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    dr.lin said those who do not notice a diference while taking his products, those are the 10% of people who can probably not heal naturally.

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    I don’t believe it is only 10% for a minute. I take everything he says with a grain of salt…..especially when he is talking about his products.

    I wasn’t healing on his products….tried other natural products and I healed for about 4 months (Of course I fucked it up with porn again).



    yeah, i dont agree with it since i was nearly healed but now for some reason im back to stage 1, i dont know, its so confusing



    those of you that used his products, how long did you guys use them for?



    Do you guys think the supplements wear off after awhile, especially if one starts masturbating again? I masturbated again(quite a few times unfortunately) and I was just wondering since I started taking the supp that I was talking about 2.5 weeks ago and I heard that they dont start taking affect until about 3-4 weeks from taking them, will the masturbating I did mess with the supplements effect?



    It is pretty safe to say that if you continue masturbate frequently, you won’t heal, no matter what supplements or anything else you do. You’ve can’t keep putting yourself in fight or flight and otherwise beating your tired organs. You’ve got to give them time to heal.I’m saying if I stop masturbating now…even tho I just did all that masturbating, does that put me back to square one or just a small set back? It’s my new years resolution: to give up porn and masturbating to porn. I believe my biggest problem is porn. I get spontaneous erections at weird times like before I go to sleep. I dont wake up with them but I sometimes get them after I wake up.



    Max, do this. Give your Dr.Lin products to a healthy control to take. The question is, will he get a sexual boost? I have done this and my finding is that they are not the hype Dr.Lin claimed them to be although it was only like three individuals so more testing is needed. One did reported feeling a warmness after 30 mins on both occasions he tested them but that’s about it. Another one said they did nothing.



    All the reps over at herballove say that it says months for them to start to get the full affect of the herbs, whether you are taking their products or individual herbs.



    Dr.Lin claims it only take days/weeks to notice something. I gave one guy 30 tablets of Dopafibra/ Moodmax/Via-growth II



    i noticed no less stress from taking moodmax

    dopafibra after about half a week to a week i got a returned morning erection and more urge to masturbate



    The reason why you wanna masturbate more is because thats what you associated with pleasure when you’re horny. You have to retrain your brain to associate women with pleasure(sex) rather than porn(masturbating).



    and the point(that I forgot to mention) is that Dr. Linn’s products do work then…maybe not all of them.

    How do we retrain our brains to associate women with pleasure rather than porn and our hands? This is my biggest problem. It seems like much more of a mental thing that a physical thing.



    As I said in my PM, the psychological factor is probably small if any at all. porn just stimulating your system to try to produce an erection from the remaining resources in your body. The objective is to rebuild those resources.



    and the point(that I forgot to mention) is that Dr. Linn’s products do work then…maybe not all of them.

    How do we retrain our brains to associate women with pleasure rather than porn and our hands? This is my biggest problem. It seems like much more of a mental thing that a physical thing.

    One reason is that porn is a bigger stimulus. When you exhausted, it takes more stimulus to get an erection.

    Plus, when your erections are weak, you are likely to worry about it with a girl, which causes some performance anxiety. Anxiety => Stress. If you are under stress, your blood does not go to your penis, since it is directed to your arms & legs so you can run or fight. Even someone without sexual exhaustion will not get an erection if they are under stress or worried.



    I think alot of my problem is psychological. Your brain is gonna is going to react to things it sees as appealing. It’s not even just about the porn. Say you’ve had the luxury to only have sex with big breasted, models. All of a sudden you are forced to only have sex with ugly, or atleast averge looking women. You’re not gonna find them as attractive, and they arent gonna turn you on. Thats what porn does, because its easier, it makes it much worse. With porn you can view any type of woman you want, allowing your fantasies to come true. There arent gonna be women in real life with these perfections that your fantasy woman has, thats why she is a fantasy. So when you encounter a real girl, you’re not gonna react to her as you would the women you’re used to masturbating to. And also with masturbating too much. I’m sure everyone has their own way in doing it. No girl is gonna be able to reproduce that feeling. Thats just my opinion, and others aswell.



    Ravens, see Frank’s post. Frank posted exactly what I’m trying to tell you. If you insist that this is a psychological problem then go see one of those so-call mental health experts for treatment and report back to us about the results please.

    I’m a straight up, no bull type of guy.

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