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    Yes the first time tonight I was able to STop the flow of urine by applying pressure on my lower stomach and squeezing my butt against my tailbone!!!!!

    It took my months to get this done!!!!!!!

    NOw im able to master the anal breathing method !!!!!

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    congratulations !!!

    how long did it take to you to get used to the technique? 6 months?

    now lets go have a beer



    honestly i been practicing it on and off for at least 1-2 years….

    the funny thing is i been having a little pain in my tailbone

    when i couldnt stop the flow i asked lin about it he told its because my parasympathetic nervous system iis to weak… so many its starting to strengthen back up : D im very excited for the future now

    Anyone ever try Vacum Cupping method?



    i can stop it in sceonds with my pc uscle,i dont know anything of anal breathing method,,,,,,,, maybe youve got a link for me?

    whats the benefits?



    is that supposed to improve blood flow to bodyparts



    the anal breathing method is a very effective method



    well the anal breathing method is the secret for having an orgasm without an ejaculation and lasting a long time in bed… its basically the practice i need to cure my Premature Ejaculation



    Do the anal-tailbone exercises (butts exercises) about 5 times a day at least. Spend about 5-10 minutes each time.

    sounds like a good idea.

    how hard should you squeeze your tailbone muscles though?

    should it be very hard



    Now all you need to do is find the way to jumpstart your system, perhaps Tongkat ali 1:50?



    so Tongkat ali 1:50 is much like stimulating herb is it? kinda like coffee in one sense.



    well im hoping the animal organ supplements jump start my system…

    i may actually add some alpha gpc back into my plan



    Blueshark, no. Those Tongkat ali 1:50 are very powerful concentrations of the Tongkat ali herb. It will boost your Testosterone levels to the point where you will have an extreme libido and erection. Only thing is, we need to figure out (if possible) how to take advantage of this effect (combining with serotonin, acetylcholine, dopamine etc. boosting supplements) to give the body a jumpstart. Be prepared to put in around $200 though as they are very expensive, I myself have already set the day I will experience with them and that will be in the spring. Meanwhile I’ll just forget about women/sex and focus on other things like college.



    I have experienced with adrenal extracts but not animal organs though I do eat a bit of (cooked) animal organs here and there. Depends on what organs they are, if they are extracts of the endrocrine glands (gonads for example) then they may or may not have enough hormones to take an effect on your body. I say you find that out for us.



    well since i couldnt stop the flow of urine before because my parasympathetic nervous system was to weak….. in theory im hoping those animal organ supplements strengthend my parasympathetic nervous system which allowed me to stop my urine today : D



    so you think it may well be those animal organs that did the job. sounds kinda interesting.



    well im hoping its them… i’ll have to give it more time, im going to practice stopping my urine flow every day then use this technique the next time i masterbate : D…. im still on my fish borage oil too



    Max Whens that gonna be?



    1-2 months



    mine is strange. sometimes i can stop the flow, through anal breathing, sometimes i can’t. strange.



    i think that the anal breathing method just like the stop and start technique or the master and johnso’s technique is better be practised after one is healed. by then the parasympathetic battery would have been recharged

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