eyes connection to the liver (relax eyes to heal liver )

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    When you do your relaxing practices, do not forget your eyes. According to TCM, eyes and liver/gallbladder are connected. Let your eyes drop in the eye socket and feel the strain melting while relaxing them.

    Over-using the eyes ( to computer screens, tv ) will lead to a liver blood deficiency. Symptoms:

    “LIVER BLOOD DEFICIENCY (gan xue xu): primary symptoms are pale face color; dizziness; dry eyes or, at a more advanced stage, blurry vision (especially at night); numbness in the extremities (including arms easily “falling asleep” while sleeping); limited flexibility of tendons and muscles. Secondary symptoms include pale lips and nails; dry, split, atrophied, or malformed nails; muscle twitching; spasms or cramping in the extremities; trembling hands or feet; occasional intercostal pain; ringing in the ears; in females: decreased and pale menstrual flow. The tongue is typically pale or pink; the pulse tends to be fine, or wiry and forceless.”

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    “Those who spend all their time working with computer or television screens are using up the energy needed by their eyes. The TCM attitude to this is that the yin-like nutritional energy for their eyes, (technically called ‘Liver Blood’), gets depleted, leading to either tiredness (lack of qi) or inflammation (excess of yang because of too little yin) or both. Why would one person get tired and another get an inflammation? This usually depends on the intensity with which they work, the brightness of the light, and their basic health. A robust person tends to get inflammation, a more depleted person gets tired, unless the latter is deficient in Yin, in which case they might get inflammation (= yang, because of deficient yin).”

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    “3. Recently I suffer from eye strain (pain around eyes or at the back of eyes), due to too much computer work. Could you recommend some ways to treat at home?

    Eye strain, in nowadays is mostly related to overuse of the eyes due to sustain computer work or reading. In Chinese Medicine point of view, eyes are close related to the Liver. So when the Qi and Blood are weak in the Liver meridian, the eyes are malnourished and all the uncomfortable symptoms appear. The associated symptoms included painful eyes, eyes dryness, blurred vision and sensitive to the light.

    There are a few tips to reduce and prevent the symptoms, they are:

    1. Give the eyes enough rest. Every 20 minutes of reading or computer work, 20 seconds of rest is needed. Every time when you take a break, close your eyes and take a rest or blink your eyes to relax the muscles and to moist your eyes to avoid dryness.”

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