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    He is now thriving in the Pyroluria Facebook group, MTHFR support Facebook group and such. He could have ever come back ONE TIME to say “hey guys you could all have genetic mutations and thats why you make no progress, check this link, and this info proves that this blablabla” etc but no that didnt happen because he only cares about getting clients.

    And I am not talking about that shitty theory of the dopamine-allele-gambling-asians shit. Im talking about real mutations that DO make you develop chronic conditions like SE or autoimmune diseases or IBS. Ever wondered why you got this and other men doesnt? Or why do some people become autists and retarded from vaccines and others only get a little dumber? Its all genetics, combined with the enviromental factors.

    Having said that, can genetics be properly treated and if yes can that treatment reverse decades of a body with those mutations that was overmasturbated, intoxicated, infestated, nutritionally starved and depleted? I dont think so and thats why I am doing Nutritional Balancing with curious results so far. I plan to get genetic and methylation panel testing when I can, if needed, to add it to the rest of the protocol. You cannot get stuck in one thing with these problems, they are inherently FUCKED UP

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    Not meaning to be a dampener, brother, but human genetics is not a subject you can grasp overnight from some articles on the Internet. I refuse to believe that genetic mutations could be the cause of diseases like IBS and all – they’re lifestyle diseases. Yes, bad genetics can cause certain rapid degradations in the body but those are well documented syndromes. Most Americans have these diseases – what does that say to you?

    That either all of genetics is retarded and people mutate quickly like the X-fucking-Men or there are legit reasons, such as food habits, food eaten, toilet habits, etc.

    You’re a borderline conspiracy monger, , but I don’t blame you I know how it feels to be in such problems. I constantly keep telling you to frame positive thoughts in the mind and stop overreacting to your problems – it is the only way to mitigate them, for some like IBS we may have to live with forever. If we’re lucky, they’ll go. SE can definitely be overcome if you stop all masturbation completely, not one bit of it, not even in 21 days, and this for a long time.

    I’ll have finished 11 weeks soon I will let you know after 20 weeks whether abstinence is still worth pursuing.



    You dont know of what I am talking. There are whole cybernetic communities of adult people and doctors behind all these groups. This is highly scientifically validated. Genetic testing its very real and it is usually involved in livelong conditions. The mechanisms whereby they do so are indeed easy to explain. For example, you can have a mutation in the production of Glutathione Peroxidase, which in turn makes you prone to more oxidative stress and toxin accumulation, but also to develop Hashimotto´s as GSH its also responsible of cleaning the thyroid gland of hydrogen peroxide.

    Cant you see it? Debilitating and chronic conditions are ALSO “syndromes”!! They also have a genetic origin or at least a factor. Imagine a genetic mutation impairing production or sensivity of dopamine or serotonine. There you go, chronic depression! All my family members have health and mental problems, the sons much more, and thats simply because we are the second generation of already toxic parents and we live in a much more unhealthy enviroment.

    Not to be disrespectful, but your judgement of the idiosincrasy of my beliefs and research its premature and amiss and influenced by your prejudices of “conspiracy faggots” Open your mind. I have been researching for more than a year and my knowledge of health its not to be so easily dismissed.



    Hope you dont have problems understanding the terminology. The main shift of mind its this: Doctors and the Goverment lie much, much, much, much more than the Internet, simply because one of their main functions its to lie. Its easy to see that the movie Matrix its talking about reality. We do live in Matrix and the markers are so abundant. I know you are probably smarter than me, but you need to get rid of that comfortable and indoctrinated skepticism. I did it and now I am honest with myself, I am open to truth and I research everything before saying its true or not. At the end, the way close-minded people react to conspiracy theories its a conditioned reflex and lacks reflection and study.




    Genetic testing is by no means conspiratorial or quackery. It’s 21st century science, and is being used more and more not just by alternative medicine but allopathic too.

    You must have seen news pieces talking about people having their genetics tested to see if they’re susceptible to cancers, MS, parkinsons, Alzheimer’s etc, what is talking about is no different. People have their breasts removed on the results of these tests alone.

    Genetics can cause any kind of health problems including IBS. This dosn’t necessarily mean your parents must have had IBS, just that one of them may carry the gene or it could be that their combined genes created the mutation in you. I’m very much a layman when it comes to this, and you’re right it is’nt something you can grasp overnight, i wouldn’t even attempt to understand it, but the Genetic tests done through private labs like Genova Diagnostics are definitely based on sound and proven science.

    AS far as i’m concerned i don’t believe genetics plays a role (in my case). I was in perfect health. 6ft 1 inches tall, muscular build and an very high sex drive. I just wasn’t looking after myself and was overworking, overtraining, overmasturbating and viewing porn whenever i wasn’t at work or weight training. I use to think to myself at the time, that i may not be able to sustain this for much longer, but in my ignorance i just carried on. Those thoughts were my brain telling me to stop but i just carried on because i guess i was depressed after my relationship with my GF brokedown and we brokeup (that might sound pathetic but we were inseperable at one time). But yeah genetics can certainly play a role and getting tested is worth it, just costs quite a bit, which is the only thing stopping me, just to rule it out.



    In any case, this thread wasnt for arguing, but just because I felt the need to tell you guys where HANS its at the moment, since undoubtely he was one of the guys with more understanding of biochemistry and pathology in these boards. The fact that he is now into genetic treatment could mean that field is not useless.

    But it seems im always open to arguing



    THe problem with HAN is he just go’s from site to site looking for clients. Its what he does for a living. When he gets banned from one site he just moves on to another. It’s much harder to get banned from Facebook so he could be onto a winner there.




    I know, how sad really.

    He kinda of assigned me the mission of “telling the guys on recover to come here (the Pyroluria Facebook group), so that they can start making some progress”.



    Is he paying you commission? lol



    I wish, im doing it because of altruism haha



    Wait what? Are you guys accusing me of considering genetics quackery??


    Of course genetic predisposition has a big role to play in disorders *which were inherited*. But of course, you guys want quick genetic fixes for lifestyle disorders that *you* yourselves are responsible for. Wank off more, have sex more, more junk food, just no consequences. Is that it?

    You’re acting as if I disregard science completely…my dear friends, I was a science student back in high school, and I’m in an engineering college. I even did biotechnology in my first year in college (first year focuses on the basics of various disciplines here, rather than core subjects). What then, my dear friends, makes you think that I’m not open-minded but a blithering idiot?

    What part of my conversation made it look like I was making fun of you guys? It’s just that I don’t think there will EVER be genetic ways out for our condition(s), and even if there WERE, there will always be some catch. Some other part of the body affected. I hope you understand. I don’t think we’re deserving of quick fixes at all. But yes, the suffering is a bit too much at times.

    If it satisfies your thirst for knowledge to seek out all this information, so be it. Just don’t feel helpless when you find out that knowing so much is a tad pointless. I was like you guys too, I looked up IBS, its micromechanisms in the small intestine and its relation to the genes. Used to happen to me in the thick of my problems. Desperately looking for solutions. Now I’ve learned to take it as it comes, and stay relaxed whatever happens. That is the key thing I’ve been trying to tell you , calmness of mind.

    I did not wish to write all this. It had to come out..



    You have the calmness of mind NEEDED to cure and I have the priority info (or at least the open minded attitude that leads to it) NEEDED for treating the problem. I am hysterical and you are skeptical. Lets be allies.

    What if we dont see this as something hostile or a competition? Maybe my writting looked agressive or something but I was just trying to convince you because you are intelligent and I care about you or you can be another good mind helping us figuring out all this, thats all.



    Very well. Note that there was no in my words, only slight frustration. Keep us all updated with what you find, but try to keep it relevant! Good luck.



    Oh well you can be sure im working hard in the relevance -aka PRAXIS, for example getting tested and start taking methylfolate instead of just talking about it- but in the meantime some chattering does no harm lol




    In first post he talked about genetic TESTING, so i don’t know where this question is coming from. I’m certainly not accusing you of considering genetics quackery.

    In your reply to his first post, you come across as completely writing off their being any genetic component involved in any of our problems, when i know for a fact that some people who have visited this forum have found genetic mutations which have hindered their progress, such as the Mthfr Gene Mutation. So their is value in getting tested for bad genetics. They could make you more susceptible to a disease and they could make your recovering more difficult. For most i’m sure it is a lifestyle disease as in my case.


    I’ve read this post of yours a few times and think your making quite a few assumptions, this being one of them, could you show me evidence of where i’ve shown reason for you to think this. A quick genetic fix is not something iv’e ever pondered so maybe you’re misunderstanding something iv’e written.


    I don’t really understand where all this is coming from, why so defensive? nobody is insinuating you’re a fool, no need to feel like you need to prove otherwise.


    Erm…What part of the conversation made it look like we thought you was making fun out of us?


    Possibly not, but depending on an individuals genetics their may be ways to speed up recovery, which is kinda the point was making.


    I don’t believe in quick fixes myself, but why do you think were not deserving? Iv’e suffered an adrenal crash, which has been complicated by digestive issues caused by a yeast overgrowth, i’m still a good person, and yes i was masturbating frequently at the time, but that is just one factor and i was probably heading for a crash even without the masturbation, and besides there’s nothing wrong with it anyway (in moderation). I don’t think you should see this as some sort of punishment. I just post here instead of adrenal fatigue forums because this was the site i found first as originally i was only focusing on my sexual symptoms in a kind of mad panic which is consistent with somebody with adrenal fatigue in the early stages.

    I think there’s just some slight crossed wires and maybe we’ve misunderstood each other, but w/e we’re all here for the same reason anyway, though maybe different conditions. Reichenbach, if you have IBS have you tried pre-biotics such as Inulin FOS? I’ve been struggling with IBS too, in fact it was one of my first symptoms but using Inulin had made a huge difference for the better. I just sprinkle 2.5-3 grams on each meal. If you try it and it works it could point to unbalanced gut flora being the cause of your IBS.




    I havent seen him alot lately, even in the other forums his contributions were minimized ,

    I think from my own point of view, he managed to divert the pain into gain

    as for my last update, he have opened his own business.

    as for the genetics treatment, once there are enough doctors who understand it very well…i wont hesitate to count it as an option.



    Yes, he did, but I still dislike him.



    I have been slammed with clients not from websites, but top respected medical Drs referring their patients for genetic evaluations. I have been giving lectures, training Drs, ect. No need to troll for clients as they are sent from other health professionals. Once MTHFR.net and MTHFR support.net merge. I will be busy for months to come As many are finding out the hard way, Drs recommended nutritonal supplementation who do not understand the complexity of the methylation cycle are resulted with increased suicide tendency and other side effects I have meeting with Dr Ben Lynch monday owner of MTHFR.net and the “father” of MTHFR awareness where I will be helping out with his over flow of clients. I also have a contract getting ready to go with a data base of several hundred medical professionals where I will be dealing with genetics recommendations as well as helping drs on complex cases. Working with Dr’s to help formulate clincal studies resulting in published papers. Yes MTHFR support is where my home bases is. Its people who appreciate what good are in people..Why I am over there and have been chosen by Sterling Hill who is the owner. I have established relationships with well respected medical professionals. Look up stream do not focus down stream . You will be on your way to better wellness.

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