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    I have been masturbating since I was 12.Now I am 20 years old.

    Between 12 and 17 I have masturbated average 2 or 3 times a day.I was lucky at these years because I had no internet porn access.After I entered college I got a private dorm room and laptop then I became addicted to internet porn.

    Between 17 and 20 (I am near 21 now)I have spent average 2 hours a day masturbating to porn even when my penis was semihard and could just produce precum.This happened as a compulsive masturbation addiction I spent near all my free time at school except studying to watching porn and masturbating.

    I quitted for last 3 weeks.

    My symptoms are:

    1-Excessive tiredness

    2-Mood swings

    3-Prostatitis(Passes if I abstain for more than 7 or 8 days)

    4-Weak erections(In fact I do not remember the last time I had morning erection and the only semistrong spontaneous erection I had was 6 months ago)

    5-I tried intercourse three times in my life succeeded in first 2 but failed at last one,could not have an erection I believe due to overmasturbating

    6-I do not find energy for much exercise

    7-Although I abstain and eat a protein rich diet I am still very tired.

    8-Can’t sleep well at night.Sleep disorder close to insomnia.

    9-No pleasure from sex anymore

    10-Weaker erection when masturbating

    I think my key solution will be abstince for 3 or 4 months and if possible quiting masturbating.I will also have good nutriton to care for me.

    I will try my best to heal myself in following 3 or 4 years for preparing myself for marriage.I think the key for most youth impotence cases is abstince for long terms.

    I welcome forum participants suggestions.If I manage to heal myself than that will mean it is possible recovering even from severe se cases like mine.I hope we all have chance since most of us are still young and healthy in other aspects except hormonal imbalance caused by this addiction.

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    How did you stop masturbating / quit porn addiction? My story is similar to yours but I’m having trouble quitting, I think if I could accomplish that I’d be on the road to recovery myself.

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