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    For those of you who have a fairly clear understanding of as to why you’re experiencing your problems with respect to libido, achieving and maintaining erections, etc., how many of you have figured out what it is?

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    Kinda figured it out, high cholesterol, depression, general bloodflow. Before a severe general neurotransmitter difficiency aswell.



    mines hypothyroidism, which possibly is the reason for my low Test.



    -excessive masturbation/ejaculation/porn

    –> solved. just do not do it more than couple of times every week. For some men once a week, or once every two weeks is ideal. It depends on the own healing state.

    -overly stressed due to many reasons

    –> practicing meditation, emptying the mind, massage, trying to stay focused and calm all the time

    -lack of true relaxing

    –> same as above

    -too much sitting as I have a desktop job and study and use lots of computers.

    –> found out a good posture and weight alignment, so sitting much every day is no longer a problem for me

    -anger / hate due to weakness in the body. This causes people to become overly angry towards other people.

    –> this comes back every time I have a setback on my health. I do what I can to stay positive during the hard times, but sometimes it is very difficult. Luckily my methods have worked well lately so it has not been as much of a problem like 4 years ago.


    –> solved by observing how the food and drinks affect the body and avoiding foods and habits which makes health worse.

    —- approaches which have little effect on my health

    – exercise. I just do not get any benefit from i.e. jogging other than feeling fatiqued afterwards. I get enough stimulation by stretching, massage and daily walking as I do not have a car I walk everywhere.

    – sleeping. I know most of the people keep sleeping very important. But it is my experience that the sleeping loses its power when we are overly stressed, weak or have some kind of imbalance in the system. Do I sleep 4 or 8 hours a day it does not have any effect at all. Some sleep is though required no matter how much you do the relaxation or meditation practices.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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