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    Does anyone else have a problem with excessive sweating?? If so, what are you doing to help it? Thanks.

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    I do. =(

    My hands sweat excessively, as well as my arm pits and back. I can’t seem to figure it out.



    do you get tired when you run hard? sweaty when it is 120 out? depressed when you do something really bad?mad when someone is a jerk to you?

    not everything is connected fellas



    It’s just I sweat a lot, even when there is absolutely no reason to.



    Me too. I have developed this more recently and there is nothing that I can do to stop it. My underarms are the worst, but alltogether, I have begun to sweat really bad, soaking my clothes for absolutely no reason at all. I do happen to think that it is connected.



    I notice this too. Never used to sweat barely at all. Now sweat frequently under the arms for no reason and more annoyingly lots of sweat between my legs and on my feet (!) during erections.

    I asked Dr Lin about this once in fact. He replied “this means your blood vessels are dilating too much.” Not one of his more helpful answers…maybe he thought it was a dumb question too lol?



    this is a common symptom of high adrenaline or either the burning of LH in the body. i too had excessive sweating but it stopped by itself by reducing masturbation.



    I think it’s high adrenaline, because I get a faster heart rate often too.



    i myself do get some sort of adrenaline spikes as well. it doesn’t happen often but on occassion my heartbeat starts to go up



    , How long did it take before the sweating reduced and also the fast heart rate?



    it took about a month to stop



    Hey, I’ve been researching this, and I found some interesting information:


    I also found this (notice the part I bolded):


    This goes against what we have been thinking. We have always thought dopamine and adrenaline are the major causes of these type symptoms, however it looks like acetylcholine also plays a role. Acetylcholine might not be that neurotransmitter we all thought it to be (cooling/parasympathetic chemical).

    Therefore, I am concluding (my opinion) that excessive sweating may be related to too much acetylcholine.



    Well , a disease can come from many different pattern. For example, a person may be introvert due to high serotonin or low serotonin for instance. Thus assumming your source as true, this would mean that a person may have excessive sweat from high acetylcholine or another totally different cause.

    In TCM, excessive sweat would probably be considered low yin, high yang etc.



    i think its safe to say that too much acetylcholine can contribute to the problem.

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