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    check this out guys……

    Sexual neurasthenia may take various forms in different cases, but aside from local sexual weaknesses and disorders, ranging from seminal losses down to impotence, the marked mental symptoms that I have already mentioned in connection with extremes of masturbation and seminal losses, namely, brain fag, poor memory and inability to work are invariably present. The sufferer is at the mercy of his moods; he is inclined to worry and to exaggerate his troubles, or he may be subject to absurd fears of one kind or another. Aches and pains in the spine, usually around the small of the back, are fairly common in connection with this condition. There is a general lack of energy and poor endurance.



    When bladder troubles are especially in evidence there is a frequent desire to urinate during the day, but no special difficulty of this kind at night, in contrast to the conditions of prostate enlargement and other disorders of the bladder. It is found difficult to commence the act of urinating, and the sufferer may be unable to do it at all in the presence of other persons. There is also usually a dribble at the end, indicating local weakness.

    Disturbances of circulation are much in evidence in sexual neurasthenia, with more or less palpitation of the heart, so that the victim thinks he has some organic heart disease. His heart beats rapidly and with a feeble pulse on the least exertion. He gets out of breath quickly. He is troubled with cold feet and hands. Often he is inclined to blush easily, an indication of an unstable circulation. Often the eyes are weakened, with symptoms of eye-strain and specks floating before them. One may be sensitive to noises, and there may be various other of the ordinary symptoms characteristic of neurasthenia.

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    i think its simi related to the this article form Yingyang sticky , its obvious that those who lived in the past acknowledged that over-masturbation or excessive sex can destroy you but the consequences take time from a person to another, now days with porn poor diet and other factors made these symptoms persist

    this is the bitter truth , if we just had the proper knowledge on how to consume our time we should have avoid alot of this mess.




    DUDE… everything you read there… is like I was the testimonial and the guy down my symptoms.So true.

    -following the link reading on-

    “A complete sexual rest is necessary in all cases, whether of prematurity, sexual neurasthenia or complete impotence. There should be no at-tempt at indulgence of any kind. This rest should last from two or three months to a year or two.”

    Yeah! Why don’t we just get the guys together here on the forum and fly to Tibet together.We should visit the Dalai Lama and ask his holiness for a lifetime membership.That’ll teach us.A year or two wtf man…

    Although you can read some very informative things there for instance:

    “……..Shrinking of these parts in the case of an abstinent and debilitated man is of course due to his debility.

    The treatment for wasted organs calls for the building up of all the tissues and nervous, digestive and muscular forces of the body by every possible means, combined with stimulating local treatment, the same as for chronic impotence. Alternate local hot- and cold-water bathing, or sitz-baths, should be persisted in, though other means of improving the circulation may also be used.

    The vacuum or “cupping” treatment has often been recommended in such cases, and some-times does produce results. But such treatment can rarely be advised, as it over-stimulates the nerves and blood vessels. The suction exerted by this apparatus brings a large amount of blood into the parts, and though in a few instances it might have a beneficial effect its value is questionable. Such treatment, if used, should be brief and should be followed by sponging with very cold water or by a cold sitz-bath, to prevent too much relaxation or dilatation of the blood vessels.

    Another treatment that may be very effective in extreme cases, but with which one should be equally careful, is mechanical vibration. This should not be applied directly, but only to the lower part of the pelvis or abdomen, just above the pubic bone, thus influencing the arteries which supply the generative organs. This treatment should also be brief and should precede the cold sitz-bath or cold-water sponging. It should never be used when there is trouble with seminal losses of any kind. Either the vibration or vacuum treatment might be tried in any stubborn case of impotence, as a sort of last resort, though nothing definite can be promised in the way of results.

    What are the possibilities of a cure in an individual with complete impotence? To what ex-tent can an impotent man improve himself? These are questions of vital interest. To a large extent I have answered them in the chapter dealing with the results of masturbation. Many with total impotence are cured, but I cannot promise this result always. When of long standing cure is usually difficult. I may say, however, that a gratifying improvement may certainly be secured in the majority of cases.

    It depends partly upon the individual and the extent of the damage done by the vices or excesses of the past or through the ravages of venereal disease. When some local inflammation is the cause a complete cure is usually possible. But when the nerve-centers are more or less paralyzed it will be much harder to get appreciable results.Do not expect a cure in a hurry. Make up your mind to live a continent life until you have regained a normal condition. This may mean any-where from a few months to two or three years.”

    I wanted to copy all this here because every sentence is informative though you can find info about impotence too if you follow OP’s link.Thanks l! Will try the alternating hot and cold bathing thing.



    steve, see how he talks about a book he has written (he says it has a chapter on masturbation). if he has written some content i think we would benefit if we read it. try and find out who this guy is and what his book is? maybe it will

    give us some more ideas. and the bathing stuff is really good man!!!!i dont know how but it does help me a bit….

    JUST TRY AND FIND THIS GUYS BOOK ANDD THEN SEND ME A LINK……i will send u one if i find it



    the symtoms described sound a lot like “adrenal fatigue”

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