well-being for anti depression and helps the penis to erect.

    * 19. Kava Kava – Calms nerves, induce relaxation, improves alertness, and mitigates anxiety and depression, without leading to addiction.

    * 20. Block Cohosh – Calms the sympathetic nervous system and the prostate nerve, promotes the parasympathetic function for bioenergy preservation, and regulates the heart rate.

    Some herbs listed above may produce adverse effects on your sexual performance if you are overdosed or your body chemistry is not fitted. You should not take the herbal products that can heat up your brain, race your heart, or increase your blood pressure in your head. This is because such products will degrade your sexual performance. A good herbal product for sex should be able to warm up your low back and genitals, in particular, the sacrums and coccyx – the tail bone, but keep your head cool as it is supposed to be. This will restore the function of your sexual hormone production system. We have noticed that Kava Kava can sooth and calm the nervous systems. Kava Kava is useful for solve his premature ejaculation if a man has a hard erection. A combination of Nettle, Saw Palmetto, soy extract, zinc and selenium can promote healthy prostate function and help protect against testosterone-to-estrogen conversion for an aging sex engine. It can help men to maintain a hard erection.

    The adverse effects can also be created by herb-food interaction. For example, grapefruit can enhance the power of Yohimbe. High doses of Yohimbe (300 mg or higher) with a cup of grapefruit juice (355 cc or 12 fl-oz) can double your blood pressure. You must be aware of herb-food interaction when you take any herbal supplement. In search of a good herbal product as your food supplement, you may have to use a trial-and-error method to test it yourself.

    Herbal action with vitamins B-12, C, and E

    Some tonic herbs may heat up your liver’s fire (Chi). This result is good for sexual drive, but bad for health. What you want is to enhance your health for sex, not the opposite way. The most common phenomenon of overheating your liver is the bitter or dry mouth upon your awaking in the morning. The liver overheating problem can also occur under the following situation: lack of sleep, exposing to sunshine too long, having too much alcohol, mental or physical overloading, unbalanced diets, drugs or medication, and overdose of herbs. Generally speaking, vitamin B-12 can help to resolve the problem. Liver overheating will cause hormone unbalancing in your body and disable your sexual function, as a result of long-term hormone unbalance. Therapeutic doses of vitamin B-12 are from 20 mcg to 300 mcg.

    In addition to vitamin B-12, you should not ignore vitamins E and C. Vitamins E and C are the most famous components in health supplements. Vitamin C can promote action of the pituitary gland to stimulate the release of testosterone from the sex organs. Vitamin C can demote the formation of aromatase, the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen. There are more benefits from taking this vitamin. For examples, it can lower the chance of developing cancer and heart disease and becomes essential to maintaining normal blood vessels and healthy tissue. Vitamin C improves the liver function in eliminating excess estrogen and offers antioxidant protection for the entire body. High doses of vitamin C (1,000 mg – 3,000 mg daily) are recommended.

    Vitamin E plays an anti-aging role in slowing down the brain aging and offering some inhibition of hormone decline. It also serves as an antioxidant agent in reducing cardiovascular disease. Recommended doses of vitamin E are from 400 IU to 800 IU.

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    8.5 Special Recipes for Rejuvenation

    The following recipe can help a man to regain the sexual power in a short time, provided that he has suffered from poor nutrition, sexual impotence and exhaustion. To solve his sexual problem, I also recommend that he start to regulate the ejaculation frequency, and cleanse his blood and Chi circulation vessels in the genital area for a long term solution.

    Sample recipe: Dragon-Tiger Power

    Active Ingredients: Each capsule contains:

    * Deer Antler Powder…………….. 0.5 mg

    * Deer blood powder……………… 100 mg

    * Ox testicle………………………….. 50 mg

    * Pig testicle………………………….. 50 mg

    * Desiccated liver………………….. 100 mg

    * American ginseng……………….. 50 mg

    * Damiana…………………………….. 50 mg

    * Garlic oil……………………………. 50 mg

    * Sunflower seed oil………………. 50 mg

    * Wheat germ oil……………………. 100 mg

    * Soybean Phosphoilpids………… 100 mg

    * Bee pollen………………………….. 100 mg

    * Oyster shell powder……………… 50 mg

    * Lecithin……………………………… 50 mg

    * Ginger……………………………….. 1 mg

    * Lobster oil………………………….. 100 mg

    * Zinc chelated………………………. 25 mg

    This food supplement is also very useful for strengthening the bone or marrow, muscle and sex drive for both sexes because extracts of animal testicles can be easily converted by the endocrine glands to testosterone. Although this supplement was original formulated for men, it can also help women to tone their sexual muscle more effectively. Since the women’s testosterone level is about 1-20th of the men’s, a low dosage of this formula can also help aged women solve their heath problems such as osteoporosis, weak muscle, urine incontinency, and so on. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, animal testicles can smooth women’s skin as the man’s semen does. People usually notice that a virgin woman becomes more beautiful in few months after she gets married. Following the Taoism tradition, they consider that semen re-nourishes the woman’s body through intercourse. This implies that an optimal increment of testosterone can make women more beautiful and sexier.

    Noticeably, this supplement can be used for a burst charge of the sympathetical nervous system or for a slow charge of parasympathetic nervous system. A burst increase in testosterone, if this supplement is taken hours before having sex in an active or aware state of the body, will solely elevate the bioelectricity level of the sympathetic nervous system for both sexes. It is good for women because a high testosterone level in the sympathetic sex nerves can shorten the time for women to achieve orgasm. However, it is not friendly for a man if he does not know how to control his sexual response by the ChiKong breathing method. To obtain the best benefit from this herbal complex, a man should take an optimal dose before going to bed. This will allow his parasympathetic nervous system to get a proper charge when his body is in a rest state.

    My experiment on increasing testosterone

    I tested the Dragon-Tiger Power in 1992 when my low-back pain was in the worst condition. As I mentioned above, with this recipe, my body shifted my sexual drive to the highest gear at the expense of consuming too much DHEA secreted by the adrenal glands. This actually worsened my back pain. At that time, DHEA was not popular. I have continued to test this recipe with the morning and evening meals for one month. After that, I have continuously explored solutions for my back pain, including other herbal products and Pressure and Vacuum-Cupping Massages. Noticeably, I have never realized that I recharged the nervous systems at the wrong time, until I performed another experiment on a soy-complex formula in 1995-1996. Since then, I have successfully retested this product with a combination of DHEA, the soy-complex formula, and other tonic herbs such as Saint John’s Wort, Ginkgo Biloba, Saw Palmetto Berries and some of these herbs listed above. The conclusive formula has been extensively tested and verified for its capability of reversing male menopause or midlife crisis.

    I have also noticed that testosterone alone cannot completely solve the sexual problems such as weak erection and impotence. It is well-known that testosterone can instantly power the sex drive for both sexes and increase the intercourse frequency. The problem is: Testosterone can give the sympathetic sex nerves an instant recharge, but most sexual problems result from lack of the bioelectricity in the parasympathetic nervous system. That is, the parasympathetic nervous system has never gotten properly charged. To verify this hypothesis, I have used Methyltestosterone with 10 mg a day for a month. I have gotten the same conclusion: Testosterone can boost sex desire without a proper erection. Therefore, if you add testosterone to your body without properly charging the bioelectricity in your parasympathetic sexual nerves, you will end up in a great desire without the ability of engorging your sexual organ. This will be a very disappointed situation for anybody. What happens in your body is that the added testosterone gives the sympathetic nervous system a burst charge, but bypasses the parasympathetic nervous system. To properly charge the parasympathetic nervous system, it requires a rest condition that allows the parasympathetic nervous system to take control of the body function. This can be done when you sleep, nap or meditate. In other words, directly adding testosterone to the body may not increase the bioelectricity in the parasympathetic nervous system.

    The other factor that affects the testosterone replacement is that testosterone can be converted to estrogen. To prevent this conversion, it requires zinc and soy protein in the bloodstream and a powerful operation of the liver to produce a high, stabilized TE ratio. Only the herbal products containing sexual electrolytes, zinc and soy can prolong the half-life of testosterone and maintain a prolonged, high TE ratio in the bloodstream. If you take them before sleeping, napping and meditating, you will give the Autonomic Nervous System – both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems – a balancing charge. As a result, the herbal products will increase sex drive and response, driven by the sympathetic sexual nerves, and the duration of holding an erection or engorgement for the sex organs, controlled by the parasympathetic sexual nerves. This can also explain why several erections or a wet dream occurs in the early morning after a good sleep. Morning erections are the measure of the bioelectricity level in the parasympathetic sex nerves. A wet dream occurs when pressure noises in a fully-filled seminal vesicle generate bioelectric disturbances in the sympathetic sexual nerves that automatically bring the brain into a sexually orgasmic state. A man with a weak ejaculation threshold or a hyperactive prostate nerve will be more easily to experience a wet dream without a fully-filled seminal vesicle. A woman with a high level of sexual energy in the Epicenter will experience a wet dream, as well.

    Recipe for Women’s orgasm and men’s erection strength

    For a woman who experiences frigidity or difficulty in achieving orgasm, she should consider herbal products which include the following recipe, where the tested dosage of each item in each serve is listed in the following:

    * 1. St. John’s Wort (100 mg),

    * 2. Ginkgo biloba (100 mg),

    * 3. Dong Quai (150 mg),

    * 4. Schisandra (150 mg),

    * 5. Yohimbe (200 mg),

    * 6. Horny Goat Weed (250 mg),

    * 7. Ginseng (150 mg),

    * 8. Chinese Knotweed (200 mg),

    * 9. Licorice (100 mg), and

    * 10. Ho Shou Wu (150 mg).

    Two serves per day were prescribed for the testing. The averaged body weight was 120 pounds. The dosage may be varied for a different body weight and a different testosterone level in the bloodstream.

    This recipe will enhance spiritual vitality and sexual hormone production, increase sex drive, moisten the skin and vagina, and heat up the sex organs. It can also promote self-engorgement and self-lubrication of the female sex organs without stimulating. This is what we call the “heat” in the animal kingdom. The natural engorgement of the G-spot tissue will help women to achieve orgasm without stimulating the clitoris. In other words, this recipe will automatically open women’s energy gate for orgasm. It can save the exciting time for orgasm, up to 80%. The most effective approach to use this formula is to have it with meal in the regular base, with one serve in the dinner time.

    This recipe can increase men’s erection strength as well, if the dosage increases 50 – 100%. When a man takes this formula, his body should be in a rest state that promotes the parasympathetic nervous system to get recharged. For those who may experience heart racing due to the presence of Yohimbe, they should include Kava Kava in the supplement. An optimal dosage of Kava Kava can also improve male sexual performance.

    Improving blood and Chi circulations – a must

    Pain and numbness in the back, groins, thighs, shoulders, hands, legs or other parts are the symptom of blood congestion or blockage. Sexual dysfunctions can result from blood congestion or blockage in the central section of the body as described in Chapter 7. If you have the pain and numb problems, you must see your doctor first. Let your doctor inspect your components before performing do-it-yourself treatments. If there is no defected (deformed) component in your body, the problems likely result from the poor circulations of blood and Chi, or the deficiency of Chi or bioelectricity, as a result of blood congestion or blockage. Blood congestion will reduce the supply of oxygen, nutrition, DHEA, and other intermediate hormones to the sex organs for synthesizing testosterone, resulting in testosterone deficiency. In addition, deficiency of the blood supply to the sex organs, as a result of blood congestion, reduces the hydraulic pressure required for erecting or engorging the sex organs for a lovemaking couple.

    The problems induced by blood congestion and blockage must be resolved by the Pressure Massage or Vacuum-Cupping Massage, as described in Chapter 7. In fact, there is no other method capable of resolving these problems and even acupuncture becomes useless.

    The ultimate solutions for a loving couple

    A combination of herbal products with the massage methods as described before, may become necessary for those who experience the middle-aged problems associated with a weak DHEA secretion in the adrenal glands, deficiency of testosterone, or deficiency of the bioelectricity in the parasympathetic nervous system. Herbal products should give the aged battery a fully rejuvenating charge, by enhancing the functions of the internal organs involved in the production line of sexual hormones. These organs are the pituitary gland, the liver, the adrenal glands, the kidneys and the sex organs. The massage methods as described in Chapter 7 cannot only keep the bioelectric and hydraulic circuits clean and unclogged, but also promote secretion of hormones through the stimulation of acupuncture points and nervous terminals.

    Daily massage of the sex organs is also one of the direct solutions for sexual dysfunctions. It can resolve the blood congestion in the sex organs. Practicing of the sexual massage technique (or therapeutic intercourse) as described in Chapter 4 can extend the massage stimulation to the hidden spots deeply inside the sex organs, which is unreachable by hands or fingers. This will allow more nutrients, oxygen and hormones to feed the local cells and the sexual nerves. Therefore, the therapeutical intercourse can promote the secretion of testosterone without overloading internal organs. It gives the sexual nerves an instant charge. It also helps maintain the strength of sexual muscles and the ability of secreting lubrication for both sexes. Thus, the therapeutic intercourse without ejaculation and the daily massage of sex organs should be included for solving sexual problems.



    Dragon-Tiger power is the same formula as PeniSOS/Fibra



    Thanks Max. You should probably use quotation marks (“”) when posting something from a book though.

    I haven’t got the free time to read it all but from the first paragraph it seems like you need a good blood circulation, good diet and good endocrine system in order to recharge your nervous system. So if the endocrine system comes before the nervous, perhaps Tongkat ali 1:50 will help in that regard when used along side other supplements namely choline, 5-HTP, L-tyrosine, L-arginine etc. I will eventually put this to the test.



    Reading more of it…it looks like I’ve never heard this clearly from Dr.Lin before!


    Dr.Lin stated that when you empty your seminal vesicle, your Testosterone levels will not be normal again without an external jumpstart from herbs. Without sufficient Testosterone due to emptying seminal vessels over and over, the bioelectricity in the ANS won’t get recbarged! It never explained it like this at his site that I’m aware of in my seven years there.

    For those of you () with high Testosterone levels, I think you should probably look into free Testosterone levels, aromatase level (whcih has to do with the liver’s function) and other factors.




    Excellent stuff, I’m guessing this is out of his CD, wow, great stuff.

    If you got a fast internet connection, and don’t mind sharing what you payed for, you should upload a cd image to rapidshare.



    Dr.Lin stated that when you empty your seminal vesicle, your Testosterone levels will not be normal again without an external jumpstart from herbs. Without sufficient Testosterone due to emptying seminal vessels over and over, the bioelectricity in the ANS won’t get recbarged! It never explained it like this at his site that I’m aware of in my seven years there.

    For those of you () with high Testosterone levels, I think you should probably look into free Testosterone levels, aromatase level (whcih has to do with the liver’s function) and other factors.

    machine could you explain more with regard to the last subject. both my free and total test levels are very high. what in regard to aromatase where you pointing out to?

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