eat when hungry, drink when thirsty. Avoid eating after 6 pm

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    so the foods will have strong taste and the sense of smell is good. Just like you wait that butter will get warm before you will start frying foods in the pan.

    Otherwise phlegm and dampness is created. Stomach is unable to rotten the foods, so the spleen ( and intestines ) can not absorb, transform and transport any usable food qi ( Qu qi ) upwards. It will cause heaviness and unhappy feeling in the abdominal area and blocked nose. If there is lots of phlegm created, it will store in the lungs and it will circulate all over the body causing stagnant feeling and slow mind.

    Sense of taste and smell tells directly the state and health of digestive system, spleen and stomach and their networks. The stronger these senses, the better.

    Foods that create dampness and phlegm easily include:


    -sweet foods ( which means foods that are overly sweet like candies, bakery, soft drinks!, chocolate )

    -overly greasy foods ( potato chips )

    -excessive meat intake ( even contains good nutrients, very demanding fore digestive function in big amounts )

    -raw and cold vegetables and salads

    -drinking fluids with foods. Excessive fluid intake and especially ice cold fluids / alcohol. Drink when thirsty.

    -not well prepared foods generally

    -eating late at night when digestive function is already weak

    -eating in excess so there is no energy left for dealing with the foods

    It is good to go sleeping with very empty stomach, it highly increases the digestive power and removes excessive dampness for the next day.

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