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    hello everyone. when i first learned i may have SE i learned it from dr lins site. i looked at the url and realized it was on his own site and felt he was trying to sell random herbs without real legitimacy. i never ordered though it crossed my mind.

    my question is this. of those people who have tried his supplements, did they work? what was your condition? what did you try? what was the effect? how long did it take? was a dependancy created (when stopped did you go back to original condition?) if you had a bad experience please post that as well.

    im curious as to whether his products really help.


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    Most people on this site won’t recommend dr lins products, they do work for some people but not for others. I have experimented with them briefly with the viagrowth 3 and 4 they are good when you first start taking them but you will quickly build a tolerance to them and they will loose their effectiveness. Maybe the reason I didn’t get the full benefit is because I didn’t order a whole Viapal combination from him. My body just wouldn’t agree with taking 6 pills a day like he recommends. What effect would that have on the liver and kidneys is the question to ask?



    Not all of his products works 100%on people … but you can take a look on the supplement fact sheet.

    Almost all of his products has Vitamin B complex

    Vit C

    And Vitamin A

    Gamma linoeic Acid

    Grapeseed extract.

    Evening promise oil

    He also asks you to take a lot of fish oils>>> 3 grams a day

    Amino acids specially L-arginine

    Ginkgo and ginseng…

    Lins recommends to take his supplements from 2-3 months . in case it didn’t give any clear improvement, take it for 6 consecutive months

    His products is quiet cheap in comparison of buying each content by it self [ Like the Old guy who takes around 25 product


    But the most important thing… the products that he offers are they totally pure and well manufactured??? or its manufactured just for commercial uses and made from un pure extracted herbs?

    This is the question I always ask..how do you know the manufacturer of supplement reputation?



    Exactly. Its probably full of cheap nasty crap. You are better off sourcing all of its contents from the foods we eat. Nothing beats a perfectly natural source.



    im going through his nutrition and everything has all of the same stuff in it…products for growth..rejuvination…different forms of enhancement…same laebel info…



    You can try his products but I think you will be disappointed. His 5-HTP, Pinealtonin, 4X Ginseng and maybe the VIP Cream is about all I would see worth buying from him. Neither Viagrowth 3 or 4 did much for me at all. At face value these products do look like they would be potent but the accuracy of the lot numbers and how long they were in storage at the factory before they were sent out is what I would be most concerned with.



    i agree. im not picking them up. more curious.



    I’ve had some success with them so far (Lin’s products). Lin has been very good about promptly ansering my questions. Customer service has been excellent. I don’t know who’s products Lin’s are being compared to, but from what I can see his products seem to be pretty good. I’d like to know what company’s products you’ve had better success with. Please let me know.

    By the way, your body will get used to just about anything if you keep taking it. Herbal products should often be cycled off for awhile. Stop taking them for a day or so every week or two. That’s what I’ve herad should be done for best results.



    the only somewhat okay product is dopafibra

    he also has a product i believe which is dopafibra and dhea together, so if you’re low on dhea this could be good

    i would spend my money on getting tested or seeing a doctor

    wasted a lot of money already on this crap




    I’m glad to see that somebody got an improvement with Lins products. Your case must not be all that severe.




    Yes Absoultely..you need to give your body a break and then consume it later on…

    I totally agree with you..



    Pimp… get tested by a doctor? Listen, every doctor I’ve ever been to could not tell me much of anything other than “Your T levels are fine… must not be anything wrong with with you” or “You look healthy to me… the probem is in your head”, or “No bacteria in your EPS, but here’s six weeks of Floxin anyway”. Now that was a waste of money!

    And Needz2feed, my case is quite severe. I’m over 50 and have had problems for years, about 28 years actually. Lin’s site is the only one that acurately described both the onset, developement, and my currect symptoms, as well as a general idea of what may happen as I take his products and advice. No “doctor” even had a clue, and I’ve been to many.

    I want to say something else about Lin and his products. I’ve not done a laboratory analysis of his products and have no clue how well made they really are. But his products are doing something for me. He’s recommended products to me he doesn’t even sell; where’s the profit motive for him in that? He’s been VERY quick about responding to all my questions, often responding in hours. What “doctor” will respond to inquiries without an office visit AT ALL, and even then usually with incomplete answers (or worse)?

    I’ve not healed up yet and am not to where I’d consider to be normal by any means. I’m on my third month of taking Lin’s products, and may take a little break, but I’ve little to no prostate pain for about six weeks now, and I’ve had prostate problems of unknown origin for almost three decades (28 years). I sometimes get night-time and morning erections now. Been years since that’s happened with any regularity. And it’s becoming more frequent. My excessive pre-cum discharges around any women I found remotely attractive have disappeared. No doctor could even tell me what caused that! My progress is slow, but progress appears to be happening. Will I ever be 100% back? I don’t know. Are Lin’s products the best out there? I have no clue. But I know this; somethings happening and the only thing I’ve done differently is take his products and advice. I still have a long way to go. I’m interested to say the least to see how this will progress for me.

    I have found nothing better in 28 years of seaching. What products, what doctors can anyone recommend to me? If there are no specifics, I’ll stick with Lin and see what happens.

    My purpose in writing all this is not to promote Lin’s products or disparage anyone else’s opinions, but only to tell my story to perhaps give a little hope and help to others out there. I just wish I had had some of that myself the last nearly three decades. I missed a lot in life because I had no one to turn to. No doctor could help. So I wish you guys the best of luck and success. Hopefully I’ll have the same!




    Can you list which specific products that he advised you? I may reconsider since you are quite a bit older than me and are seeing a difference. I realize now that I didn’t take the products for long enough of duration to get the full benefit.



    Dr Lin makes some good points, but some of the information is not up to date and completely out there. He is using it as a market ploy to get you to buy his products. Personally with patients that i have run into using his products have made them much worse off. Do not be fooled by false hope and people that pry off ones suffering.

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