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    Do you guys think that Lutein can help cure eye floaters?

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    just eat good like green vegies and eggs, i think Lutein is already in them



    Max ok so is it the Lutein that will cure eye floaters or the green veggies and eggs?



    i have no idea



    According to my knowledge on TCM:

    How “clear” the eyes are is defined by the status of liver qi and liver blood. Stress, anger and negative energy will prevent the liver working smoothly and give blurred vision and so does liver aggravating foods and spices/herbs.

    How sharp and floater-free is the vision, is defined by kidney energy ( mainly kidney yin ) and kidney essence ( limited material that is needed for semen production, spinal fluids and bone marrow ). Over-ejaculation, drugs and consuming lifestyle depletes this resource from the body overtime.

    It seems sharp and clear vision is the privilege of very healthy people.

    If there is decrease ability to taste and smell it indicates spleen/stomach and excessive dampness problem ( or rarely lung or large instestine problem ).



    i dont know if eye floaters is really because of over ejaculation man. I’ve had eye floaters for a long tiem now, before sexual exhaustion even came to mind. Or maybe I’ve been exhausted for longer than I thought.



    You might as well have inherited weak constitution or eating wrong foods when child. There are tons of causes that prevent the body not grow strong as it should be even not over-ejaculating/over-masturbating.

    Definately Im sure that eye floaters are not there if body is working 100%. When I was exhausted, I did have terrible eye floaters on the next days after masturbating, there are still some but they dont annoy me anymore. I have read similar experiences from other people.



    how long have you been taking fish oil?



    about a month…aswell as borage oil, multivitamin, and this other product



    dr barry sears says that it takes 1 month to start seeing the effects of fish oil. keep on taking the fish oil to see if the eye floaters start to improve.



    is that how long it takes to start seeing the effects of any supplement?



    is that how long it takes to start seeing the effects of any supplement?

    1 month for fish oil.

    it varies for the other supplements



    is that how long it takes to start seeing the effects of any supplement?

    1 month for fish oil.

    it varies for the other supplementsthat is with 3-4g of fish oil a day right?



    i take 6g of fish oil and 3g of borage oil



    why not the same amount in borage oil?



    6g give me better results than 3g. at 3g i still had some pre-cum and borderline PE. by gradually increasing the dosage to 6g i completely eliminated these.

    Plus its extra calories . I need around 5,000 calories/ day just to maintain my body weight. so i get these mainly from the oils.



    blue, did you eat any fish to or just take the fish oil?

    i was taking borage oil but now i switched to evening primrose oil .. i suppose my pre-cum has decreased but im still suffering from PE



    i might eat fish on occassion, but its mainly fish oil capsules. for evening primose oil you may need a higher dose. to get rid of PE the oils + a strong erection is what i, from personal experience, think everybody needs plus of course retraining the nerves.



    i think just stop materbating to porn will help me the most, this combination is what i have been doing for years for that just trained myself to finish asap. i was ejac. 1x a week but i think im going to maintain 1x – 2weeks now



    hey man how much EPA and DHA are per capsule?



    [quote=””] Quote:

    couldt care less.lol



    My eye floaters have recently got really bad. I’m just generally looking at things and I see them. I see them more also when I look up at the sky or usually just in daylight walking along minding my own business.



    Bump! Has anyone managed to get rid of eye floaters?



    just some possible treatments:

    1- n-acetyl-l-carnosine drops.

    2- high dosage fish oil.

    3- removing tightness in the neck and shoulder region- basically massage and certain yoga poses for muscle tightness which can constrict nerve pathways

    4-getting off the pc.

    5-magnesium orotate.

    6-foot reflexology (helped with my PE)

    7-laser treatment.



    Thanks for the tips !

    I’ve been thinking of adding a carnosine supplement to my regimen but I was unaware that there are also drops. Good to know!

    May I ask you how much magnesium orotate are you taking and is foot reflexology something that you can do on your own or do you go to a specialist?



    High dosage fish oil? Like how high?

    Getting off the pc…haha, thats hard



    the reflexology is done by a specialist. i took a course in the stuff but after the first session I decided to find an expert and pay him to do the job. you can focus on any part of the human body basically.

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