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    For those who have successfully abstained for long periods of time, what were the effects? Did your penis get thicker/firmer?

    I read somewhere that overmasturbation can cause base girth to shrink, but it can return to normal size after abstaining. I also read somewhere that the penis conforms to the size of the hole (which the hand emulates) that it is inseted into, so masturbating at a young age would cause my penis not to expand in girth and it is too late now. What was your guys’ experience?


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    One of my symptoms is lack of girth/ penis hard in flaccid state which come right after ejaculation and slowly dissapear over time. When I just got this, one week of abstaining would usually be enough for the normal girth, length and sensation to return. Now it seems I need more than a week :S

    I checked out the site you found. It was a good read. The guy that started the site (who has/had SE) tries to offer solutions but they are his assumptions. I really appreciate him trying to help everyone but we have to not forget that he’s not a doctor.

    So he says that abstaining for a month will bring back the normal shape, and it’s true. I’ve abstained for exactly a month last month. First 2 weeks – little improvement/ sex drive. Week 3 and 4 – mixed feelings. One day I’d be horny, one day no sex drive at all, it could even vary by the hour. Then by the end of week 4 I pretty much got my length, girth and everything back. But again it wouldn’t stay consistent day after day. Each time I got high during week 4, sex drive, size, sensation would be back to 100% every time. Then one day I gave in and finally jerked off to see what would happen. Next morning: lost girth, lost length, no sex drive. It’s been a week or more since then and still very little improvement. Very fucking frustrating.

    So abstaining for a month definitely helps but not for good. It’s probably not enough time to adress the root of the issue which is adrenals and whatever else. So I say if you started abstaining shoot for 6 months or more. I’m pretty convinced that abstaining for a month is not enough to adress the girth/ length issue.

    But then Akgstone83 just posted that he’s abstained for 9 months with little results.. so I don’t even know what to say now :S



    Yes, abstaining of course is very healthful and I’d reccomend it, but for my case I have learned that it isn’t enough. If the case of exhaustion is severe, which mine is, then a full or 3 quarters or heck even half recovery isn’t feasible. My T levels are still at the mid 400s and I have successfully abstained for over 9 months and counting. I just started testosterone today for the very first time. I will be taking 2 shots a week at the recommendation of a buddy of mine for 3 months to see if any improvements will occur. My quadricep is a little bruised from the injection, but other than that I’m fine. I will keep everyone posted on whether or not I make progress. I am sure that everyone here has adrenal fatigue, low hormones, and neuro imbalances. This all cannot be corrected fully with abstaining, proper diet, excercise, sleep, meditation, herbs, and relaxation alone. The body has been damaged and needs to be given more. I pray to god testosterone is the missing link for me. I want more energy, better moods, more motivation, and of course a healthy sex drive.



    yeah that site is alright.. i just got really excited when i first saw the page explaining how overmasturbation causes that penis shape and how he said it can be cured. but after reading his responses on the forum i can see that this guy really doesnt know all that much and is just really burnt out and made the site b/c he has nothing better to do. he’s pretty spot on with a lot of the stuff he has to say though.

    , are you just talking about your flaccid girth? i know what your talking about, sometimes my dick gets really fucking skinny when its flaccid, but i dont really care so much about that; its the erect girth im after. did you notice an increase in erect girth after abstaining?

    i’m also not worried about about my length at all even though its shrunk a bit. i used to be 8”, now i’m 7. even when it’s flaccid its pretty long, like 3-5 inches.

    although my girth isn’t very good, im more concerned about my shape. my glans is about 4.5 inches around, the shaft right below is like 5.1, then it gets skinner as it approaches the base, reaching a final girth of 4.5. the average is probably like 4.7. the reason why i think is bad is b/c most of the nerve endings are in the first few inches of the vagina, so deep thrusting won’t be as effective since the 4.5 inch area will be in that spot. also, the thicker part of my penis will stretch the vagina so that the skinnier parts will be less effective. they won’t get that “full” feeling. i know im obsessing over this and it seems silly, but i really think this shape is a big impediment for good sex and it’s extremely distressing for me.

    so basically my questions for u are: a) is your girth smaller at your base/is your shape similar? and b) does your erect girth increase through abstinence, and if so, do it do so to normalize the shape or is it an overall gain?

    honestly if i could just get my dick back to normal i’d be soo content. sometimes i’ll be in a great mood and then think about this shit and it will instantly make me feel like shit. if i could fix this i would have 100x more confidence and easily be getting pussy. i already know i have the game. this chick i was talking to like all night saturday and hooked up with is all over me and thinks i have “the most interesting conversations”.. ahh i could hit that so easily but i want to fix this shit first. worst part is if i had developed normally im almost positive i’d be like 8 inches long and 6 around.. my dad always hints about having a big dick and i know he used to get mad pussy when he was younger. F*ck this shit is so frustrating!

    sorry about all the rambling, im kinda in a rush. thanks so much for reading and helping out, i really appreciate it

    good luck akgstone! i really hope everything works out for you



    Keep us updated . Hey man I remember you mentioned that you had the hard flaccid issue before but you got over it (thankfully). Can you tell me how you got over it?? How long have you had it for? Any tips? You’re pretty much one of the few people that got over it, so I’m sure your advice could help many people here. Thanks.




    Abstaining fixed my hard flaccid state. Every couple of months I noticed firmer harder more engulfed erections. I also keep a very strict walking regimen of at least 5 miles a day, 6 healthy small meals a day packed with fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, and chicken, fish and rarely lean beef. I drink over a gallon a day of distilled water. I take 10 g fish oil per day, along with my multi, and b-complex. And I meditate daily as well. Overall, I just try to stay in a very calm mode, with no agitation or stressors. Of course they occur at times, but I am quick to learn how to keep calm. Deep breathing excercises help too. Lavender teas and chamomile work. If I think of anything else I left out I’ll post again. This is the main jist of it.



    umm did abstaining actually make your erect girth bigger? please just answer this simple question, i am dying to know. i can’t tell what you guys mean exactly

    my bad for going on and on about that shit, i’ve just really obsessed with it lately and have always been from a young age. i just need to get my facts straight and move on with my life



    Alex, after I bust a nut my dick hardens up and the next day it lacks either girth/ length or both and is hard to the touch. Almost always when it lacks girth in the flaccid state, it’ll lack girth when erect. And same for length. The only exceptions is if I had been abstaining for over a week, so even if it lacks girth or length when flaccid, erection will still be almost normal size.

    When I abstain long enough I get my normal shape back eventually. Basically for like a whole week or two after ejaculating I could lack girth/ length and then out of nowhere over 2 days I’ll notice I’m getting my girth and length back. I also notice that I get sex drive back right away. So its like after abstaining for a certain time I magically recover over a day. I don;t know what’s responsible for this, but I know that abstaining will give you your normal shape/ girth back. Just wait long enough. Before it used to take me 4-5 days of abstaining to get everything back to normal. Now it takes 2-3 weeks. It’s really frustrating. I’m thinking it could be because I stopped working out because my diet and everything else hasn’t changed much. I just started workin out again.

    I also got a chick that wants to bang. But I’m gonna give the abstaining a try again. Lets do this and see what happens man.



    no worries bro

    Yea it makes your erect girth bigger. If you abstain long enough you’ll get your normal size and shape back. Just like it was before. It can range from abstaining 5 days to like 5 months. Lets give it a try.

    , that’s pretty much what I wanted to hear. I already figured on my own that abstaining obviously helps. Throw in the good diet + multi + fish oil + walking + meditation + staying calm = hard flaccid over. The only question left is what happens after you ejaculate finally after so many months? If I get the hard flaccid again I’ll be kinda pissed .

    How long are you planning on abstaining for man? What’s the plan for after? start busting like once a week?

    I’m for sure gonna abstain for months now that you told me these good news. Really appreciate the response man.



    What’s the problem now ?

    If you get good erections now, what’s bothering you? still low sex drive? low testosterone?




    Yes man, low T levels is my prob. My sex drive is out of whack. I am currently injecting T under the care of an amateur bodybuilder friend of mine. He knows his stuff. I am sure I should have this thing completely nipped in the bud in the next few months. From there, if all is healed, I will never ever take ejaculation for granted again. The plan is still to never masturbate again, as it can turn into an addiction anytime. If I am healed eventually than I cannot wait to hookup again with new chicks and ejaculate, but obviously in a controlled manner, perhaps only once every so often. Over the past year I hooked up with a bunch of chicks, but used numbing lotion so I couldnt ejaculate obviously. It was frustrating to quit after they would cum, and not feel satisfied, so I stopped hooking up a few months back. I really hope shit changes for me. I want to have more energy, motivation, and of course a high sex drive. I think T supplementation is my answer.



    please keep us posted. i would love to see how it works out for you. i got a question though….you said you have t levels in the mid 400s and you basically have no trouble with sex? your able to get it up everytime? do you wake up with morning wood alot? My T levels are about the same and im just trying to get a comparision .



    Pretty solid plan.

    The fact that all of us are not gonna take ejaculation for granted is for sure. Ejaculating less is a small price to pay to get my sex life back.

    I got a few more questions.

    – Over the months, did you notice how diet affects the hard flaccid? I can’t tell if foods high in fatty acids like eggs and nuts help or make it worse. Maybe you noticed.

    – How does working out (weights) affect you? Before when you still had the hard flaccid did it help or make it worse? I know you dont work out now, but if you did, do you think your package would harden up or stay the way it is?

    – Did you figure out what causes the hard flaccid? Have you had your adrenals checked? I’m getting test results soon, but pretty sure it’s circulating adrenaline/ prostaglandin E2 that’s causing it.

    – Have you ejaculated after abstaining for months before? what happens then, back to square 1, or still improvement?

    – Right now, on days when you’re really stressed/ angry, does it ever still harden up? Or does it always stay the way it should?

    sorry for the million questions. Your answers will save many people a ton of trial and error.

    About T and E2, have you tried weight lifting to raise T and DIM to reduce E2? I’ve always noticed that weights raised my T and made me feel better afterwards. I don’t know my T and E2 yet, but I don’t have as much of a problem with sex drive as I do with the hard flaccid. Generally when the hard flaccid goes away is when I get my sex drive back.

    Maybe you should try weights and diet to raise T naturally first? I don’t know anything about T injections and how safe it is but either way hope everything works out for you!




    I dont think this is a good idea… starting Testosterone is for life..

    If effects all other hormones, adrenals, thyroid and nutrition all need to be intune

    You should use HCG with testosterone….. IN fact it would be better to try HCG before TEstosterone.

    you also need AI control when using testosterone

    its very complex.

    how much are you injecting?



    i’m going a month, then i’ll probably keep it down to 1-3 times a week or so. im sure it will be great for me in a lot of ways, but i honestly doubt it will change my penis shape and/or girth much now that i think about it. my penis has kinda always been this way, i just never acknowledged how important girth was. i was already so pleased with my length and masturbation that i thought nothing of it.

    ive been really nervous lately.. is that normal when you abstain? does this period pass?



    Yes..it could mean that your dopamine is elevated from the abstaining. Save all your sexual energy for sex



    I don’t think a month is enough time. Go for like 6 months once in your life just to see if anything changes and how you feel. I’ve went 3 weeks – a month a few times now and nothing much changed. If I knew this earlier I could’ve been at 6 months already.

    Don’t stress bout the girth. 4.5 inches and 5 inches is the same shit, no one will even tell.

    I can be nervous sometimes too. I think that’s just general anxiety. Closing your eyes and taking deep breaths for 2 minutes helps right away.



    thanks. there’s no way i’m going 6 months though, a month is already hard enough. its already getting kinda difficult for me. furthermore im in college so this def aint the time for that.

    i know a 4.5 inch girth isnt the end of the world, but it breaks my heart to think of what i could/would/should be right now and that im stuck like this. i was honestly on such a good track until i started tripping about my penis size and shape. it all basically started with this chick i was with over the summer that i liked a lot, who really fucked with self-esteem. she was all over me and def would have been down to F*ck, but ended up just moving onto other guys b/c of my dick im pretty sure. she blew me a few times and i remember her once remarking “at least your confident in your length”. but then again she was pretty loose when i fingered her so maybe it was her issue. nevertheless its a really shitty feeling getting dismissed b/c of your dick when you could have a huge one and be delivering mindblowing orgasms and having amazing sex. after that i couldnt stop thinking about it and researching my dick size. i got super freaked out, and i started getting erectile dysfunction and my premature ejaculation came back. so basically what i am trying to say is my dick is causing me all sorts of problems, physically and psychologially, and i feel completely hopeless. lol your like my fucking therapist. i just needed to spill this somewhere, i hate having it bottled up inside of me. thanks for the support bro



    lol, ya I guess we gotta be here for each other. Some days its harder to deal with this then other. Even though I know right now I just gotta be patient and wait, some days I go crazy. But deep in my mind I know that since all of us have experienced some degree of improvement or recovery sometime, it should continue to improve given the right circumstances.

    I’m for sure going for 6 months. Your condition and mine are different in ways so maybe you don’t need to go 6 months. It’s something that’ll help me for sure though.



    yeah i hear u man. i heard that abstaining that long is bad though, so you might want to look into its possible repurcussions. i just cant wait to get a proper education on all this and do some research on it so i dont have to spend so much fuckin time looking up inaccurate shit online and second guessing everything. i need some real answers and its fucking ridiculous how we have to settle for medical advice from sketch ass people like dr. richards, dr. lin, and HANs (maybe not HANs…)



    I cant understand why abstaining is bad for the body

    especially for our situation



    You must abstain.

    3 years ago I looked myself in the mirror and I saw a dead face. I looked in the face of others and saw health and happiness, I was jealous and confused. why was my being cursed with lack of virility?

    I abstained for 24 months and now people look up to me and see a high virility person. Nowadays I get many interested looks from girls and it makes me happy.

    You people really need to realize that you need to abstain. You lost your semen and your health along that. The only way to compensate is to save your semen. Supplements, hormones, whatever, will NEVER do the trick. This is the truth.

    Stop running around in circles!



    Obviously excessive masturbation is horrible for you, but i’m pretty sure sex or masturbation in moderation is good for you. i don’t think it should eliminated 100%, you just need to find the right balance. i bet you that the healthiest people in the world aren’t abstinent. it’s one of the best things life has to offer anyways, and you’ve only got one so you might as well enjoy it.



    For the sexually exhausted it should be first eliminated 100%. Sexual health is a great thing, but sex sux when you’re exhausted. Or do you find PE etc. one of the best things?

    First you heal, then you get back to sex.



    …..through just abstaining and healthy living you were honeslty able to cure all your symptoms? You dont have the slightest hint of PE anymore? thats honeslty awesome if its true……i mean it would be fucking so hard to abstain for 2 years and my hats of to you for doing it but if you were honestly able to cure all your symptoms by doing it then good shit



    2 years of healing is not enough. I can control my ejaculation and I don’t have any seminal leakage but there is still a lot of work to do. I try to get back to full abstaining (until I find a partner) but it’s more hard this time because my sexual drive is much more intense than couple of years ago.




    less stress, more energy

    I think abstaining is the only way that will stop your case from developing

    i notice also that it drains your body from the essential nutrient , thats why its called the juice of life




    less stress, more energy

    I think abstaining is the only way that will stop your case from developing

    i notice also that it drains your body from the essential nutrient , thats why its called the juice of life



    Nicolas, do you have sex nowadays? Or are you still completely abstaining? If you’ve been completely abstaining for 2 years then how do you know your PE is fixed?



    I’ve been masturbating for the last 6 months. When I found ejaculation control, I went back to my porn addiction. Now I’m praying for God to help me quit this nonsense.



    I hear ya. Stay strong man. Anyway, your story is inspiring and gives me hope. I know I have the willpower to abstain for as long as it takes, 2 years I don’t care, it’s just that I don’t want to ejaculate after 2 years to find myself back to where I am today. It’s a complete shot in the dark but I’ll take it. It makes sense in theory and you’re proof that it worked. And thanks for all the knowledge on yoga, stretching, and meditation. They definitely help.

    A question to you, do you think serious exercise will slow down my progress or what?

    I got fed up of not exercising and started grappling and gymnastic workouts again. Sometimes I take it easy, sometimes I go hard, but never go full-out or to failure of reps. You think I should keep doing it in moderation or just stick to walking and yoga??




    As sad it is, most people don’t have the motivation and patience that is demanded to heal from this condition. If you have the motivation to abstain for as long as it takes and practice diligently healthy living along that, you can be absolutely sure you will heal. God helps those who help themselves.

    By all means do all kinds of sports in moderation. Just observe your inner feeling and energy levels and you really cannot go wrong. Some week you may feel like doing only hard exercise, some week you may feel like just meditating. Just don’t burn yourself.

    Exercising your core muscles is one of the most important things you can do. They support your spine, help your breathing and affect your emotions and central nervous system. They need to be in good shape and activated if you wan’t to perform any exercise or movement of body most efficiently. If you haven’t given them enough attention, it will take some time to strengthen them. Also you need to open the whole spine to succesfully activate them. It’s not done in a day, but persistent yoga practice will do it eventually. When it’s done, you’re pretty much healed. Most gym rats concentrate only on the big show-off muscles and develop bad posture, bad muscle balance, bad breathing, bad self-esteem.

    Also strong legs are very beneficial. But it’s not all about physical strength. The grounding and blood circulation ability of your feet correlate on your sexual strength. Concentrate on your feet and you will automatically increase your sexual stamina (blood runs thru pelvis to feet). This will also give you physical and emotional stability. If you worry about things, you are in your head. Concentrate in your feet or the ground below you and you will become peaceful and in-the-moment.



    How do you abstain without nocturnal ejaculation. I make it to 3 or 4 weeks, start to feel good, strong erections morning wood and then I go backwards by having a erotic dream and releasing. Everytime I find I’ve been laying on my stomach and my knob in contact with bed. So I don’t know if I’m rubbing my gland or something.

    It is so frustrating as I am so committed to abstaining and if it wasn’t for the nocturnal emission I would have been abstaining for 3 months now!

    Cam anyone help? I excercise and my diet is good



    its a loop and you need to break it…



    Nightly adventures aren’t counted as a failure to abstain.

    You shouldn’t worry about them (if they happen like a few times a month), it’s far less detrimental than masturbating or having sex. It’s just a quick release of prostatic juices, it may not even contain any sperm. When you masturbate, you stimulate your already exhausted nervous system for a long time and drain it and your testicles from any accumulated life force.

    You can prevent them by clenching your pelvic floor muscles when you feel an ejaculation approaching. Do a few affirmations during the day and before you go to sleep, like “when I am about to ejaculate, I will prevent it with my pelvic floor muscles” and then exercise your pelvic floor/kegel muscles. Then it becomes automatic. Any time you’re about to ejaculate, you will prevent it since you have strong resolution to save every drop.

    Remember to fully relax pelvic area after any kegel practices. Relaxing is more important regarding healing, we have serious chronic tension in this area.



    Trouble is mine pulsates and it ends up being a full release. In the dream i will ejaculate and I will feel the point of no return. I then feel crap and get my symptoms. So to me it’s a big waste as I could have just had sex.



    Balance out your blood sugar levels.

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