Fighting for 4 years, no systematic method but gettin better

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    Due to overmasturbation, I got near total inpotent in 2005, 20 years old, no erection even with hands or porn…..

    So i search for Dr Lin’s product, Via J (viagrowth 3 + dopafibra + moodmax)+ fish oil sth like that and took it for a period of time, stop, and took it again, on and off for 2 years. I getting better and better, I can erect again, at least a “banana hard” with gals pic.

    After my graduation in Uni.

    I stop ordering his product as i found that not really improved in that stage

    now im taking grape seed extract and fish oil only

    the erection is not really hard, if by gals pic, it can be quite hard, but still not ROCK HARD

    seldom morning erection , or soft one

    just abstrain for 1 month and just masturbate to test, nth special , getting a little bit better only

    what should i do next to get better

    i do sports, and normal diet, vegetables + rice + meat…simple thing

    im now 25

    im chinese

    i hope i can recover in one year

    should more supplement can help?

    im so afraid of hairloss as my temple got less hair already


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    Add green tea

    Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamin B complex 50 mg

    Good to know that you are progressing



    Thanks a lot shell,

    should Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba in extract?

    how they work for sexual exhausted man like me?



    Moreover, I heard that Green Tea Extract actually increase level of DHT, is that true?



    Lins products are ok supplement with not enough quantities of the good herbs. The fact that you were getting partial erections does prove that they were doing something and you can still heal this way.

    You need a perfect balance of yin and yang herbs in a proprietary blend. The ones you need to heal are the ones most over looked and they are the ones the chinese still prescribe for this condition.

    Epimedium, Rehmannia, Shizandra, Lycium Fruit, Cistanche, Cornus, White Peony Root, Cinnamon Bark and Cordyceps etc.

    I didn’t name them all but these are the basic ones that are used.




    Ginkgo Improves Blood circulation = nutrients reach easily to the nerves and organs…

    Its a flavnoid which is one of the main antioxidants…

    It enhances memory…

    Ginseng boost energy levels, reduce stress, and help in regulating blood sugar

    About the Green tea, you are right about the DHT thing…

    But dont forget that its a potent ANTIOXIDANT, and a good immune supporter




    do not use panax ginseng.

    thats the opposite of what you would want.

    american ginseng would probably be better. but i personally dont believe in any long term effects of ginseng for helping SE.

    from what everybody else here has noticed, its best you get your hormones and neuros tested and balance them out along with abstaining + eatin ghealthy and getting good sleep. Especially sleep since thats when penis repair occurs most (in case you damaged any tissue)

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