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    does everyone else have issues with their eyes being sensitive to light? Mine seem pretty bad on top of the eye floaters and i find myself wearing sunglasses all the time. they don’t seem to be getting any better. any input? also, the bags under my eyes look horrible. has anyone has any success getting rid of these problems????????

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    i have this problem too. when i wake up in the morning i feel my eyes are dry and sensitive. I think it’s due to low dopamine. i have all the classic symptoms of low dopamine: low drive, no motivation, procrastinator, lately eye sensitivity etc. when i take dr lin’s dopafibra i feel better coz it has 800mg mucuna pruriens, however this approach makes my bladder/prostate area to ache. i suspect this is so coz dopafibra has zinc which can cause prostate problems in men with normal test levels. even when i take a men’s multi-vitamin which has zinc and zma i get this pain in the bladder/prostate area. i’m looking to get and try craniyums, but their customer care is shit, they never respond to any questions i email them.



    why don’t you tru getting the mucuna puriens on their own



    the mucuna i had finished some time back and was hoping to try craniyums since it seems to have good reviews…i will just re-order the mucuna if craniyums do not get back to me



    i thought zinc was essentail for the prostate-explain?



    if your testostorene levels are normal or high zinc is pretty much useless. if you take ZMA then it will just enlarge your prostate.



    what if your testo levels are low and your prostate is enlarged?



    how do you know if your prostate is enlarged?

    the zinc will help with low test levels if your test results indicate that. have you done a testostoreone level check by any chance?



    how about pressure beind the eyes and eye pain?



    , check the link. it has loads of infor on eye related issues, caused by sexual exhaustion

    Eye Floaters/Redness/light oversensitivity


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