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    today i shaved my small amount of beard off, i only have a small bunch beneath my lips and on my chin a good amount, and a mustache

    just starting to develop stray hairs on the right and left side of my lips going down making a full goatee i think its called

    hair on the complete side left and right nothing yet

    on the bottom from my adams apple till my jaw line i do have hair

    no sideburns

    shaved it all off today

    went to supermarket

    bought two beers

    “are you over 20?”

    gets really annoying actually after some time.. if i keep my facial hair a little longer it seems i look somewhat older but still not by much

    damn boy i need some hair on my face, a manly rugged look

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    I know how you feel on this one. I believe testosterone has something to do with it. I did find that after abstaining for over a month I started to get more facial hair, which im guessing is from a build up of testosterone, but I could be wrong. Having good facial hair at a young age is probably a good indication to how sexually healthy you are.



    I have also noticed more facial hair growing since I stopped masturbating. I used to have two little spots on both sides of my face where hair just would not grow. Hair grew everywhere around these spots but not in them. However, I am gradually seeing hair start to grow there. I am wondering how long I have been exhausted in order for this kind of thing to happen.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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