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    Thurs Day 10) Poor morn wood. No Jerk. Seems like ever since I passed the one week mark I havent woke up with a single morning erection. strange…

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    Fri Day 11) Great morn wood, No Jerk.

    July marks the beginning of my forth month of no jerking/porn. Very proud of myself



    Sat Day 12) poor/no Morn wood, No Jerk. While laying in bed in the morning, I go a raging hard on from thoughts alone and it maintained itself for a long time. Very good I think. Also while fooling around with the gf I notice more erection activity (without myself being manually stimulated), which might mean that my arousal is returning to normal somewhat.

    Also started supplementing 2 days ago with a twice a day multivitamin, Vit C, Bee pollen, Arginine, Lysine, Garlic, Ginko, Borage and Fish oil



    Sun day 13) No Jerk woke up with decent morn wood. My Morn wood is requiring less stimulation to stay erect, which is good. When Im fooling around with my gf, Im noticing that my cock is stirring around more and even getting erect without being stimulated. This is also good, used to never get erect without manual stimulation



    Day 14 Mon) No Jerk was woken up twice with decent morn wood.

    30min jacuzzi



    Day 15 Tues) No Morn wood, No Jerk. This marks the longest I have ever abstained from sexual activity over my lifetime. 2 more weeks to go.

    1 hr massage



    Day 16 wed) No morn wood, No Jerk. I thought that I had an urge today to masturbate/ejacuate. First time thats happened for a long time by myself. I guess thats a good thing.

    Weird that ever since I stopped ejaculated past the one week mark, Ive only had morn wood twice vs every single day. Maybe if you dont use it, you lose it…

    I went to see the director of the sexual health clinic and discussed my situation. I described my symptoms, obviously nothing like sexual exhaustion was menioned by her, but she did touch on some interesting points. She thought that pretty much everything was in my head, and that the years and masturbating and porn conditioned me to a certain response. She also mentioned neuroplasticity which I was impressed with. And that pretty much coincided with Dr. Richards’ definition of the term. She thinks that bc of the porn/excessive masturbation, I cannot get aroused by the situation, which is why I cannot maintain/acheive erections without manual stimulation, bc I dont have enough arousal to support it. I kind of thought this as well, bc I know for a fact that my arousal is much lower than it should be. She told me it will just take time. In the meanwhile, I had her book me a doppler appt just to rule out venous leak. I will get this in a couple months. I think it will be very benefiial for me to have a dr tell me “your penis is fine, your problem is mental”. As a test she has put me on a low dose of cialis to take every day (5mg) to see if I am able to get aroused easier in everyday situations. She told me she had similar cases come back with this treatment to “normal”, So I will try it. It consists of taking a low dose everyday so it is constantly in your system. I will take it for 6 weeks. The last thing I want to do is look to these drugs for help, but I want to try it bc she claimed it worked for others with similar issues. I am going to continue with my purposed abstinice for the rest of the 4 week period, which is two more weeks. he effects of the cialis she said will hit my system in 2 weeks anyway so it will be perfect. I have another appt with a straight psychaitrist out of the sexual medicine ward who will examine the mental side only this coming monday. I will post the details of that appt as well.

    5mg cialis treatment started, effects: None

    30min Jacuzzi



    Very interesting man..keep it going! You taking any other supps ? I also find if i abstain a long time, my morning erections start to diminish a little bit. But if i ejaculate, i usually always wake up with the morning wood..very confusing!



    yeah Im taking a extensive twice a day multi, bee pollen/propolis/royal jelly, garlic, Ginko, Vit C, An amino suppliment, ARginine, Lysine, fish oil, and Borage oil. these are all just temporary tho im using until they run out. Im skeptical of the long term effects of these. Apart from the multi/vit C/Fish oil.

    Im surprised borage oil doesnt get much play on this forum. It is a natural form of prostglandin among other benefits. check it out…


    one of the vets is prob going to tell me its the wrong prostglandin now or something…



    Haha probably..i see almost everything here being contradicted in some way. You should try some high dose Vitamin D. http://store.agoodvitamin.com/birebiod1oz.html . What amino supp are you taking ? I am thinking of trying Dr. Richards A-Amino and Multi but wanna hear what some people think who have tried his stuff.



    In my opinion… Dont buy any amino suppliment. they are just aminos your body extracts from food or creates itself. Not worth it. the avg human gets 8 grams of arginine a day from food. I get enough D from my multi.

    The bodybuilders usually take 8-10 grams a day to see a serious effect, but maybe blood flow to the penis is different doesnt require as much. I dont see Arginine alone taking 3 extra grams a day really making a difference as long as you have an optimal diet. I saw a interesting study that arginine when coupled with pine bark extract (Pycnogenal?) had a viagra like effect



    Day 17 Thurs) Woke up 3 times with rock hard non-fading morn wood. No Jerk

    To add to what I posted yesterday, the Dr said that I had an inhibition blocking the signals from my brain to my penis (thro my spinal cord) that was preventing the “maintain erection” signal as a result of low arousal to the situation. and that without manual stimulation, my mental arousal was not enough to maintain the erection. lack of arousal being a result of the conditioning/neuroplasticity of heavy porn/masturbation

    day 2 cialis effects: Rock hard morn wood

    30min JAcuzzi



    To add the Dr also estimated about 7 months to a year to return to normal to overwrite the conditioning and neuroplasticity



    Day 18 Fri) Woke up with Crazy hard morn wood again. Guess the cialis alrdy kicked in… No Jerk

    Effects of 3rd day Cialis treatment: Rock hard morn wood, when aroused in everyday situations (once yesterday, happens rarely, but more often then before cutting out porn/jerking ect) penis gets semi hard or harder compared to before where it may just stirring around

    30min JAcuzzi




    Saw the GF on Fri night/ Sat morn, the cialis boners were too good to ignore and I had sex. The good part is that this is the first time I’ve been able to maintain an erection long enough for proper sex in my 22 yrs of life. bad part is I came 5 times…………

    I felt that the cialis made my dick respond as I feel it should. LIke I got hard from kissing, touching her body, ect ect Did not need manual to get hard.

    Obv I understand all this is from the pills, but I have taken viagra/Levitra/Cialis before and they did not work at all with the maintain erection problem, so this must mean that I am getting a little better with my arousal signals. I also did not force any of the erections I had, as in they came mentally

    At this point I do not know what I will do. I may start over and abstain for another 2 weeks to try and wipe the slate clean, Or if I can still get decent boners I;ll wait a week and just try to have sex a couple times a week. Either case I’ll record everything as before



    Ok going to abstain for 2 weeks, Stop cialis once a day treatment for now and start up again near end of this abstinince. when starting up again going to use 2.5mg a day instead of 5 bc 5 worked too well.

    Mon day 1) No Jerk, decent Morn wood.

    30min JAcuzzi



    Tues Day 1) No Jerk, Good morn wood

    30min Jacuzzi

    1 hr massage



    Wed day 2) No Jerk poor morn wood

    Was able to acheive 2 full boners today with mental stimulation alone. Very good.

    30min jacuzzi



    forgot to add a week ago when I had sex for the first time (proper sex). I came from sex 3 times and from her stimulation twice (which I will never do again when sex is available)

    Normally if I were to mastubate 5 times or have my gf stimulate me 5 times, i’d be really tired and I would feel like my system was taxed. But after this time the feelings were different. I didnt feel tired or that I needed time for my system to rest. sex did not tax me as much as a HJ/BJ orgasm.

    sex = good



    Day 3 thurs) No Jerk Good morn wood. Started Cialis treatment again. not going to wait 2 weeks I dont feel like there is any point. Maybe going to wait until saturday.

    30min jacuzzi




    i used to have a similar problem to you even a couple weeks ago were my erections were weak and it was extremely hard to transistion to sex from foreplay etc etc. Iv seen people telling you thats its your parasympathetic nervous system is fucked up and iv got the same problem. Bascially what it comes down to is our body is over producing adrenaline through the dopamine-ephinephrine conversion hence making our bodies very sympathetic. Anyway the last couple weeks iv been taking 100 mg 5htp and 100 mg picamilion(GABA supplement that actually crosses the blood brain barrier) and my nighttime and morning erections have returned and are extremely hard and powerful. I cant guarentee that we have the same problem in our body but def give it a shoot i wouldnt be surprized if it worked. give it a couple days ofcourse dont expect instant results. If you want check out my other posts i go into a alot of detail about what iv found and how its been working. good luck.



    thx bro. But my nightimes and mornings got really good before I started Cialis. my Issue is more of an arousal problem, All mental to be cured by reconditioning the brain over time. In the beggining, I couldnt even acheive an erection when a girl was stimulating me directly, now I can penetrate (before I started cialis treatment)

    I dont know if I trust messing with neuro lvl’s with a supplement, Im pretty sure its just as likely to mess you up as help you. plus herbs are strictly short term too so healing isnt really occuring. But thanks I may try as a last resort down the road.




    nothing new, great morn wood resulting from cialis treatment, some erections from thought resulting from cilis treatment ect ect.

    No jerking.



    Also saw the sexual medicine expert. After I told her the success I had with the cialis treatment it seemed like she felt that it was no longer nessecary that we keep talking. So this is a good sign I guess. I have a follow up on Aug 25.

    Cancelled the doppler bc I clearly do not have a veneous leak and do not want to stick a needle in my cock for nothing



    things are the same, morn wood, able to raise erections with thoughts, having good sex. All from the cialis treatment



    I am very happy to hear something is working for you. My only problem is, can Cialis harm someone over time. I guess I should Google this question.

    I tried this for a few days and it did not work, I guess i will call my doc and ask him for a 4 week supply. Will have to find a woman , cause I will end up masturbating if i get hard on’s all the time. Too many how ladies in Houston and the social group i hang with.

    Kinda like testosterone, if you take test. replacements too long, your body stops producing it and you are dead in the water.

    Your thoughts.

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