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    EMF has a damaging effect on nitric oxide and other hormones like the pituitary hormone, oxtocin…. theres a strong link between these

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    interesting, it then says that NO transforms serotonin into an inactive form.

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    Good one MAX…

    I am working on a way of measuring nitric oxide levels and peroxlnitrate levels in the body. I believe I have found a way and potential a way to help alleviate alot of the peoples issues here.



    I just thought I would add some input on how to deal with the electro smog or unwanted (EMF), if you can afford a chi generator, yes there is such a thing and they do work wonders and you can apply them to multiple goals, knock out the EMF and also charge your body with constant chi that would enable the healing process to go much faster. I have one of his 10hz generators here at home that I use. http://www.hscti.com is one sight that sells them by Karl Hanz Welz, his work is based on wilhelm Reich research. If you cannot afford one of Karls chi generators then you could purchase a simple orgone pendent for like 20 dollars the really good ones run more like 40 to 50 though. http://www.orgonecrystals.com






    Q-link and lava salt lamp also work wonders for computers

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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