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    Hey everyone. I was wondering what your guy’s take is on Dr. Mariano? This question is for those who have seen him, and those who have heard anything about him. Ive seen him and he can be a hit and miss at times.

    I also got the chance to speak with Dr Blumenthal in LA. He has a detailed neurotransmitter test that looks at immense detail.

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    Gurjas welcome back man. Nice to see you again! I was wondering what happened to you.

    How have you been doing? Is your thyroid ok now?

    I met Dr. Mariano. You can find all the details in my thread in Case Log section.



    mariano is legit you just need to learn how to deal with him and communicate in a way to get what you need



    If your under 21, forget about it. He for some reason thinks that hormones can be fixed by fixing neurotransmitters



    hey hc, ive been ok been really busy. dont get to much time on forums anymore.

    I was just curious as to what people thought of Dr. M. In my opinion TRT is the last piece of the puzzle. If your exhausted and you go TRT you mostly will see minor to no change.

    Ive seen Dr M several times and he has the right ideas and the knowledge but not always the proper and full execution. He is excellent when it comes to replacement and what one calls “normal aging” to the body.

    Everyones situation is different. I went from complete impotence to being able to have sex daily if i wanted. I felt like I had some testicular shrinkage at times but that fixed itself with more animal protein/fats.

    Healing starts at the gut/intestines. You have to see if you are absorbing nutrients properly. Also how your liver is…phase 1 and 2 detoxification. Without this in check you can not build. Also various other metabolic pathways must be looked it. The whole body must be looked at and rebalanced so it can be in a healing state. Once that is done then one must look at hormones. Looking at replacement is AFTER proper nutrients are restored with proper time.

    Stressing your body like this will cause neuro imbalances and metabolic issues.

    For me i have Candida overgrowth causing me malabsoprtion..inflammation of the gut/intestines. My body can not take in properly what im eating. so 50-70 of my amino acids and low. Also fats are low. And of course these are hormone building ingredients. (Tested via Nutra-Eval).

    These are things Dr. M will never look at. In my visits with him I find he has amazing knowledge but he is not a healer or fixer he is a replacer which is the last thing needed for someone who is sexually exhausted, at first.

    I am not attempting to discourage anyone from seeing him…like Max says go with him for 6 months see how you do. One individuals situation is not the nexts. If one goes on TRT and is not “fixed” then there are other issues.

    My situation currently can not be addressed by Dr M at this time. If I ever for sure need TRT…then I have his #.

    Those who are in a weak state or just exhausted them selves recently and have no sypmtoms of atrophy, no digestion issues, no fatigue will most likely be fine. Cut out the crap food, eat clean meats, veggies, fruits, no artificial sugar, and no alcohol and you will be fine in 6-12 months.

    This issue is a lifestyle issue. You need to look at what you are missing or not doing in your life to get yourself in this state. And you must change it forever.

    Wish everyone the best.



    Welcome back Gurjas

    liked your last reply..i think its more of a logic to dig deep into the cause of our problem rather than fetching for a quick fix..etc

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