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    First I read that Priapism means permanent destruction of the penis and that no one can save the penis according to Dr.Lin. Then next thing I read is, “Note: Priapism repair requires ViaPal-hGH-P(3-010) and ArgiNOx (1-018), plus Fish and Borage oil, to boost the prostaglandin E-1/E-3 and Nitric Oxide production, in conjunction with penile massage with VIP Cream (1-015) – [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    I thought no one can save the penis once it goes through priapism? So which is which? Is it permanent destruction or is it just another problem thhat requires “Via-pal” to solve? (and relatively easily, Dr.Lin would like you to believe)

    And of course, notice that everything ends with the “herbform”?

    If Dr.Lin is really confident in his products why would he name them “Via-growth”? There are many products that imitates Clomid and Nolvadex for example, and they have similar names such as “Noldex”. The manufacturer of one such imitation of Clomid claims that their product which unlike Clomid is consist of natural substances but works as well as Clomid. However review shows that it is no where near the level of the real Clomid. In Dr.Lin’s case you can see that he named his products after Viagra (This doesn’t mean that Viagra is the anwser or that Dr.Lin doesn’t have some good points). There are tons of products out there with Viagra wanna be names.

    That being said, unfortunately Dr.Lin, the original source of his theories (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and those who derived from his theories ( W., Alan Ritz etc.) are still the most accurate on the issues we are dealing with at hand.

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    it’s a good marketing ploy his site

    overpriced pills with thousands of case studies to back it up, who wouldn’t believe it?

    you can never get close to prohormone levels or estrogen destroyers like nolva/clomid, never with natural substances.. sure a few will get really close

    the answer as always is to experiment yourself to find what works for you.. this may end up costing a lot, but it’s better than paying for dr lin’s services.. (for this money you can buy a shitload of other stuff and test)

    is noldex his new estrogen inhibitor or what?



    No, I was just giving an example of other companies making products with names similar to the real thing which is the case with Dr.Lin’s Via-growth products and Viagra.




    if ur talking about it like that it sounds like you mean this:

    you type in viagra in google, and you end up at dr lin’s site

    i don’t think this is the idea

    also which company nowadays doesn’t give it a crazy name

    the craziest one i found is KONG

    king kong better beware!



    No no I mean look at VIAGRA then look at VIAGRowth.



    might be some name resemblance there



    There is one product I can agree 100% with which works and is the best mixture of ingredients available.

    Thats his pinealtonin. In my book it lists all these herbs and 5-htp to be the perfect combination for seretonin, melatonin and a good night sleep regeneration and he’s included all of them except kava kava (which is banned anyway thnx to the stupid fucking FDA), but hes got GABA as a bonus.

    The £15 ($2 mark is excellent for all the ingredients and 90 capsules, as you only need 1 a day for full benefits.

    For his other products I can’t say I’ve had much sucess with them; mainly because when I took them I got dopamine overload, very horny, and if I managed to resist masturbation, I got very stressed due to the epinthrine conversion. The problem with his products is they don’t raise acethylcholine levels near anyway the ratio they need to be with the rising dopamine and seretonin levels.



    I never had luck with his supplements either… several months of use eventually gave me palpitations… In fact, once I removed the supplements I crashed into a depression for a few days so they were in fact affecting dopomine and seretonin. Makes me wonder if I had supplemented with Choline (the prescursor to Acetylcholine) if it would have balanced the Dopomine production

    That’s a bit like drinking coffee to try to reverse the affects of the alcohol…

    I suggest taking the “minimum” necessary (with cycling) to keep you hard, horny and shooting for stars… (okay… easier said than done.)

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