Electricity 31Hz applied to prostate using anal probe.

Sexual Reboot Forum Electricity 31Hz applied to prostate using anal probe.

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    Been a long time since I’ve visited this forum. So long in fact

    I’m on my third username. Editman3…

    I see a number of familiar names still supporting this forum which is great. (narrowing in on various solutions)

    Through the help of various chemicals I;ve been lucky to never have to the face erection issues again. My erection cycles of maybe 3-4 cycles every 10 minutes during intercourse always plagued me. Now 2-3 hour erections work everytime even though my histamine/adrenal issues are still hanging around. My favorites are Aspire32 (which I found on here), PT141 (occasionally – since it is very strong – even Orgasm does not bring things down), TriMix, Levitra, ViraMax w/Yohimbe (this one causes me to become very sensitive), Hot Plants. Yes stacking a few of these can add to the experience but too much will have opposite results. This is your own movie… play at your own risk.

    Now to add elecricity…

    This is something that is very outside the box and most will probably will not be able to experiment in this arena mainly due to $$$ but thought I’d share.

    Using a ET312 eStim box (google it) set on Toggle setting, set the Advanced Setting down to 31HZ. Using an anal ElectraProbe called Femi model 7213, lubricate with KY, insert into anus and set the power up to 26. (Side note – The Bosster 7211 probe may be better but I have not tried it.) see [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    If you do this for for 10 minutes before going to sleep and stop you will wake with a very powerful erection. If you continue longer than 10 minutes (with use of supplements), you will enduce a non stop erection that will drive you to the brink of orgasm but not pull you over. Most powerful feeling I have had and very adictive. Those who think intercourse is the only answer and best option are missing something.

    Warning doing this while having intercourse or oral sex will likely cause premature ejaculation.

    Enjoy… Wishing the best of health and sex to everyone!

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    Hey man, good to hear you can at least have sex now with the use of chemicals. Do you have a girlfriend at the moment or some loose relations?

    I was wondering what she would think of you using an anal probe

    You see that’s why im also still at the board. Im trying to find the overall solution, which the doc/insurance will pay for me so i don’t have to explain to my girlfriend/future wife : Yes i have to do this anal probing and pill popping thing, otherwise i go limp.

    You said your adrenals were fried. You haven’t checked that out with a doctor?

    Im going next month and am hoping to go on hydrocortison and armour to upgrade my body temperature and feel better, making the erection issues fall in place itself.

    P.S. I recommend you look into a colon cleanse product, I have been pooping more lately and I have less hayfever symptoms. Perhaps this is due to the cleansing of the bowel, thus starting the elimination in the liver, which then doesn’t produce as much histamine with allergens. Look into Triphala, an ayurvedic herb which can be used ongoingly without having to be cycled.

    Good to have you back and keep us updated with new stuff you find. Is the PT141 officially available now? I’d like to try it just for shits and giggles.



    this is a little “weird” for me.. i dont think id ever try anything like this. this is an absolute last resort.. i dont really recommend any doing these types of things unless they test/treated for Mineral/Vitamin imbalances, neurotransmitters, toxins, food allergens, hormonal imbalances, lifestyle chagnes. etc. etc.




    Acutally my wife is very open to this alternative play. It is very “outside the box”. (so reader beware) – But to add to this… prostate health is important. Even if you use an ANEOS massager.

    I certainly endorse a good majority of the alternative health suggestions. Colon cleanse, kidney cleanse, master cleanse, liver cleanse. I’ve tried all these plus Chelation therapy, Urine Therapy, NAET, accupuncture, FIR infrared, meditation, EFT, hypnosis, coffee enema, many, many supplements including most talked about here, etc…

    I feel better than I have in a while (but can’t attribute this to any single item). Allergies and virus load way down. I get regular erections now without supplements but I tend to believe some if not all of the items have played a beneficial role. (especially the ones related to allergies.)

    My advise is “keep on experimenting… nerver give up. Don’t close your mind and keep reading…” Enjoy!




    Okay “weird”.. I’ll give you. Max, didn’t you once try or recommend “Urine Therapy”? Some might consider that a bit “weird”.

    (Hey I tried it… but then again, I’m open to this… )

    Many outsiders might find a number of the suggestions here a bit outside the box. Take them or leave them. I’m not sure why this electricity works other than possible prostate massage which is healthy.

    I’m at the stage of experimentation in my life to “enhance” the journey.

    Enjoy what you have… Don’t try to compete in this arena or you may set yourself up for failure.

    Thanks for posting.



    sexual dysfunction is caused from lack of hormones,vitamins, minerals….its not caused from a deficiency of aspire or electricity… overtime these band aids stop working and possibly leave you in a more depleted state.

    its because of my will to find the root cause and give up most herbal supplements and aspire that im able to have sex whenever i want without using any pill.

    im not against these things.. but people must focus on the proper testing… even dr.lin will recommend getting an extensive list of blood testing before using his products or if his products dont work.

    these can be used for short term though if they aid you in sex. but i wouldnt ever use an anal probe they uses electricity, i would be afraid something would go wrong or it will cause side effects.



    Thats too funny. Seriously, we are all at least a little bit abnormal to be on here in the first place but youre pushing the boundaries. 10/10 for inventiveness. lol how did you work out 33 hz?



    Hi all. In this stream you mention using PT141. Is there a way to get this for consumer use? I search the web and only find that it’s in clinical trials. Let me know – it sounds fantastic!!

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