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    Last week just about every day I woke up with an erection. I havent had one of those in since last week. The testicle pain is gone tho, I think my testicle funtion slowed down, as Time said that was what was going on. I planned on going two months without ejaculations(2 more weeks) but was wondering when I’m supposed to know when I’m supposed to. Should I wait the remaining two weeks? Once I ejaculate should I do the once every 2 weeks thing or should I just do it no more than twice a week?

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    If you got a spontaneous erection everyday for a week your probably ok to ejaculate, just wait until you recieve another spontaneous erection then wait 2-3 days then ejaculate again



    Max Ok so once I ejaculate wait 2-3 at the least to ejaculate? That would pretty much be no more than twice a week.



    no; If you would recieve a morning erection today, u could ejaculate. If you recieve another spontaneous erection 1 week from now, then wait 2-3 after you get the spontaneous erection.



    since your exhausted, i dont think you can ever really go back to ejaculating more than 1x/week.



    Max Oh ok. Well since I my last morning erection/spontaneous erection was over a week ago I guess I can ejaculate whenever I want right now then. Would waiting 2 more weeks(to make it 2 months) do any harm?



    nah u should be fine

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