Everyone who has Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome answer this!

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    Been reading curezone and found a post that Niacin definetly helps Lyme sufferers.But this is not enough information to be a good theory.

    So I also found out that the other possible cause of sufferers here could have Pyrrole disorder and this guy from curezone says Lyme disease causes Pyrrole disorder which is not a disorder and definetly not genetic but an infection.

    Who to believe?

    Let’s see the votes.I’ve been bit by ticks 4 time in my life and not been diagnosed with Lyme disease but show the symptoms of it.

    “It was found out that high doses of niacin treated Pyroluria well, back in the 1950’s. What wasn’t known at the time, is that Lyme disease existed, and was treated with the same, high doses of niacin.”

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    I don’t believe I’ve ever been bitten by a tick. I’ve also tested negative for lyme disease 3 times, but I don’t know the type of test that was used.

    I think the more important question to ask here is: What percentage of lyme disease sufferers experience debilitating post orgasm symptoms?

    It is interesting that niacin was used to treat lyme symptoms though.



    Hi, You can make a poll on the pois center if you want. http://www.poiscenter.com/forums/index.php
    I have bitten 15-20 times in all my life by Lyme’s ticks. But I never had erythema.
    I don’t think it’s linked.
    What you wrote about pyrolle and niacine is interesting but how can you link Lyme disease with the systematic periodicity of Pois, eaxh time after orgasm ? What is the link ?

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