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    according to this study, testosterone levels reach a peak on the 7th day of abstinence and then maintain those levels.

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    It’s probably best to ejaculate once every 7 days



    i would recommend ejaculating 1-3x a week for people who basically recovered

    and those that are trying to recover ejaculating 1 time every 10 Days.

    or do what feels right.

    everyone is different, i do recommend sex over masturbating though.



    I read that frequent ejaculation increases the rate of conversion of testosterone to DHT, and from what I’ve read, DHT offers little benefit once you reach adulthood.







    whats your reasoning for that? it makes sense that it would probably be better not to ejaculate for a longer period of time so as to maintain testosterone levels at baseline level and prevent fluctuations. I browsed through a bodybuilding forum a while back and a number of posters claimed that they experienced more gains after about 2 weeks of abstinence…it could just be a psychological thing but I’m guessing it has to do with maintaing constancy in their testosterone levels. Another study showed that after 3 weeks of abstinence the men in the that study showed higher testosterone levels.



    so, what I understand from this is that going a significantly long period of time without ejaculating = elevated testosterone levels and higher mean testosterone levels??



    There are so many conflicting studies. You mention over-masturbation increases the testosterone to DHT conversion, which theoretically says that regular masturbation increases testosterone. For a conversion to take place, plenty of free testosterone must be available, therefore if it increases conversion then more must keep being made available. Stress is also a large contributing factor. I was a very stressed youngster, which I believe could have had a large impact on my condition. Going through puberty with fluctuating stress causing hormone disruption cannot be good!

    So if abstaining increases testosterone so much, why do priests always turn out really feminine? Being celibate I guess is different. There must be a limit like there is to anything. Too much is bad and too little is bad. I read the quote in a book somewhere stating “use it or lose it”. I no longer know what to believe so im happy to stick with 7 to 10 days as a happy medium.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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