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    after i was adviced on this forum to ask dr Richards about my problem, he answered to me and i think he very clearly diagnosed my problem (which has nothing to do with S.E as for me, as you know i have a fisical damage at base of penis).

    Concerning diagnose he seems to be very clever and to have lots of knowledge. The fact is then he suggests his products to heal me, and i read that he suggests always the same products in about all cases. I think it’s strange to suggest the same products (sold expensive moreover) for someone who have S.E, or someone who have a suspensory ligament damage or fibrosis in example.

    Have anyone already tried his products? Is he like Dr Lin or some persons like that? (dr Lin products basically dont work)?

    Thank you to share if anyone knows about him and his products.

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    It seems to me that both works on increasing the blood flow to your penis

    these herbs and minerals help to

    pump your testosterone

    Increase the blood flow

    increase the blood pressure

    a consistent erection that appears to you daily may help you to remove the damage/dead cell from your penis…

    Post the Product for more comments Anthony..




    Yes i think it works by bringing more blood flow to the penis but i dont see how a so severe damage like mine would repair by only bringing some blood flow to the penis.

    Also, i agree that a consistent erection that happens daily would help to remove damaged area and cells of my penis but precisely i have the feeling that when it ‘erects’ (so about never as my left base is broken), it stretches too much on the torn corpus spongium and suspensory ligament at left base, which are damaged.

    To tell you dr Richards’ diagnose, he tells me -but it’s right, i’m sure of it- that when i had my penile injury, i torn corpus spongium and suspensory ligament at left base, so then when it scared it fibrosed, and now left base looks totally twisted/with a torsion. It is shorter than right side. So, the very rare times when i can ‘react’ a little when i’m lying on my back, my penis falls on my belly and if i stand up i directly lose ‘erection’, as there is no suport at left base, creating a sort of venous leakage. Also, as left base is shorter, it makes a retraction on right side which is longer, so it creates a bend on right side (but so with no fibrosis at the area of the bend, not a classical peyronie disease). To conclude, base is very inervated and scarring there probably ‘takes’ some nerve endings (+ restriction of blood flow) so i have no sensations and coldness of penis.

    So knowing that -which is exactly what i have and have always felt (and no french urologist was able to tell me that….), then he suggests these products:

    Male-Multi, A-Amino, AM-HGH, and Ultra-Purified-FishOil

    I already knew fish oil, then the other ones are full of diffrent stuff (lots of amino acids for a amino in example, etc etc). I think the goal is to bring lots of blood flow in order to break scarring and then ligament and damaged corpus spongium heal by themselves, and to make nerve endings ‘free’.

    He tells me he saw similar conditions improve a lot thanks to his products….

    The problem is, he advices these same products for every problem (S.E., damaged nerve, damaged corpus cavernosa, damaged ligament, peyronie, etc etc etc) which sounds strange to me especially that these products are expensive, as you could guess, and that it takes about 6-8 monthes to work according to what he says.

    So , as he sounds really competent at diagnose and well know the problem , i was asking myself if then his products were really helping, or if it was some crap like dr lin’s stuff…. Coz if it doesnt work, it means i will have lost lots of money for nothing (as it’s 6 to 8 monthes to work….). And i have few money now, already spent a lot in my problem…. So, if it”s in order to be healed , it’s ok, but if it”s for nothing, i cannot….



    LOL, I just realized I confused Dr. Richards with the Dr. Richard Schulze I talked about earlier. Because he is a Natural/Herbal Healer (but the only one I would recommend, because that dude is legit) I was suprised that he would recommend you Vitamines and stuff.

    So, who exactly is this Dr. Richards? Sounds like a copy of Dr. Lin, trying to give himself a more professional look, but I share your doubt about Vitamines and Fishoil repairing a structural damage.

    Isn’t there someone in the world specialized in surgery in cases of atypical penile fractures? Man, there must be some real doctor that can help. Someone, similar to the doctors Max always refers to, who do their own research in the area of complexe hormonal disorders, who did his own research in complicated penile injuries.



    One of the mani problem you have done to your self is not dealing with the problem at the first

    the period between the crack and today made your penis to be bent, soft, and thin from one side

    from my point of view you can buy alternative Multivitamin , antioxident and amino acids rather than Richard products

    But you have to take a shot and buy his product that enhance the blood flow

    keep us informed



    Someone provide a link to this Dr. Richards site please.



    To ,

    aparently, what makes the penis to bend is that my left side is shorter (because of bad scarring of corpus spongium and suspensory ligament at left base) than right side of penis, so the very rare times when i can still erect a little, the left side creates a ‘retraction’ (with no maintenance moreover) and so right side is bending.

    But , since all this time , yes probably this side is also thin, weak , soft, and i have to find a way to ‘restaure” it, if it’s possible…

    I think i will try some prodcuts from Dr Richards, hoping is not a fake like dr lin… His diagnoses seem to be very good, but then i dont know for the products…

    To Alpha:

    Yes you confused dr richards and dr shculze in the msg you had sent me. I didnt speak to dr schulze. I dont think his products can work for my problem (he’s not specialized in penile problems) exept maybe deep tissue oil which can help to repair deep tissues and ligaments (so maybe the ones from penis?)

    I dont know who is exactly this dr richards, maybe a copy of lin, maybe a real one, i just think he has good knowledge about the problem.

    No doctor can help for non typical penile fracture/ scarring of ligament etc… It’s too late now, nothing can be done in surgery or whatever… Just hope i will find natural way to fix it , maybe by bringing blood flow, massaging to disolve scar etc… Dr Richards says if scarring is dissolved at base, then blood flow can more come and repair area…. Maybe, maybe not, i dont know??



    Regarding his products:

    His multivitamin –> is like any other good multi-vitamins. You can try his, but I’m sure it’s no different then some other brands.

    His A-Amino –> Don’t get this. Its just 20 amino acids that he sells in in a very small amount that can be are found in food. Just eat healthy with lots of protein sources and you don’t need this at all.

    His Fish-oil –> just like any other fish oil. You can get it anywhere.

    His 5-htp –> I can’t comment on this since I haven’t tried. But from what I’veI understand, 5-htp doesn’t help a lot of people. Perhaps it would be effective if our serotonins were low, but I doubt that’s the case, otherwise we’d feel symptoms of depression. Try it out if you want, let us know how it worked.

    His GABA –> Again haven’t tried it so I wouldn’t know. I think this one could actually be effective though for some people. Increased GABA will help reduce dopamine to norepinephrine conversion, which will help raise dopamine levels, which should help reduce prolactin. It may be effective for people with my problem, but I don’t know if it’ll help with your problem, . I also read that GABA helps people sleep better and calms stress.

    His L’Arginine – Just like any other L’arginine found anywhere. You don’t have to buy it from his website, unless you want to.

    His SR Cream – Don’t know anything about this so I can’t comment.



    Frecnhiman, i agree with your opinion.

    What frightens me more is, is there really any suplement that can really help with tissue and suspensory ligament damange? I’m not sure…

    In order to deal with S.E., or hormonal problems yes, but in organical damage, i doubt in fact…



    You could try asking Richards that questions.

    You should also go talk to doctors and urologists in your area and ask what can be done, now that you know where your problem lies.

    If anything, I’m sure a surgery can be done for the ligament.



    I have asked him the question but i didnt get any answer, so i supose i was right these natural products cant repair something organical like it, even if i do believe that some plants have real power, i’m working with a traditional chinese doctor who is trying to solve the problem and works with plants to. To be honest it doesnt really work, but when i had little improvements in the past (before i was re damaged), i think it was thanks to that.

    Dr Richards himself told me there was a surgery for ligament (i already knew it anyway) but, according to what he says, lots of men who have it still have the symptoms after, as if it’s possible to fix the ligament to pubis again and reinforce it, it doesnt clear the original scarring, and can also recude penile lenght (as i already lost quuite a lot, i prefer avoiding that).

    Anyway, i will re ask to doctors where i live.

    I’m looking and searching a lot and still have hope to find some natural stuff that could help. I know gotu kola helps with internal tissues in example. I am trying it at the moment. Silica too and i’m trying it too. If you find anything else, please let me know. Thanks.

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