Firm-Flaccid Research and possible solutions! PLEASE READ.

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    I recently experimented with some pro-hormones and found that they greatly increased my libido and helped the ‘firm flaccid’ upto about the 2 week stage – at which point everything returned to normal and i had very average sex drive and average eq.

    I realised this must have been because of ‘aromatisation’ whereby excess testosterone converts into estrogen – and thus, causes estrogenic side effects such as lower sex drive, water retention etc.

    With this experience of first using a ‘steroid’ called Superdrol, and then secondly Methylated Testosterone. I had very similar experiences, sex drive increases almost uncontrollably by the 2 week stage along with overall feeling of wellbeing and copious amounts of energy, and then drops dramatically, with energy slowly returning to normal. ( the stage when estrogen begins to ‘dominate’ )

    I learned that the ‘hard flaccid’ problem definitely has something to do with hormones, and more than likely occurs with estrogen dominance.

    So i’m now trying an Estrogen antagonist ( tamoxifen ) to get estrogen levels as low as possible – im getting a good sense of wellbeing but no decrease in the firmflaccid, although erections have been quite good.

    This now leads me on to my final point ( questions ).

    Would i be correct in assuming every single person who has ‘hard-flaccid’ who has had blood tests, been confirmed with high estrogen and or high prolactin levels… Whilst having low to medium testosterone ?

    I notice that the firm flaccid generally worsens throughout the day, and this is coincidentally what happens to testosterone also as it drops by the evening time ( hence why most testosterone checks have to be performed before 11am ).

    I read about the benefits of Dostinex/Cabaser – and it pretty much seems to fix everything that many of us complain about.. except for the ‘hard-flaccid’ although we wouldn’t find out until we try.

    This lead me to do further research on the effect of prolactin, and In my experience firm flaccid minimizes completely right after 30-45 minutes of weight training, and gradually comes back an hour or so later.

    So.. What happens right after exercise ? Dopamine increases… and in turn, Prolactin decreases ! So is it any coincidence, that the firmflaccid symptoms literally disappear during this time period whereby prolactin is at its lowest in the body ?

    If anyone else could tell me where there symptoms mirror mine, and also where they differ. I would be greatly appreciative – as I just want to get to the bottom of this.

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    Nice find

    Hard flaccid isn’t always hormonal. I have hard flaccid and its because of my Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome.

    This is good for you to find. Imma post what you in the hard flaccid forums if you don’t mind.

    You can register for the forum if you like

    My symptoms:

    Pain between Scrotum and rectum

    Pain near rectum

    pain in scrotum

    pain in penis, and tip of penis

    shrunken testicles

    Penile numbness

    The muscles in my pelvic area are really tense and congested that it causes poor blood flow and nerve compression which is the reason for my shrunken testicles and penile numbness. Physical therapy is need to fix this though.




    Nope. I’ve had my Prolactin and Estro checked multiple times throughout this entire ordeal and it’s been very normal, even when my T levels were completely in the toilet after this first happened. My T, prolactin and estro are great now, and I still have hard flaccid. Also, there are many people with HF who have very healthy hormone levels.

    What seems to be the trend is that people get hard flaccid, then some of them end up in a fairly horrifying state of high anxiety, stress and panic. This seems to be what is causing people’s T to dip after the onset of this. After a week of HF I got my hormones checked and my total T was 169(!) and free was 48(!!). That’s about as low as a man can get, yet I had a full beard and, up until I got HF, a very healthy and normal sex drive etc. Leading up to hard flaccid were two months of testicle and prostate hell involving one wrong diagnosis after the other. Epididymitis, Prostatitis, and any other infection they could think of – meanwhile I had over a dozen 100% clean blood, urine, prostate fluid and semen tests. After 60 days of non-stop hardcore antibiotics I took Saw Palmetto for two weeks, and that’s what really started thrashing my T levels. I’ve since bounced back with the T and am feeling great in that respect, that goodness.

    There are a lot of people lately making major progress, and many even reporting full cures. The one thing in common with all of them is they are doing trigger point therapy, as all signs are pointing to this being a muscular problem in the pelvis.

    I am lucky to be in NYC and have access to some of the best doctors in the world. I’ve had just about every test you can imagine, seen everyone from Uros to Neuros, to Osteopaths to Physical Therapists to acupuncturists. All of them are in firm (no pun intended) agreement that this is muscular. In fact, the Uro I am seeing actually knew what it was the moment I showed it to him. He said emphatically that he’d seen it many times before and called it a “classic case of severe Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome”. I was prescribed alpha blockers and physical therapy, with transrectal trigger point therapy, and it worked.

    I actually got completely 100% cured for three days straight and thought I had licked it. At this point I turned all priority to getting my T in order and replaced physical therapy and stretching with pretty intense weight training etc. Unfortunately it came back, though I am again making good progress and getting close to licking it again.

    I am glad to hear you are feeling better. Seeing as how important proper hormone levels are for muscle strength, healing, penile tissue health and mind balance, I still encourage everyone with hard flaccid to first address any hormone problems they might have. You simply cannot heal without it.

    You are welcome to sign up at and join in the discussion. Lots of good people and good info circulating around lately. I would explore the physical therapy/muscular angle as well. Seems to be the way to go.




    Nice find and and you’re def digging at something.

    “Would i be correct in assuming every single person who has ‘hard-flaccid’ who has had blood tests, been confirmed with high estrogen and or high prolactin levels… Whilst having low to medium testosterone ?”

    Like I said before I’m pretty sure there are two groups of people with hard flaccid. Those with pelvic tension (could be various causes) and those with hormonal imbalances which cause pelvic tension and thus cause hard flaccid.

    You can test what category you’re in by taking a lot of tylenol. If hard flaccid improves then you’re probably in the hormonal group and the tylenol helps reduce inflammation which helps various hormones normalize and helps hard flaccid. If it has no effect on hard flaccid then theres a good chance its due strictly to pelvic tension and then you gotta do stretching and other things.

    Since I believe my hard flaccid is due to hormonal imbalance I can only speak on behalf of this group. and from my experience it seems that YES everyone in this category has high estrogen, medium testosterone and raised prolactin.

    I match all those 3 criteria. Chris did too. I know nirvana had high prolactin and med T, technical had high prolactin and med T, this dude akgstone had high prolactin, med T. So thats 5 people right there.

    Seems to me that hard flaccid is just the next step higher up on the SE continuum after simpler problems like just thyroid issues or T issues. So say on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being healthy, 10 being worst SE… say Js issues are like a 7, which are thyroid, mind adrenals, medium T… then hard flaccid would be like a 9. Its the same issues and add to that high E2 and high prolactin.. and methylation coming from the liver. So basically simple SE can turn to hard flaccid if it gets worse, as we’ve already seen people like Manbearpig mention that his dick got hard flaccid a few times. and vice versa when E2 and T and inflammation and normalized.. hard flaccid will disappear but SE symptoms will still be present.. which I hope will be the case for me.. and then you fine tune thyroid and everything else and you should be good.

    Onto your findings though.. it’s great that it worked.. but that protocol is just masking the symptoms… it doesnt actually address the root.

    I could be taking tylenol everyday and improve my symptoms by like 70% kinda like you did with your protocol but we know all is does is mask the symptoms.. and as it fades away they return. The only way to make a normal 100% long term recovery is to balance all hormones one by one IN PROPER ORDER. So in my case – firsts thyroid, then adrenals, then liver, then lower E2, and lastly raise T via PP products of HCG and lastly fine tune neuros. Chris is the only guy thats done it. There is no one else. There is no other way. Everything else is masking symptoms… which is a great short term fix actually if you wanna get laid right now.. but I’m just determined to fix my overall health.. so I dont even care about short term fixes anymore.



    For me:

    Mild hard flaccid (mostly few days after masturbating).

    Slightly low testosterone.

    Slightly low progesterone

    High E2

    Slightly low pregnenolone.

    Hope that helps.

    Keep it up by the way.



    Finally got the courage to book a doctors appointment. Do you think the best thing to do would be to write down a list of all the symptoms and hand them to him ? Any thing else important that i should say/ask/request as i’m assuming he will give me a referal to a specialist. Blood test maybe ?

    I do feel slightly more at ease now however, knowing that it cannot be scar tissue as it’s still able to return to complete normality at times i.e before urination (this specific common symptom between many of us must surely give us signs of what it is ). Meaning the problem must lie within the pelvic region as i feel some form of ‘relief’ when massaging the abdomen and relaxing the PC muscle – although it’s just temporary.




    Try to get with a uro. most doctors don’t know anything about the penis. When you go hes probably going to refer you to a uro. but tell the doc everything thats been going on.

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