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    could this be a cause? i seem to have some of the symptoms of an enlarged prostate in that i have delayed urination flow, frequent urination and the erectile difficulties that we all know about. is it worth going to see the doctor about this and could this be the cause? ive heard on this site though that the treatment for prostate is also a cause of ED

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    Well delayed urination flow and frequent urination are both symptoms of sexual exhaustion so it might not be the prostate. What is your current sexual actitivity level? Stopping sexual activities for a while helps with delayed urination flow in my experience.



    between may n september it was once every 11 days id say whilst on supplements… in this time i gained back strong morning erections, spontaneous erections and all was good. this was carrying on until a couple weeks ago wen i got back with my girlfriend n ejaculated 5 times in one week but since then n for the last 2 weeks ive only came once. it seems my problem when it comes to sex has changed from not being able to get an erection to getting an erection but after a while leaking precum then not being able to get it back so that i cant have full sex



    What supplements are you taking again?



    1200mg alpha gpc, 600mg acetyl l-cartinine, 2400mg l-arginine, 2400mg tribulus terrestris and omega3 cod liver oil…



    Could possibly be prostatitis as opposed to an enlarged prostate. Prostatitis can be very symptomless in a lot of respects but is known for causing ED and precum/discharge from the penis. I’m wondering about this too… Go see your doc and ask for a prostate exam.

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