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    i read somewhere that a change in diet, exercise and kegels can make a dramatic effect after 3months. Can anyone enlighten me on this and is there any truth to it?

    I also heard too much kegel can damage the muscle.

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    I believe changing diet is critical, eliminate processed carbohydrates, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, and other unnatural chemicals. Watch out for things that say “enriched” flour, etc…the reason they are “enriched” is because it is so heavily processed that all the nutrition has been sucked out of it. Also try to get omega-3 fats and avoid bad fats. A great way to get omega 3 is to buy some ground flax seed, and add it to yogurt, cereal, etc. Avoid hydrogenated oils, food with soybean or vegetable oil. Olive oil is good. Fish oil is also good. Watch out for fish that are high in Mercury though. Change in diet will make a huge difference.

    I also recomend that you not do Kegels…they deal with clenching a muscle you should relax. Instead, pull up off of the prostate with the abs…belly button comes in and up…this gets more blood to the prostate. Also try the male deer exercise…outside of sphincter is clenched lightly, connect your breathing to it, and as you breath out, pull the outside of your sphincter in…this feels really good after a while also.

    Hope this helps.



    changing your diet is #1 on the list. You will not get better if you dont eat a healthy nutritious diet. I dont care how many vitamins or supplements you are taking. You simply wont heal!

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