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    Ok guys

    I am finally settled on erection quality. I took one third of a tablet dim (cutter did it wrong) and had best wood ever. Day after i took half a tab and also good wood. Today quarter tab and we’ll have to see in the morning.

    Anyways it’s all good now.

    So it’s time to start shopping for premature ejaculation pills. Please help me fill up my shopping cart.

    I was thinking of:

    – l-tryptophan (mo250)

    – l-methionine (maybe stacked a nice cocktail)

    – 5-htp another brand perhaps

    – PEA (phenylethylamine)

    – l-dopa

    – vitex i still have but not tried enough tested yet, too many variables change with this herb

    – sam-e perhaps

    – any other suggestions?

    the idea will be taking this stuff after dinner and see how sex goes after an hour or two


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    What do you think will be most effective for your PE?

    i may try some stuff….



    The best combination I’ve found for relaxing the nervous system was Dr Lin’s Pinealtonin.

    It has all the right herbs and nutrients according to my book Optimum Nutrition for the Mind.

    But it’s probably only good to get it if you live in the USA because its much cheaper postage. And may not be worth it for the price to ship overseas.




    i think 5-htp is not for PE although deep sleep is a good benefit from it, i don’t notice the expected PE reduction

    therefore i will probably try tryptophan standalone for a couple weeks

    if this doesn’t work it may be histamine related and will try methionine at 1000 mg prior to sex

    horny goat weed i would like to try just for fun and a highly standardized icariin content

    pricing for above products is dirt cheap so i may go ahead and buy a 60 cap bottle of each and superdose it for couple weeks to see what happens

    what are you intending to buy?

    p.s. quarter tablet of dim really works best had some STRONG wood in the morning, i just took another quarter tablet and will verify in the morning.. i had some sweating around 4 pm today and i believe this is indication i just went over the top and dim will bring it down



    just placed my order hopefully will get here within a couple weeks

    now foods l-methionine, now foods gaba, now foods l-tryptophan, now foods tri methyl glycine

    i will first try standalone methionine as i have highest hopes for this one, and increase pills dosage every time i have sex

    next will be tryptophan

    then if this won’t work will add in TMG

    finally will try gaba

    there has got to be a solution!



    let me know how it works for you.



    I remember from ‘s posts that anti-histamines like proanthocyanidins are good for PE. also pure Vitamin E can help.



    will do!

    thanks man but it’s too late, anyway have a huge order so enough testing to do

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