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    hey guys finally got some tests done….there are only a few but still i did do something…….got these done after masturbation, during the time i was feeling miserable and weak…………

    serum T3 – 1.32 ng/ml Range( 0.8-2.2)

    serum T4 – 9.33 ug/dl Range( 5.5-13.5)

    serum TSH-0.87 mIU/L Range( 0.03-5.00)

    cortisol morning- 363.46 nmol/L Range( 190- 693)

    Fasting sugar- 99 mg/dl Range( 70 to 110)

    i dont think i have major thyroid issues . cortisol is quite low as far as i think…………………..what do you think?

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    You do have major thyroid issues. And cortisol is not great.

    T4 is alright but T3 is very low. It needs to be near top range. You’ll need to either supplement the vitamins that are building blocks for thyroid like selenium, iodine, and others.. or go on thyroid med like Armour, Erfa, or T3 Cytomel.

    The next step would be for you to get the Vitamin, Mineral, Amino Acid test from Watershed (google it) for $80. That will confirm if selenium, iodine and others are very low. If they are then you can go through with either just vitamins first or thyroid med and vitamins. If they aren’t low, that means that you have some conversion issues because the vitamins are there but thyroid is still depleted, so these conversion issues might be due to liver under-performing, and other vitamins that are responsible for liver health will show if thats true. But thats very rare most of the time people have low vitamins, like I did if you saw my results.

    For cortisol you need to get the 24 hour cortisol test where they test it 4 times throughout the day. That one cortisol number you have doesn’t say anything. You need to see how the entire cortisol pattern looks like so only the 4x test is effective.

    Good start man. Test other hormones now and I really recommend the vitamin mineral, amino acid test.



    fasting glucose looks high

    try eating a health wholefood diet?



    thanx for replying guys.

    do the results need me to do anything specific




    …… ……………

    reread what I .

    For thyroid – the next step would be for you to get the Watershed Vitamin Mineral Amino Acidm test (just google it). You NEED to do it to see if vitamins responsible for thyroid are depleted or not.. and it will show a ton of other things.

    for cortisol – you need to get the 4x (24 hour) cortisol test. It’s where you test cortisol 4 times throughout the day.. it will show your cortisol RHYTHM instead of just one number.

    Until you get those two things done you can;t start supplementing anything. Because this isn’t enough info.

    If you don’t understand some of what I’m saying in english.. than just ask.. just dont ask for my advice if you’re not going to use it.



    got the 24 hour cortisol done.results in few days……as for the vitamin mineral and amino test- will have to see if i can convince parents into going for it…….



    good that you got the 24 hour test done

    either convince them or go work for a few days. It really is an important test. And $80 bucks is a great deal.. I was really to order a neurotransmitter test for $250.. but then was told about the Watershed one, which is just as good.

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