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    Anybody trying to recover should be on a raw milk diet(straight from cows who live healthy lives). Unfortunately I only manage to get to a supplier once every week and the milk becomes outdated in 5 days.

    For the remainder of the week do you think it is best to just drink pasterized milk or would it be a good idea to drink excessive water?

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    Why would you drink excessive water.

    Drink when thirsty, eat when hungry. You can not go wrong this way.



    good advice from yinyang

    word of advice: regular usage of water for people is low

    dehydration is bad

    why the emphasis on water? because if people feel thirsty nowadays they grab a soda earlier than water.. because the temporary sugar rush gives them a high

    be careful if you have adrenal fatigue with water

    the sodium retention is already low, and most af patients are dehydrated

    adding more water without salt will further dilute sodium and distort the balance of sodium/potassium

    a good idea for water:

    at work carry a small bottle of water and drink out of it when needed (cut down on the coffee/sodas) just keep filling it up during the day



    Ok not excessive water. I meant whenever were thirsty, should we only drink water rather then soda drinks or processed milk.



    Yiyang, you said eat when hungry.

    Thats fine but with things like natural fruits and vegetables shouldn’t we try to eat a lot so that I bodies keep processing them. As I understand it by always having enough food in our system were providing the materials required for our body to rebuild itself. So surely we should always be stocked up by eating a lot?



    thats my recommendation indeed

    instead of a cup of coffee, you will take a glass of water

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