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    has anyone here done a FAST for a few days or more (Water only) ?[/u]

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    yea I tried it …….the rationale was that the circulotory system takes its focus from digestion on other organs speeding up the healing process..

    I went for fou day. No results



    Second day of my fast. Yesterday did some washing of the colon. Another enema later today. Feeling ok now..but had some nose bleeding an hour ago

    I’m doing the Ultimate Fast without the parasite killer medicine(so just drinking the juice). I’m not sure if there are any good parasite products here in Finland.



    I fasted 8 days…nothing special ..but…

    The thing I noticed (while fasting) was that I had more energy..and only needed 7 h sleeping time/night(usually 8½)+woke up energized.

    A question to u guys..

    Is maple syrup and lemon all we need when it comes to eating?



    If waking up fatigued it indicates that stomach is not healthy. At least tcm teaches that stomach is most powerful at 7-9 and if it is healthy / not deficient in energy, there is strong appetite at that time.

    Stomach problems are due to blockages and stagnations most often. It means stagnation in the physical body or emotional stagnations ( which can be due to problems in the body, not necessarily the problems is pure emotional ).

    Whole body massage every day help solve stagnations, especially well should be massaged the legs and wrists. Massaging the bottom of the legs vigorously helps open the liver.

    “Spreading is the nature of wood. The transformation of food qi relies entirely on the spreading and dredging function of liver wood once the food enters the stomach. If the liver’s pure yang does not rise, it cannot spread and dredge the grain and fluids, and distention and discomfort in the middle region will inevitably result.”

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    I read one article of TCM where it stated that after half a day of fasting qi is weakened.

    I think that is horsesh#t, I find it very hard to believe that grown up healthy males energy will weaken at all even if going few days without foods.

    The problem here is: people do not benefit from the foods they eat, so they have to supplement and satisfy their cravings all the time. They eat lots of quality and good foods, but their health or energy does not get any better.

    when in good condition = foods will transform to ( sexual ) energy and body fluids very effectively ( usually young people with good metabolism ).

    when in bad condition = foods no longer work as they are supposed to ( elderly, and people with sickness, blockages, weakness and emotional problems ).

    I do half day fasts all the time, and it does nothing but helps my digestive strength when I give the rest of the day time for my body to digest all the foods I ate as meal and breakfast. Then I go sleep with empty stomach.

    Also, thinking all the time when to eat next time produces lots of stress.

    This is very interesting topic.



    I did 10-day water fast last summer, been fasting couple of a days in a month since. Fasting really changes your relationship with food. You need less and less food, a little hunger doesn’t irritate you anymore. Food starts to taste better. Eating or thinking junk foods make you want to puke. Nowadays I can easily go morning’s first 3-5 hours without food, which is a bless since I can do all my morning routines on empty stomach, which is best. Fasting reveals us the fact that the healing life force is rather inside us (than in pills and foods) without surrending to this power and trusting it, healing will not occur.

    I think “detoxification” on mental and physical levels is very important. First you gotta push all the shit out of you, only then can life force move freely and start the healing process.

    It also helps to build discipline and moderation and to kill ANY addiction. A very good aid in maintaining celibacy, which, I think, is a must.

    I see fasting this way:

    1. You quit eating

    2. Your body starts to eat itself. Now this is a good thing. Our body is wise to start from useless, weak, poisoned, harmful cells, leaving all the good stuff intact. For this cellular genocide to happen, one must not give oneself any energy from outside, so that means no juice.

    3. The accelerated cell death leads to accelerated cell birth (otherwise you would die, duh). So, after a 30-day water fast, you will have mostly newborn, healthy cells. That’s why people tend to feel “reborn”.



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    I found out that fasting helps increase absorption of nutrients when you do eat.

    There are all types of fasting.

    Dr Lin recommends daily fasting where you eat 30% of what you usually eat in several meals. I agree with this way of fasting because it is very little, however I don’t agree with the recommended 6 small meals a day fasting you find in bodybuilders magazines because usually its too much food for an effective fast. You need to eat less and feel a bit hungry.

    Then you could eat every other day, or something similar, this is called intermittent fasting. Recommended generally if you can’t do Dr Lin’s way, however Dr Lin way is better for your rectum as you don’t eat big meals like you do with intermittent fasting. For example today you eat nothing, then the next day you eat three big meals.

    The last type is one meal a day fasting. Eat one large meal a day, preferably in the evening. Theres a book called the Warrior Diet that goes into this in detail.

    And remember being hungry doesn’t mean your starving, plus you get use to it. Also it is a myth your body goes into starvation mode, this requires many weeks without eating enough calories.

    Out society eats way too much, the best to learn from are the Japanese, they eat several times a day, but their portion is so small. This is what Dr Lin has adopted. Not only are their portions small, but many Japanese eat raw fish daily, so they are full of Omega 3, no wonder they are the longest living on the planet.

    Exercise is another thing that increases absorption. So exercise and eat little, and you will get more nutrients in your blood stream then if you eat a lot and exercise little.

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