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    Well I plan on introducing him to the forum in my letter I send along with my labs. (I should have my paper copy of the lab from Labsafe in the next week or so) Even he might need some convincing. So I plan on layout the symptoms described in TCM, the symptoms described by Dr.Lin, the symptoms described in the book from 1900 that I have “Sexual Neurathenia” showing that Western medicine used to understand this problem, the symptoms experienced by myself and other on this forum and basically point out that the symptoms all match….and so does the reason.

    I will be giving him copies of pages from my “Sexual Neurathenia”, some print outs from TCM sites, Dr. Lin’s site and some posts from the this forum. Then he can read for himself that the symptoms are the same.

    Because he is a holistic practitioner, I think he will understand how the whole body can be affected. I know from my labs that adrenal fatigue is a big part of it, but likely no the only part.

    Multiple sources with the same symptoms and the same reason. My hope is that he will make the connection. If someone takes the time to actually






    what are some of the articles your going to show?

    i wouldnt mind showing Shippen some of these..




    1. Some pages from my book “Sexual Neurasthenia”. Just to show the symptoms the 19th century Neurologist George M. Beard observed.

    2. Possibly this site, which prescribes Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs.


    3. Some pages from Dr. Lin’s site (with the note that some of his theories on why the symptoms occur, although the list of symptoms are exact.)

    4. Some print outs from this forum showing the range of symptoms.

    5. A list of my own symptoms.

    6. Possibly print outs from some homeopathic remedies which lists the same symptoms

    I can scan some pages from my book and upload to Rapidshare. I’ll let you know when I have them uploaded. I’m pretty sure the copy write expired since the book is 107 years old.

    The idea is to show that the symptoms are all the same. It’s not something that Dr.Lin talked us into and is now in our heads. It has been part of TCM for thousands of years and was recognized in the past by western medicine. Identical symptoms …identical reason.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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