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    This is from Dr. Lin’s CD that i bought

    1. Eat or drink natural foods as possible as you can – Processed foods containing high artificial or additive chemicals that affect our bioelectric systems; enterprise-farm grown meats containing concentrated artificial hormones that stimulate the growth of the breast, ovary, prostate or testis cancers; residual pesticides in farm growth products causing infertility as well as busting sex drive.

    2. Eat balanced meals – 10% meats, 15% grains, 50% vegetables and 25% fruits of daily meals.

    3. Drink juices – at least 25% of the intake liquid; limiting less than 10% coffee among the intake liquids; no alcohol if possible; selecting several type fruit juices and rotating your drink as possible as you can.

    4. Eat 70 or 80% full of your stomach, with which you still can do some mild exercises without offending your stomach and overloading your colon.

    5. Drink or eat Yin-type foods if your body has Yang-type symptoms such as sweating, redness on the face, feeling warm or hot in the head and so on, which are the indication of your body being overheated – including grapefruit, pineapple or plume juices, coconut milk, watermelon, turnip or radish roots, and cabbage in your diets.

    6. Drink or eat Yang-type foods if your body has Yin-type symptoms such as pale face, and feeling powerless and chilly, which indicate a deficiency of Chi in your organs – including apple or mango juices, sea foods, ginger root, garlic, and leek in your diets.

    7. Eat colorful vegetables and fruits and drink green tea to get more anti-cancer phytochemicals.

    1. Sea foods – seaweed, fish-liver oil, shellfish (lobster, shrimp, muscle, and oysters), fish,

    2. Special vegetables and products – garlic, leek, ginger, onion, wheat germ and cruciferous vegetables,

    3. Animal products (unpolluted by artificial hormones) – testicle, ovary, liver, egg, milk, cheese, yogurt, meats, bone soup, honey and bee pollen,

    4. Nuts, beans, and seeds – pumpkin seed, almond, walnut, soybeans, sesame seed, pear, sunflower seed and etc.,

    5. Green, yellow, and red vegetables, including bitter melon,

    6. Fruits – orange, banana, grapefruit, grape, cherries, kiwi, apricot, apple, peach, pear, tomato, papaya, honeydew, and etc., and

    7. Green Tea – antioxidant, prevention of cancer cell development.

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    I’m glad he mentioned sunflower seeds. I would add figs to the list too. It’s a fruit loaded with calcium and other minerals and is good for the prostate.

    On the other hand, be careful about too much milk, coconut, and pineapple. Those are damp-heat inducing foods and should be reduced, unless you negate it with other foods such as cucumbers and tomatoes. Yogurt is probably one of the exceptions in dairy because it contains bacteria that is good for your intestines.



    i dont really believe in that type of stuff such as warming and cooling food or yin and yang…



    i think its important to look out for those fruit juices which are simply plain sugar.



    i agree bluehshark : D



    hey max, you know with the organic eggs thingie, which one do u recommend i get, free-range unfertilizied or the fertilized ones?



    i dont know…. probably unfertilized… just look for organic and free-range that way there high in omega-3

    i get my eggs from a local farmer, he feeds them i believe alfalfa and flax seeds and are free range; thats also where i get my goat milk : D



    pineapple is actually important if you consume organ meat. its got digestive enzymes like bromelain which aid in the digestion of the stuff

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