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    whats the idea behind this? n how does it effect precum n premature ejaculation? this is apparently my biggest hurdle…

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    this is all dr.lins theory…sympathetic nervous is a nervous disorder because your depleted of cholin, gaba, dopamine, and of course serotonin. When your first wake up, your in a semi-Conscious state your mind is parasympathetic nervous mode but as your stress goes up or when your about to have sex your mind switches to sympathetic mode. you just need to rebalance your brains chemicals for you to get well. 5-htp, fish, borage oil are suppose to be best for this.



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    There are many other sources that discuss the devastating affects of being in fight or flight.

    The above link describes it very well.



    No Max, like Frank mentioned, fight or flight is not the product of Dr.Lin.

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