Final call for help. Tight muscles, flu symptoms after ejac

Sexual Reboot Forum Final call for help. Tight muscles, flu symptoms after ejac

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    I have suffered for close to 10years now with ups and down.

    My muscles are always stiff and I’ve been getting massage every week for years. I don’t handle stress well.

    When I ejaculate the next days I am low, all muscles tighten up, head and eyes ache, hayfever symptoms(itchy eyes, throat and sneeze) I am a depressive motivated person for weeks.

    I have tried abstaining, diet. I feel the best when I cut out dairy, sugar, low carb with multi vitamin, virgin coconut oil, vit d.

    But its all just temporary…I don’t masturbate.

    I feel like my intestines / digestive tract is not right either. Even candida??

    I have been tested for.hormones and my testosterone is not greatest, low cortisol and dhea

    Its very hard to find good Dr to work with.

    Am I looking at hormones correction? fix digestion, candida.

    I’m over this….

    Just something else to add. if I’m feeling ok and I take photos with my digital SLR looking through the camera it drains me and I feel so low doing it.

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    i think you are right about

    Candida,Parasite and damaged flora in your GI

    Adrenal Fatigue and Hypothyroidism & other hormonal imbalances

    Many nutritional deficenceis, and blockage (poor absorption and storage in the body)

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    I thought you improved a lot in that diet, in the recovery stories…



    there are many things you can do man and the first step would be to goto an all paleo based diet. this isn’t one of those things where you do it and then next week you are better. hell no. i was on this diet for all ready like a year and have been making steady improvements. but it’s part of the plan.

    next, you have digestion issues. okay, off the top of my head these are some things you want to address. first, start taking probiotics and digestive enzymes with all your meals. next, you want to incorporate gut cleaning. so you will need to do a parasite/candida cleanse. here you go, read this for that: [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    you want to optimize your thyroid. how do you do this.. iodine, selenium, and vitamin C. research online for this type of stuff, but be careful on iodine.

    stay away from TOXINS. i mean u ahve to go military on this shit. this means you don’t eat anyhting that has an expiration date. it means you start buyign water bottled in GLASS, not plastic (yes, plastic is BAD, one of my more recent findings), don’t eat gluten, AT ALL.

    start taking glutamine to heal your gut.

    i’m trying to think of more here… i mean, that pretty much covers a lot of it.

    oh yeah, you also want KRILL oil added to your regimen, desperately. you need omega 3.

    also, how could i forget.. CHELATION.. you want to rid your body of heavy metals and other junk. idoine is a good chelator, you can buy immune boost 77 for removal of heavy metals, charcoal is another good one on an empty stomach. make sure oyu have vitamin C when you are taking these though to ensure shit gets OUT.

    what else what else… i mean, that is most of it right there. if you follow what i said above in 2 or 3 months you will start feelign better.

    you really got to attack this shit from all angles. oh yeah.. make sure you eat ALL ORGANIC. trust me on this. and you get used to eating healthy.

    if you really want to get over this stuff, you really got to do the stuff above.. like i said, you get used to it. if i eat bad food, i find myself rolling back into the bad effects of this all over again, but this stuff helps.



    For what its worth, , im pretty much in the boat summarized by Bryce. If I have success you will know. Im doing everything he says and more. The info its in curezone mostly, but a lot of my research its in my thread. I have discovered my main problem its Leaky Gut Syndrome caused by Aluminum/Fluoride/Mercury etc toxicity. I have more problems but there are either secondary in gravity or consequences of heavy metal intoxication and LGS. It feels good to be out of SE or CFS, because those arent real disorders but umbrellas that gather different ailments with similar symptoms. Masturbation and porn are very bad though.



    I am glad you have identified the problem. Now you need to find a solution. You might also want to find out what caused the Mercury/Fluoride/Aluminum toxicity in the first place otherwise you might end up doing it to yourself again.

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