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    A highly potent anti oxidant for general anti aging purposes.

    A bunch of reports on the web (mind and muscle forum, some other forum members of hair regrowth sites, and miscellaneous sites) report awesome wood on this stuff

    anyone know more about it or tried it with success?

    the reports are biased, the product is pretty expensive but may work for a few of us

    it reminds me of the curcumin / anti inflammatory thread.. apparently this stuff is good against inflammation as well without the side effects (loss of wood) from curcumin

    theory is i guess that anti oxidants prevent breakdown of NO just like viagra only nothing comes close to the power of viagra, but might be a viable alternative?

    i myself notice enhanced wood with viagra and pycnogenol in a triple dose before sex.. pycnogenol at normal dose and arginine do nothing for me

    perhaps i might get away with a potent anti oxidant combo like ecklonia and pycnogenol or grape seed extract / resveratrol (ppl also report good wood with resveratrol, ie dermacrine sustain alpha)

    let’s discuss

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    I have heard of this Ecklonia Cava but I am wondering to what extent it can help us. It looks like it just forces blood flow to the organ. That is like a band-aid solution and not a real fix. Plus, where can we get a pure form of this supplement?



    I’d def try it if I had the money.. but I’m focusing on fixing hormones first hand.. then if I dont reach 100% I’ll try this.



    this of course would be the best plan

    no supps are going to work their magic if you don’t fix your hormones



    i would say fix adrenals/thyroid/test and then try this

    algoran fs is a 98% extract which i read is recommended

    other less potent but good results product uses Seanol which is a lesser extract i believe and the only good brand i heard is nutricology fibroboost



    really? it seems common with curcumin, probably more so in those of us who have weak wood to start with

    yeah pycnogenol works okay for me GSE i haven’t tried, i do believe what i’ve read that ecklonia would be way stronger

    pycnogenol and arginine on their own didn’t do anything for me



    It does not work.

    I paired it with resveratrol, pycnogenol, astaxanathan and curcumin.

    Zero libido improvement. Only a lot less free radical activity (in theroy ).

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