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    It seems like there are a few of us here trying out Dr. Richards protocol, or similar. I figure make a log for anyone trying out his protocol, listing what you are taking, and if it has helped you at all. Iv been trying for about a week now and feel it has helped me the most out of anything iv tried. Right now i am current taking

    Now ADAM Male Multi 2x in AM, 2x in the Afternoon

    Now Amino Complete 2x in AM 2x in the Afternoon

    Source Natural Amino Mass 2x in AM 2x in the Afternoon 2x Before bed

    Milk Thistle 2x in AM 2x in the Afternoon

    Cognitive Picamilon 2x Before Bed

    5htp 1x Before Bed

    B6 300 mgs Before Bed

    Zince 50mgs Before Bed

    Magnesium 500mgs Before Bed

    Cod Liver Oil 4 capsules in the afternoon

    Here is my story from Dr. Richards site. http://cure-erectile-dysfunction.org/sexual-dysfunction-caused-depression-anti-depressants/368

    So far im about a week or so into this, will update as the days go on, feel free to post your experience soo far!

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    for a week so far on Dr. Richards protocol have you any improvements. I also see you follow the dosage of that the bottles reccomend. I might go with that method as well.



    ya u follow the dosage on the bottles does it seem to make a differnece?



    Im not sure if it makes a huge difference, i know i dont feel too good when im downing like 50 pills a day, just doesnt seem to healthy. Iv been taking the 5htp for about 2 weeks and i think i should take a break from it, iv been feeling pretty moody and irritated lately, i think its lowering my dopamine. I wake up with morning wood just about everyday, the thing is that its not super strong or anything like it use to be, i do still have that horny feeling in the morning tho. Iv still been able to have sex, pretty good sex actually, but when i do, i try not to ejaculate, but every now and then i do. Sometimes i will have PE and sometimes i will last forever, its pretty inconsitent. Right now im just trying to get my energy up. I was doing good for a while, but i think the 5htp and picomilion is starting to drive my dopamine down. All my symptoms are listed on the link..



    Im going to take the weekends off of most of these supps, except maybe the milk thistle. I feel my body needs a few days to chill..



    let us k now how it all goes!!!

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