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    Since like one year or so (when SE became really obvious and awful) I have had all the time, sometimes almost invisible, some times ugly as F*ck, an eczema in both nostrils. I THINK it is eczema, because the skin there is always reddish,sensitive and in the worst cases I feel it really dry and irritated and I have soemthing like DANDRUFF,pretty disgusting.

    With time, it became slowly bigger, and the other day I felt itchy my eyebrow. I proceeded to scratch it and… SURPRISE some dandruff fell near my eyes. I ran to the mirror and yes, half of the eyebrow was reddish,dry and with skin fragments. So, yeah, now I have fucking SCURF in one eyebrow.

    My hope is that when I begin with adrenal supps this shit will go away.

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    I had chronic eczema that tropical creams didnt helped with, but i continued using them with using a regular fishoil…it eased a bit.

    2 deal with eczema lower your inflammation (using any method you like) and keep your skin moist with creams.

    deal with stress freely (i know its hard, specially with your university +SE things can be maximized) but you need to organize your self and deal with the problems effectively, dont spend 3 days on doing an objective that take 30 minutes…this can build up in your head and increase anxiety

    avoid using antibacterial soaps, and use those who are cream-based or those who are cateogrized as for soft skins

    this also helped in solving my problems.



    As usual very informative,.

    Yes, I researched it a bit and inflammation,cortisol etc are highly linked with these skin problems. Aloe vera cream and others seem to help but what I want obviously is to destroy the root=adrenal exhaustion/SE. Probably this will go away with the proper supps. Holy shit this sexual exhaustion even makes you look uglier, masturbation is in the top ten of ways to become a loser in a record time



    yeah metagenics is always good but there are lots of cheaper options just read the reviews and take the cheapest most effective sounding product



    It took my a while to beging fitting all the pieces but finally im getting to somewhere. The eczema is very probably just an autoinmune symptom. Skin problems are very common in people with digestive disorders.

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