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    I emailed Dr. Lin a while back asking him what could be done to help prevent this condition in others.

    He told me that people don’t believe in it until it happens to them. And then he asked if I wanted to buy his products in bulk at a discounted price to sell to others. I never responded.

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how things would have been different if I had known about SE as a teenager. And as an educator, I guess my mind naturally starts to thinking about educating people about SE in a preventative way and what that would look like.

    Has anyone else had this idea? I’m guessing it would fall under the umbrella of sex education (the problem is, sex ed. is more about teaching abstinence more than anything else). As naturopathic and alternative medicine becomes more mainstream, I predict that we’ll start to see these changes.

    It’s started already. Yesterday, I heard a commercial on the radio talking about how to activate your parasympathetic nervous system by doing yoga and deep-breathing exercises, allowing you to de-stress your body.

    Is there anyone on this forum in the health industries that has any insight into this? What do you guys think?

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