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    Egg Yolks > Cholesterol > DHEA > Testosterone > DHT

    Hey guys sorry to make a topic on just this, but I don’t think some people know, so hopefully this will get their attention.

    Egg Yolks are full of cholesterol, DHEA is derived from cholesterol, DHEA is the most abundant (great quantity) hormone in the body!

    Basically out of all the hormones in your body DHEA will be the largest quantity, which makes sense as DHEA is the precursor of, androstenedione, testosterone and estrogen.

    No wonder when people start to get deficient in it they have all sorts of problems, obviously if the body needs it in such large quantities, it must be used alot.

    “Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), is a natural steroid hormone produced from cholesterol by the adrenal glands, the gonads, adipose tissue and the brain.” – Wiki

    Eat your egg yolks raw, not fried, this way the cholesterol stays good for you.

    Therefore egg yolks will help cure adrenal exhuastion! As it is know DHEA deficiency and adrenal exhuastion are linked.

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    hey man some concerns:

    i used to have 8 boiled whole eggs and had some gas problems.. does this also occur (i assume it comes from the yolk) when eating them raw


    i dont know how much yolk you can fit into one normal glass with juice to hide the tase, but i guess for 4 yolks, two glasses of juice is enough?


    please help me build a good diet which includes egg yolks, im willing to try anything

    preferably it would be a diet high in testosterone precursors, but also good for dopamine.. im thinking a high fat diet including nuts/seeds/egg yolks.. e.g. if you take 4 yolks in the morning, your stomach isn’t full right? what else do you eat or would be preferable along with it

    im thinking the following:


    4 egg yolks mixed in two glasses of orange juice

    two slices of bread with butter / plus whatever on it


    banana with handful of nuts


    4 egg yolks mixed into two glasses of orange juice

    4 bread with some stuff on it


    fruit with handful of nuts


    whatever, large steak with brocolli and a few potatoes plus good sauce


    fruit with nuts

    what does you thinks

    And how about eating the egg white as well, and using some biotin supplement? The protein would surely increase dopamine.



    try and get some pasteurizied egg whites. you can eat them raw without any problems.



    i been consuming the entire egg raw lately. i don’t see a problem with it



    the only problem with raw eggs is that as a protein source they are useless. they have anabolic effects because of the AA in the egg yolk. although whey can induce a greater net anabolic benfit than that derived from AA in egg yokes. plus long-term exposure to AA isn’t a good idea. i think 2 50 day cycles per year is good enough.




    how do you mean? bodybuilders use them in their morning breakfast (some use like 18 egg whites or so)

    and what is AA?



    egg whites are fine. i drink pasteurized egg whites with a couple of my meals. i meant the egg yolks. bodybuilders consume raw eggs for their anabolic effects.but the AA (arachidonic acid) can build up in cell emebranes over an extended period of time which isn’t really a good thing.



    o ok i see

    are you on any egg yolk regime right now?



    egg yolks have their benefits..but..cholesterol..which they have a linked with stress,adrenaline..(google it and you’ll see).

    stress and adrenaline aren’t what we try to avoid during sexual recovery..?

    see this too..

    …”and if you talk to anyone who has practiced extended abstinence, there is a profound nootropic/energetic effect that kicks in somewhere around day 14 so there is something that connects ejaculation and neurotransmitters”

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    with regular eggs, all the hormones and antibiotics used end up in the egg yolk which is not what you want. so thats why consuming organic eggs would be a fat better choice. but the risk increases with greater consumption.

    also some people claim that they can digest/eat raw eggs better than regular boiled or fried or pan-fried eggs. of course we know what that means



    i cant imagine eggs being a problem with adreline/stress

    maybe bad sources of fat are resposible for adrenaline and stress but deffinitly not raw egg yolks from good sources, these are essential for good health.

    i still think there the greatest food for the sexually exhausted, liver is up on the list to : D




    i remember reading you having 15 minutes of sex in some post

    how long till you could do that (after how many days of egg yolk use)?

    and how many did you consume

    how does your eating pattern look like now?



    dessicated liver is a must really. good source of protein too.

    ” forty-five times the nutritional value of whole beef liver, yet with all the nutrients and enzymes of raw liver”



    i dont know if this is off-topic, but remember all those ograns you guys recommended taking? Is this a good product?

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    I get the same problem when consuming the egg whites or the whole egg.

    Egg whites give me really bad gas but not the egg yolks; egg yolks may make your BO fishy because its high in choline, but I don’t suffer from it.



    try getting organic eggs.i don’t have any problems with them. their egg yolk I would describe as rich yellow. as for the egg whites, pasteurizied egg whites work well for me.



    I do get organic eggs, mind you they weren’t organic when I use to eat the whole egg (egg whites), so I don’t know whether it was the eggs.

    I use to get stiff neck/headache because of egg whites, I may have been slighty allergic.

    I haven’t eaten any egg yolks for weeks, been kinda off course, must get back on track asap.



    yeah some people are allergic to eggs. what about rotating them in your diet.




    they look good but have magnesium stereate in them. i think dr. ron’s are the way to go.




    they look good but have magnesium stereate in them. i think dr. ron’s are the way to go.

    its interesting that his glandualrs are all from New Zealand and grass fed too.

    why don’t they sell more of the good stuff in the stores



    i noticed. btw whats with NZ cows anyways?



    the’re properly raised. the’re not fed grains, antibiotics, hormones etc………

    sadly the good stuff gets exported and we import the conventional garbage. but hopefully as the organic or rather grass-fed market grows this soon shouldn’t be a problem. generally speaking NZ soil is deficient in iodine and selenium. I worked for 2 years in the meat industry and i’ve seen some farmers break the organic certification rules sadly.

    the same source with my dessicted liver tabs.



    Raven if you want organ/glanduar supplement, id deffinitly go with doctor rons.

    Pimp, i have been consuming raw eggs for well over a year now.

    pimp, my diet looks simliar to yours.except i eat more butter,raw milk, yogurt, and raw veggie juices, thats about it.

    you probably shouldnt really need a biotin supplement, unless your consuming raw whole eggs each day, but you shouldnt need one if your consuming say 4 whole raw eggs with 2 raw egg yolks.

    egg yolks are really rich in biotin, so it’ll make up for the loss caused by the white.



    well max i had my first serving of raw egg yesterday night

    was a bit hard on me

    this morning gave two a try, was drinking the whole glass and the damn egg was still on the bottom so i had to cope with the taste in the end as well damnit!

    felt pretty good during the morning, crash came about three o clock in the afternoon.. do you take this stuff to work and how?



    No not to work, usually just in the morning or after weight lifting i eat my eggs.



    Max Can I get a link to Dr. Rons? You have to keep in mind, I dont have the ability to order supps online. I have to go to stores and buy them, thats why I posted that one. Just in case, is that one good?

    Also, this may be stupid now, but what benefits are there exactly from taking orgran/glandular supplements?



    RavensFan2k3 Can I get a link to Dr. Rons? You have to keep in mind, I dont have the ability to order supps online. I have to go to stores and buy them, thats why I posted that one. Just in case, is that one good?

    Also, this may be stupid now, but what benefits are there exactly from taking orgran/glandular supplements?



    there just good overall, but maybe you should holf off on the organ supplements right now.



    Max why not?

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