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    Can anybody please help me as im realy struggling with what i now know to be called sexual exhaustion.It all started about 7 months ago when i was masturbating over porn on the net between 1-5 times a day.I was also weight training every day as well and think that this may have also contributed.My se syptoms include low libido although i do sometimes find myself fantasising about sex so its not completely gone.Firm flacid which is a horrible thing to have because its such a physical syptom some days its worse than others and it softens up abit when im sat down,does anybody else have this firm flacid problem or do they know what causes it and how i can get rid of it?

    I’ve also lost quite a lot of feeling in my penis not so much in the skin but actually inside my penis when i squeeze it in theres hardly any feeling at all why is this does anybody know?

    Also the last time i ejaculated i noticed my semen was just like sticky water and just dribbled out does anyone else have this?

    Also i very rarely get morning wood and my erections are usually about 70-80 per cent at best.My sleeping is also messed up and usually only get around 5 hours per night as i fall to sleep easy enough but then wake up a couple of hours later and that how it is all night waking up all the time though i do get vivid dreams so must be reaching the rem stage.I also urinate more than i used to and this seems to get worse at night time which i think contributes to my irregular sleeping.

    Ive also been very depressed and over emotional (feeling like crying all the time)and i keep finding myself contemplating suicide because i cant see a way out of this and ive become quite isolated,i dont want to die but im in my 20’s and cant live like this.Im single and and fell totally lost,i just dont know what to do.The only thing i can think of doing is to stop ejaculating indefinately untill i notice my body returning to normal functioning will this happen in time if i stop ejaculating?

    I also plan on going to the doctors for tests what exactly do i need to test for and what tests do i need to take?.

    I should be able to take the neccessary tests for free as i live in the uk but realy need to know what to ask for.

    Lastly has anybody else had these syptoms and the firm flacid if so please let me know as im desperate for reassurance right now.I just cant believe this is happening to me,my life hasnt been an easy one and just as i start to get myself in shape and feeling good about myself this happens.How can life be so cruel….

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    sadly i cannot help you and my msg will maybe not help or reassure you, but i just can tell you i understand you coz i have had exactly the same problem as you. The cause is not overmasturbation or whatever like this but a sexual trauma during intercourse with gf. It’s more than 3 years that i’ve lived like this. I was quite young too when it happened and have thought -and still think- about suicide so many times, as i cannot accept to live like this at my age.

    Firm flaccid penis and coldness of penis (lack of sensations) are horrible and i know what i’m talking about.

    Concerning flaccid firmness, i think over the time, with some complements which help tissues , it can maybe become softer. I have managed to get my penis less firm and softer over the time, even if sometimes it comes back to hardness. But in a general way it has moved. I still have coldness, lack of sensations and of course impotence.

    As for me , i did lots of exams at doctor’s office and believe me it’s maybe not a good thing. Most of doctors will say you have nothing, that it’s ‘in your head’, just coz exams dont show problem most of the time.

    As for me, i had become totaly impotent, penis totaly firm, atrophied, retracted, tiny, massive loss of lenght in ‘erection’ the very rare times when i could get a ‘sort of erection’ (and only with cialis), small curvature on left side, total loss of sensation, change of semen quality…. All that after a sexual trauma during intercourse. Before i had NO problem at all (sexual, mental, or health in general)… Suddenly i have all that and the doctors said ‘it was mental’!!!!!!!!! Just because exams (some of them are horrible) showed nothing at all!!! Moreover, doctors will not suggest you anything else exept taking viagra or doing injections. Do what you want of course, maybe go to the doctor to have his opinion, but i advice you not to enter in this ‘travel’ of seeing lots of ‘specialists’ with all their fucking exams which damage you even more. Keep your money to try supplements. Maybe get an MRI if you can, to check if everything is ‘normal’ (i guess that it wiill show nothing, despite all your symptoms). Or an eccho doppler. But nothing more. It’s my advice, but of course do as you feel.

    To conclude, i think flaccid penis firmness is due to 1) diffuse fibrosis (not detectable on any exam) or 2) damage at base of penis -probably like i had myself- which creates a sort of retraction, atrophy and firmness of penis. The problem is that no exam at all can detect this part (internal part of penis) nowadays.

    Then, i did have same problems of depression, lack of sleeping, it’s normal when you live such a bad thing.

    Sadly, i canot give you any solution as i’m stiill in total shit myself after all this time. Some supplements may help , good diet too, but it’s a very hard condition to solve. Anyway, dont give up, as i hope some treatments will come on the market in some time (i hope not too long…).

    But for sure you do have a damage in tissue, so try to get supplements that target tissues.

    Do you feel a strange feeling in your whole perineal area, or only in penis?

    When you can still have a ‘sort of erection’ (not good as before), did you notice that there is like a ‘breakage’ at base (i mean penis falls on your beely instead of ‘pointing to the sky’) . Did you notice that ‘erection’ directly falls as soon as you stand up?



    Yup this is all you have to do.

    Forget sex/fantasizing altogether for a while until you get used to living like that. Ejaculation will kill you. Libido will come back when your body is ready for it.

    The problem is mainly circulational. If you want natural super hard erections, total control over ejaculation and overall high vitality you must have:

    1) Good cardiovascular health

    I think jogging is the best for this, at least 40 min 2-4 times per week.

    2) Super flexible/strong pelvic floor

    Always keep penis/perineum/anus area relaxed. Remember this when you urinate or defecate. You can also try pushing perineum downwards with your deep abdominal muscles. This will increase blood flow. Also do some contracting of this muscle. This muscle can be easily used to cancel orgasm and ejaculation. Get some used to it and then you will do it nighttime automatically and prevent nocturnal emissions. Relaxing is more important however. This is all connected also to suppleness/strength of deep abdominals, diaphragm and ribcage. Yoga is best for opening these place. Pilates is best for strengthening.

    3) Breathing reprogramming

    Relaxing is pretty much nothing but natural breathing, and relaxing is the key to succesful sex so breathing exercises are most important. With breath you can increase your health every second of your life. You really want to make a habit of relaxed breathing. You will have more energy, feel more natural and the quality of sleep will be better. Check your breath once in a while. Do 5-20 minutes of breathing awareness meditation per day. You can do this lying down or sitting in a chair or in a simple yoga posture. First relax your whole body, then relax breathing (try to get rid of any breath control). Let your spine and body elongate. Then scan body for any tensions and breathe to them. The most serious stagnations are most likely in pelvic floor, lower abdomen and lower back. Feel your whole body breathing. Relax, concentrate on a long exhale and let go.




    despite all your advice are good and have sense of course, i think you really minimize the problem he speaks about: flaccid penile hardness is due to fibrosis in most of cases, and the lost of sensations is probably due to nerve problem (that can confirm problem of fibrosis, as if there is tissue damage, nerve is often touched as it is under tissue).

    Of course, avoiding masturbation, maintaining good cardio vascular health, strong pelvic floor or good breathing are good things, but this alone will not heal fibrosis or fisical penile damage, lots of other stuff are needed in order to that (if by chance it’s possible to really recover…)



    Ive just finished reading your replys and am going to try to respond the best i can because to be honest at the moment i feel to down to type.

    I have already stopped masturbating and ai on my 3rd day now,i plan on going for at least 2 months and realy feel as though i will notice some improvement by then,i feel i bit better than i did just after i last masturbated already as on friday just after i ejaculated i felt realy depressed and ended breaking down in tears in front of one of my friends,the poor lad i could see how uncomfortable that made him as it would have me.It just all poured out though and i couldnt control it,i guess this is all to do with my hormone levels.

    Ive already deleted all my porn and dont go looking on the net anymore.ive also noticed that the flashes in my head that i used to get are going now as flashes i mean id suddenly get a kind of flash in my head of some girl sucking a dick or summat like that.(crazy i know)

    Im also going to stop touching my penis all the time as well as ive noticed when i touch it it seems to make the hard flacid worse.

    It feels so strange though when its totally soft because of the lack of feeling its almost as iff its not part of my body.

    the feeling is ok in the skin and ive been using vitamin e cream for that the numbness is actually inside the tissue itself.I imagine this is caused by me gripping my penis to hard while masturbating and maybe the doctor will have some kind of cream i can use for that.

    As for my erections well i dont realy understand whats going on there because last night each time i woke up i had 30-40% wood and then when i woke up inthe morning i stroked it a few times and it went to about 85-90% hard and it wasnt a strange erection either it was like my old erection before all this happened and it didnt feel as rubbery either.

    This all went when i got up though but still think its probably a good sign and keeps me thinking abit more positive(helps with the suicide lol).

    Also i read your post a few times and realy,realy hope you make some progress soon coz i know how you must feel after having this problem for so long.I must admit though reading it does make me feel very anxious.

    There is a little difference between our problems though which are that i never actually injured my penis and it dosnt feel cold its normally just the same temperature as its always been.

    This is probably why i can still get a decent erection as theres not to much wrong with my bloodflow maybe.Also ive read quite a few times now about people whose penises have retracted,loss of length in erection and curvature and i dont seem to be suffering from any of these.Though my semen quality is affected though as last time i ejaculated it dribbled out like sticky water.

    as for my perenium no the numbness is just in my penis.The feeling in my perenium is normal i think.I do remember that when i was power wanking every day i used to get quite a lot of pain from my perenium mostly under my ball sacks but that seems to have gone now.

    I had a feel for a breakage at base and everywhere else but couldnt find anything,i forgot to check iff my erection goes when i stand up but when i next get an erection ill check that and let you know.

    i understand that i have done this to myself and definately wont be going back to my old ways iff and when i recover,I just found it difficult as a single lad on the computer a lot playing games and going on facebook(deleted facebook account today,whats the point now!!!) to not look at porn as its so readily available,i know ive messed up but nobody deserves this!!!!!!

    Also the link that you provided in the part that says quest diagnostics is that everything somebody with my syptoms should be tested for?would that cover all areas?

    I agree with what you said about stopping excercising 100% and feel this definately contributed so im just gonna do 3 or 4 sets a day of lighter weight,maybe just shoulders so i dont look to skinny as i seem to be losing weight.And also do some walking at night time so i dont bump into anybody i know.That might sound strange to you but i just cant deal with people right now,i havnt got the energy.

    As for suppliments ive just started taking ginkgp biloba 240mg i also take a protein shake that contains quite high levels of aminos including tyrosine(dopamine)and trytophan(seratonin).also zinc 100mg calcium 800mg magnesium 800mg multivits arginine lysine chromium 1000 1000 400 before bed also 3-4 raw eggs along with a choline and inositol tab per day and about 3000mg of fish oil per day.I did start taking 5htp and gaba but they made me feel a lot worse for some reason and made me feel kind of outside myself like im watching myself from above if you can understand that.

    Anyway thats it for now but thank you all very much for replying an i hope you get back to me for anything you’d like to ask or tell me.




    Sorry to hear about your troubles, man. The hard flaccid is not due only to fibrosis though. It could be lack of adrenal function + inflamatory prostaglandin E2. It could be high prolactin and imflamatory prostaglandin, or a combination of things.

    The best thing for Leem to do is get tested for everything: neurotrasmitters, adrenals, thyroid, and sex hormones. That way he knows exactly where the problem lies and adress it, rather then guessing. The tests will run $500, but if have no clue, Leem, why you have what you have, then I’d get it. Then you can think of which strategies and supplements to take.

    I suggest the same to you anthony. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Dr. Richard’s website but he has many articles and comments about the hard flaccid. Both of you should check it out. Don’t buy any products though, until you get test results back and know what you need.

    Leem, in the meantime, take everybody’s advice and take a hostilic approach.

    1) Diet – try to eat as healthy as possible. Don’t eat imflamatory food. Eat foods with L’trytophan to boost serotonin (turkey, dairy, chicken, nuts). Eat foods with L’tyrosine to boost dopamine (fruits, eggs, nuts..). Eat raw eggs to get choline…

    2) Exercise – like Nicolas said. Consider some weight training as well.

    3) Breathing/relaxation – like said.

    4) Go to sleep at normal times. Helps balance neaurotrasmitters/hormones.

    5) DON’T STRESS. It directly affects the hard flaccid. Relax and don’t have negative thoughts. This ain’t a big deal and will be over.

    6) Take a multi-vitamin, L’arginine, fish oil, perhaps vitamin E to lower prolactin, and maybe a ZMA.

    7) ABSTAIN from masturbating for an indefinite period of time. For as long as it takes for everything to return to 100% each time.

    That’s about it. Relax in the meantime.

    I got the hard flaccid too and just posted even more on it on the “Questions for Max” thread. Read it up. I was also stressing that summer is here and this is what we got. It’s alright dude, with the above steps it should be taken care of. Get the tests though, post them here. People will interperet.

    All the best..




    thank you for you being concerned by my problem, which is horible to live yes.

    I do think hardness of flaccid penis is due to fibrosis -at least in my case- coz it hapened after a penile injury during intercourse. Anyway, there was no blood, no haematoma or whatever, but my symptoms appear only few days after this ‘”accident’, and it’s the time for a damaged tissue to scar (and bad scares in fibrosis so).

    Anyway, i do agree that it can be due to inflamatory prostaglandin e2, but i took lots of suplements targeting that and i didnt have really improvement (a little maybe, but not so much at all).

    Also, i totally agree for Leem to do tests like neurotransmitters, adrenals, thyroid, etc etc. What i was meaning by not doing all the exams are the ones like cavernosography (i had one, it’s very rough and useless) or things like that. I’m about 100% sure that if he would ask a specialist what is the problem, the specialist would have no answer or would say ‘it’s psychlogical’, and exams would show nothing.

    But easy tests not too invasive are, of course, useful.

    I have heard very recently of dr richard’s website, it’s precisely a friend from this forum who told me about it, himself had tried to mail dr Richard but had had no answer. I will have a look to his site as soon as i can.

    Anyway, despite all sex hormones, neurotransmitters or all what you want, i’m 200% sure there is a purely organical damage. Maybe not for Leem, but at least i speak in my case, as i do have a small curvature, loss of lenght of penis and broken base, + lack of sensation. The very very rare times when i can erect, it’s only if i’m lying on my back, but if i stand up it DIRECTLY falls, and i can really feel the problem comes from left base. That’s a fact.

    For that reason i try to heal tissues there thanks to supplements, chinese herbs, massages, etc. I had done some progress in the past but i made a mistake to re consult a doctor who had made a very strong palpation there and which had really worsened my improvements (that proves organicity of problem, as he has pressed where the tissue was already damaged, so it probably made the tissue weaker again… a pressure cannot play on hormones, neurotransmitters or whatever like this, i supose you agree).

    I know some supplements help (or are suposed to help) with tissue repair/fibrosis/inflamation.

    Concerning advice to Leem, i re say that i totally agree that in all cases anyway, a good diet, breathing ; sleeping etc are important, of course.

    But precisely when you have so severe problem when you are young and become suicidal, it’s PRECISELY hard to have normal sleep, no stress, etc, in these types of moments. Despite all the time i fight vs this problem, i “accept’ it a little more, i well know it, but i’m often still very depressed, and it’s hard to deal with that.

    By the way , how your hardness of flaccid penis hapened ? and was it your only symptom?

    Also, as your pseudo says it… are you french? i am and if you are , i will speak to you in private msg in french if you are ok as it’s easier for me, it’s quite hard in english for me.

    Thanks anyway.

    To Leem:

    anyway for sure it’s a good idea to stop masturbation. That’s a fact.

    As for me -but it’s only my opinion-, the fact of touching your flaccid penis makes it harder shows a problem in tissues/nerves. When i had injury at the begining, i was also always touching my penis as it felt so strange, and it made it harder. I could only soften it by stretching it by the head.

    Anyway, your case is probably different and -i hope for you- easier to deal with, as you dont have coldness, or severe impotence. So, yes in your case it’s maybe not organical.

    But, it made me exactly the same, the erection moving away when i was getting up the morning. In my case it’s due to leakage at left base, when you are lying on your back the erection can be maintained more easily, but when you stand up, it falls… Once again, i share with you my own experience, i dont say that you have the same of course.

    I hope too i will progress, and of course i hope for you too.

    If you didnt have fisical damage, it’s already a good start to stay positive.

    But try to check the base of your penis if you can and let me know if your erection falls when you stand up, yes.




    thanks for these precisions and links.

    I have learnt a lot during all this time concerning the problem, but each new information is always welcome.

    I have already taken l arginine and fish oil in the past, it seemed to help a little.

    If i’m very depressed, it’s coz at the moments when i had a little improvement, i have been re-worsened by some doctor and fake. I have already told my story on this site so i will be very short: my symptoms after injury were really worse than ‘only’ penis firmness, as i had also total loss of sensation, permanent coldness inside penis, loss of penile lenght, small curvature the very rare times when i could erect, impotence, and broken base (with a torsion at base of penis). So all this is horrible. After 2 years making researches, learning things, trying suplements, i was going a little better. I had not recovered my original size, i still had curvature, damaged base, loss of sensations, but the erectile mechanism in itself was a little better, and the firmness had gone.

    But as i couldnt accept anymore the coldness and loss of sensations, i had done the massive mistake to see a ‘suposed to be ‘healer who was a fucking fake in fact. He was recomanded by close friend so i trusted in him, he was suposed to help with penile nerves thanks to a cream…. Finally he made some manipulations on left base (damaged one) and then all the improvements i had done concerning erectile process had gone!! In fact he worsened tissues which had already scared! And precisely, my penis become VERY soft, very very light (as if it was empty), bigger at flaccid, and TOTALLY impotent again!!!

    So having the problem one time is one thing, having it worsened like this after so much fight for improvement is another thing…

    So at the moment, i have no firmness as for me, it’s the contrary, totally big , light, dead, at flaccid. Totally impotent. And the loss of all improvements i had done.

    I have always had positive thoughts towards that problem but now i admit it starts to be hard.

    If you have any idea about what can provoke that, it’s welcome.

    Anyway, thanks for the links i will well read. My goal is to get sorted of it.

    To conclude ,i totally agree with your view of things, and myself i dont sum up all my life to a dick, moreover i have a very strong mental… The problem, more than sex itself, is that i can really feel in my body and my penis that i do have the problem (problem of sensation, lightness, pain, numbness, etc). It’s not ‘only’ impotence (which is already very bad thing when you’re young) but the fact of feeling bad symptomes (probably due to tissues or nerves) inside, and that are very boring and bad in every day life… So imagine my fisical exhaustion in every day life (+ mental as a consequence of course). Accepting of being impotent so young , ok for the moment (even if the moment lasts since 3 years!!), but directly fisically feeling the problem is not something to ‘accept’ or not, it’s something horrible to live.

    Moreover, despite all this shit, i do have a gf and you can imagine how hard it is to deal with that in a couple…

    My sleep is so very perturbated, i sleep at bad hours, when i fall asleep i wake up few time after, and my days are horrible.

    I take 5htp but to be honest i dont feel it help a lot. Maybe i have to take it longer time.

    I will read your posts anyway, but i also know lots of things concerning nutrition.

    Thanks for having shared your ppoint of view and advice.



    Anytime bro.

    Wow that’s quite a sequence of events. Yea it must be hard dealing with, but i could tell you’re an optimistic guy, and good for you for having a gf, so hopefully things get better.

    The only thing I can say:

    1. Post your entire story on Dr. Richard’s site as a question and he should reply within a few days. He’s the only person I could think of that would actually know what’s happening with the nerves and everything and why things are the way they are.

    Try using vitamin-e cream or his SR-cream maybe? I read a while ago that they both make scar tissue go away.

    2. Go to that fake “doctor” motherfuckin piece of shit that did the procedure and tell him to undo whatever it is he did. Or at least he can explain exactly what might have happened so you could get a read doctor to help you.

    Also maybe try viagra/cialis if you haven’t already.

    All the best..



    Yes that’s the fact why it’s so hard, i have had a massive sequence of bad events -and not to be too long, i avoided some here- and it’s about 2 times when i have some small progress that just after i am re damaged, always with the same process : pressure/manipulation/stretching on left base.

    When i understand what i have (fibrosis at left base with massive hardness), suddenly , coz of a fake manipulation or doctor palpation, the symptoms change: in example i had the left base totaly hard with a nodule easy to feel, so i was taking suplements vs fibrosis, and after the fake’s manipulation it had become totaly soft, big but dead , sensationless, lifeless. I cannot understand if it’s nerves or tissues which create such reactions. Also, is it possible to ‘break’ scar tissue at this area only by pressing on it??? And what regrows after? good tissue?

    Having a gf is a good thing but also something very dificult to deal in this situation, as you can easily understand.

    I have, as you advice, posted my story to Dr Richard’s site. But i read a little his site and i see that EACH TIME, doesnt matter the story or the problem, at the end he suggests the same miracle products to heal…. I doubt you heal (moreover naturally) fibrosis, like you heal a suspensory ligament damage, like you heal varicoce vein, like you heal inflamation etc etc etc…. As for him, maybe i’m wrong but i have the feeling he only want to sell his products, always the same for every problem… I will wait for his answer anyway as i’m curious to know if he has an idea of what i have.

    The real doctors cant help more exept giving cialis or viagra, and yes i have ever tried them, but sadly it doesnt make very much effect (as my organical damage is severe). I would say it helps a little for ‘erection’, but not really for sensations, and even with them i can only erect by lying on my back, it falls if i stand up!!!

    My left side seems to be shorter than my right side and for that reason erection isnt maintained even with viagra.



    Yea I wouldn’t buy Dr. Richard’s products, other then maybe the SR cream, but he will tell you exactly what’s happening.

    You know a while ago I came across a forum where people were discussing serious cases of erectile dysfunction. So I just remembered the people that said no meds and herbs helped them had two other resorts:

    One was an injection of prostaglandins, or some specific med that a doctor perscribed, right before sex. The guy said he would inject it with a needle everytime before sex and it worked perfectly. I don’t know if there are side effects or a tolerance build up to this, but you can look it up.

    The other was a penis implant. It was called penis prosthesis. A mechanical device that fixed most of the people’s problems. Some people said their wives were not too happy, but most were actually very happy with it. They said you get erections on demand.

    However I’m not sure how these would play out if you have nerve damage. You probably know of both these procudures, but I thought i’d post it anyway in case you didn’t.



    perfect list

    dont forget to work on

    Mind – Body – Soul




    yes i know these solutions and of course i dont want of penile implant at all.

    Injections are not good too.

    I’m just looking for natural way to heal nerves and tissues, but will never have penile implant so young.

    Anyway thanks to suggest ideas, but yes i already knew them and i dont take them as solutions.



    Hey I just found this thread. Interesting read and I also know the phenomena of the hard, cold flacid penis to well.

    This Dr. Richard seems to have better explanations and diagnosis than Dr. Lin, but other then that it looks like he copied Dr. Lins buisness model in the minutest details, down to the ASK DR. Richard button, the case files and Vitamines, Fishoil and a special healing cream for tissue damage.

    Is he just Dr. Lin without the TCM? Is he Dr Lin with better products?



    It was exactly what i was asking.

    this ‘doctor’ seems to know a lot and say interesting things, but then i dont know if he is another dr lin and if his stuff is working. I supose we have to try to know… But if i think he has good knowledge, i highly doubt about his stuff he sells…

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