Excercise makes my SE worse.

Sexual Reboot Forum Excercise makes my SE worse.

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    It seems that when i lift weights, my SE worsens. It feels almost as if lifting the weights plays some weird games with my hormones and testosterone leaves my crotch and goes to my upper body. also, jogging sometimes makes my symptoms worse as well, especially when jogging for 30 mins or more.

    On the flip side, sometimes exercising improves the condition. A bit confused on this one and I would appreciate any ideas as to why this might be occurring.

    Whats weird is in most articles written for men say exercise and specifically weight lifting are supposed to boost libido and sexual function.

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    we are not normal men. We are sexually exhausted men. When your body is low in hormones the last thing you sould be doing is stressing the shit out of it with weight lifting. Your body cant handle it.

    For what its worth I love weightlifting and this is the longest iv gone without it in years.

    You sould examine your hormones and your neurotransmitters.



    Leight weight lift for 5 mins is ok for muscle exercise

    and limit your sessions…and your load

    if you lift 40 pounds put it to 10 pounds or less

    we are already exhausted…light exercises are good for us

    any thing heavy will kill us more



    whats the point of lifting weights for 5 minutes?

    When your hormones are low and everything is messed up all your body can really handle are walks of varying degree.



    If he can handle it then he should go for 5-10 minutes

    if he cant then its preferable to stop exercising and practice walking for 1 hr and stretching

    it depends i myself cant run for more than 10 minutes…but if another person can do it without any reverse action then he shouldnt hesitate

    because exercise helps in the overall health ( balance fat, increase blood flow, reduce inflammation..etc)



    Yoga & Jogging is the way to go.

    Walking is also great when you are low in energy.

    When I feel like doing a little harder (yang) exercise, I do a mix of squats, pilates, shadow boxing, push-ups, etc.

    I always exercise in a calm state of mind, being conscious of correct motion, posture and muscular contractions, never over-doing. This allows me to exercise +10 hours a week.

    Weight training is useless for health. You will only break yourself with those weights. Use your own weight. Don’t aim for any records… Just do light exercises for the pleasure of it.



    Thank you for the responses.

    I have tried doing very light exercises for the past two weeks aside from boxing which has to be rigorous. My boxing sessions are twice a week for 1 hour each. Aside from boxing, the light exercise does seem to improve my condition. It is easy to tell when to stop because I can start feeling my energy levels depleting and then I stop. The problem now is controlling that excess sexual energy.

    I still consider myself to be in recovery from SE, however I can masturbate without porn but am having trouble controlling my masturbation habits still. It sometimes gets to a point where I just have to masturbate and I would like to find another way to control that sexual energy and relieve myself of that tension, without having to ejaculate. Currently I have set a limit of masturbating twice a week but its hard to keep to that and sometimes I’d rather just retain that sexual energy and apply to something like a hobby or focusing in school or just putting it towards my recovery.

    Does anyone know of any good methods to control or channel sexual energy? I currently meditate twice daily, and practice yoga on the regular, but its not enough.

    Much appreciated.




    if you feel drained from exercise and still have a huge amount of sexual energy it may mean that you are not that damaged or maybe its the addiction kicks

    as a start u need to work on not sitting alone…. this could be a solution

    a second solution is to mind set your self into not going into Masturbation, you can add this thoughts while mediating….think of not going into it and how it do depletes you from energy

    Reading books and articles …pick up a topic and print 4-8 articles analyze it and write down your conclusion in a notebook

    then get a book that talks in the same topic and so on

    be more social…it could be the Key solution



    Reading about the subject is definitely one of the best motivators. Keep your goal in your mind. Cultivate positive thoughts about abstaining. Google about benefits etc.

    You just gotta control yourself, confront the thoughts without acting on them. Never ever act on a sex impulse, observe it.

    It’s good to move all excess energy through legs down to earth. Also keeping attention at the feet will help you keep grounded. I like to do this when I’m surrounded by beautiful women.



    The best years for me were doing very little — just slow relaxed walking every day or so. Yesterday I tried it again while everyone at the beach was the usual frantic jogging power walking . I walked very slow and deliberate and within 15 mins felt great like slower pulse more focused thinking.

    In late 90’s i did some kickboxing but that never raised libido , energy, sexual sensation – in fact it create even more stress hence lowering libido.

    These days mostly walking and some resistance training – nothing stressful.

    Sweat and tears are not compulsory:

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