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    Hey guys,

    I found some very good reading material on this site

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    There are some Fastastic articles. And they are all publications from medical journals. There is much to read.

    There is one article on a study that was completed on sexually-exhausted rats. I just paid $29 for the full article. (I’ll try to upload it to my site so others can download it)

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Here is another one that draws parallels between male ejaculation and a herion rush.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    There are also several on neuro-transmitters

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Just the fact that there actual medical journals that mention sexual exhaustion in fucking amazing!!! At least we might have something more credible information to bring to our doctors than Dr.Lin’s print-outs. These are kind of hard to read because they are from medical journals

    The bad news is that I was hoping sexual exhuastion was mostly adrenal fatigue. It looks like it might be almost brain damage similar to heavy drug use.

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    those are really good articles. now i truly think that this exhaustion can be totally reversed. its only a question of time.

    on a side note. the brain controls everything



    yeah great finds..i had come across the rat exhaustion one sometime. theres enough info on this forum to write a book on ed/se!

    it’d be great if you would upload that article!



    i think i will write a book on what SE is and then write a proposed plan to cure it. thats of course after i finish reading the books on adrenal fatigue and the edge effect.



    i’m continuously becoming interested in articles on dopamine deficiency. i suspect i am low in it though it is improving ever so slowly. in the following list of symtoms i had 12 out of 15 of the symptoms. i get bored easily, unmotivated, short attention span, procrastinator etc.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Dopamine deficiency signs/symptoms:

    1. Physically fatigued easily

    2. Sleep too much and trouble getting out of bed

    3. Reduced ability to feel pleasure

    4. Flat, bored, apathetic

    5. Low drive, motivation & enthusiasm

    6. Depressed

    7. Difficulty getting through tasks even when you find it interesting

    8. Procrastinator/little urgency

    9. Shy/introvert

    10. Mentally fatigued easily

    11. Difficulty paying attention and concentrating

    12. Slow thinker and/or slow to learn new ideas

    13. Put on weight easily

    14. Crave uppers (e.g. caffeine/sugar/diet soft drink /cocaine/amphetamines)

    15. Reduced libido



    whats your plan on the dopamine deficiency. i suspect its the one I still have to get fixed.



    Thanks Frank for the pointers… I am very interested in the full article if you can post somewhere that would be greatly appreciated. The Androgen receptors theory is especially interesting in that we already know certain chemicals can affect selective Androgen receptor modulation. There is a company called GTx that is working on SARM’s right now. Dr. Wheeler also uses IHB therapy in treatment for prostate issues. I would not speculate “brain damage” as much as missing synopsis peptides. (ie. The cure for Alziheuners is now very close to being found.)

    BTW – SARMs are the trigger mechanism to the Adrenals. So the theory

    and linkage are not far off.

    Yes it is all in our minds.

    Now to figure out how to get our minds to work.

    The second question is



    hmm what is SARM’s



    blue, i’ll hit the dopamine problem mainly with diet. i’ll take foods rich in these amino acids i.e.

    Breakfast: Porridge, Muesli, Eggs, Plain yoghurt, Whole milk (research is pointing to this being good esp organic from grass-fed cows)

    Lunch: Walnuts, Cottage cheese, Low-fat cheese, Sardines, Dark chocolate, Whole-wheat crackers

    Dinner: Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Brown rice, Soya beans, Fresh berries. Soya though seems to be attracting a lot of contraversy esp for free test prohibiting

    i will also supplement with mucuna before bedtime and maybe a good whey which has most of the aminos.

    These should get those levels up but my main challenge will be to get a way to power/restore the glands responsible for producing dopamine and neurotransmitters because they are definitely worn out. i suspect this is what the glandular extracts will do



    hmm how about a BB protein shake. i know that it contains a lot of the necessary amino pre-cursors for dopamine.



    is there a difference between a good whey and a protein shake? which are the quality shakes/whey?



    sorry for not clarifying it- a bodybuilding whey protein shake. the most purist being whey protein Ion-exchange. but with some shakes you can also add things like calcium ceasinate and micellar casein- both slow digesting proteins.



    I have uploaded the full article to the following link.

    You may need to create an account. You get 1-Gig of free online storage

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Select the file and hit download in the upper left corner of the screen.

    Happy reading.



    thanks frank…blue, what do you think of this for boosting dopamine? seems a bit tooo potent though…and it also has MSM in it which is talked of here

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    SRAM = Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators

    If you google Androgen Modulators, you will find tons of data:

    Here’s one site:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    One intertesting point to SARM is how Testosterone gets converted to DHT.

    There are multiple drugs in the pipeline for SRAM mainly for various diseases but most likely not long behind for ED.



    Thanks Frank! Worked like a charm without creating an account.



    sorry to hijack the thread.. could you give me more resources to look up a dopamine rich diet?

    i believe oats is pretty good for breakfast, but its better for serotonin i believe.. do you have a good resource on this stuff? i wanted to make up a good diet for improving my well being and sexual level..



    The Edge Effect lsits food to boost each of the neuro-transmitters. But they quantities are pretty low compares to supplements



    i’d stick with food anytime and then add a few select supplements.




    yeah i got that regimen from dr. braverman. he has a test you can do to get your dominant/weak neurotranmitters and diets for boosting each. check the post diet for healing i had posted in the lifestyles section.

    i think diet is ideal but some of us may need that extra boost to get the ball rolling. we are “sick” so we need treatment. with supplements though i believe in going low-dosage and cycling 5 days on 2 days off. and most importantly listen closely to your body. if ur heart rate seems to increase or any undesirable effect, reduce dosages. if ur still having adverse rections, discontinue or see your doctor. dr ray sahelian is usually an adocate of low dosages, sometimes to the point of opening a capsule and splitting the contents

    as for my dopamine issues i will stick to a good whey, mucuna and diet



    and oh frank, might u have the edge effect in pdf? if so it would be nice if you would upload it



    , no I don’t have the Edge Effect in PDF. I have a soft-cover that I ordered from Amazon.

    There is, however, the self accessment test in his web-site.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    I never mentioned to you guys before, but I actually talked to Dr. Braverman a couple of months ago. First, I called the office and asked them how much it costs for the brain scan that he does to confirm if I am low in neuro-transmitters. They said that if you come in from out of town, you usually spend 3 days in the office and they do a bunch of testing…the cost $6000 to $10,000!!

    Then Dr. Braverman would put me on a “protocol”, which I got the impression consists of his supplements and reccommended foods. Because he is an MD, he also has access to pharmaceuticals as well if your neurotransmitter are very low, but he seems to prefer more of a naturopathic approach.

    The web-site talks about a phone consultation. So I called the office and inquired about a phone consultation. About 5-minutes later Dr.Braverman calls me back, asks me one or two questions (30-seconds) and then suggests I come in for testing. It was kind of high pressure sales. He wants you to come in, spend $10,000 and then take his supplements. I was a little disappointed with his approach…kind of high pressure sales. I got the impression he is just manning the phones trying to talk people into going to his clinic.

    Anyway..I thought you guys would get kick-out of it.

    But you never know, if I run out of options, I might just save up some money for a brain scan.

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