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    Hey guys…I’m trying to formulate a plan as to how to approach this dilemna. Certainly a full slate of testing is in order and is going to be an initial step, but I’m going to need a physician to work with. I’ve been reading but have only noticed guys talking about Doctors Mariano and Blumfield who are both in California. Can anyone recommend someone on the Northeast coast?

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    Dr. crisler the man, from what i understand. [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Here’s his forum:- [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Dr. Shippen

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    I’ve read that dr. Shippen like’s to use this chart:-

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    (to zoom in on that link just hold ctrl and press + on your keyboard)






    Dr. Michael overbeck.

    I talked to jim a few times and we had some really interesting conversations. It was funny he got caught up on some name of enzymes and I was like “transcobalamine II” He was like Yeah that one. He is a really cook guy. Jim gave me permission to be able to run the testing he does. I have a few people getting ready to run it. I looked at it and its very comprehensive. Actually its a little more detailed then the nutra eval. I plan on using it in autistic kids in the very near future because its just a urine test no blood needed. I told Dr Blu that it matches up with other test simlar by >90% accuracy. For any one doubting my knowledge, Dr Blu will verify them.



    Thank you guys.


    Who is this “Jim” dude you are talking about? Also, are you someone who has sufffered from this situation and is parlaying it into becoming some type of health practicioner? You seem to know a lot about it as do several of the guy around here. I agree with your point in another thread about finding someone you trust and going with him..I think forums like these are extremely helpful but people need to balance all their research with sound advice from trained medical professionals.




    I apologize last.two.threads were blumentha i commented on . It was also.late and.been.drinking some wine and.sucking paint fumes.all.day. Had a few.guys.who.went.to see.Mariano came back a year later told.me.i was right all.along. I encourage people to explore other options, but it just might cost you a few grand in.the process. I have helped out max, identifed gurgas.gi.issue, js gi.issue, several others. My friends call.me.Dr House i.find out why.people are having issues based.off.of.clinical evaluations.

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